Pop the Landscapes in SNAPSEED and LIGHTROOM MOBILE (free version) | Android | iPhone

Today I’m gonna try to turn this mobile captured photo to a popping evening landscape image using the free tools in Snapseed and Lightroom apps. Opening the image in the Snapseed app, first I’m gonna reduce the highlights to get some details in the sky. Won’t go too overboard here as this is a jpg file. Also little increase in the shadows for details in the darker parts. Next with Curves, applying a bit of contrast with the soft contrast preset. Now with a bunch of selective filters, I’m gonna try to alter the light a bit. First one here where I will decrease the brightness to make this part darker. Next a couple around this edge to make the sky brighter. One on these greens, will try to make it pop by increasing brightness and saturation. Also one around this distracting empty path. Making it darker here. Now to darken the overall image, I’m going to apply the Vintage filter with the black colored preset. This filter is similar to vignette effect. Further darkening by increasing the style strength. Also brightening the remaining parts a bit. Next I’m going to selectively remove the effect with masking. Tapping this ‘stacks’ icon on the top right. View edits, the latest filter applied and brush. Here with the effect enabled reducing the brush value to zero. Now brushing out the effect here by tapping to get brightness back which makes the sky pop around here. On the train where the light is supposed to hit. Also a bit around here to make it little less contrasty. Next using the brush tool with the value at +5, I’m going to do some dodging to brighten these greens and also on the train. Next for some more contrast in the sky, I’m going to apply hard contrast preset in curves and with masking applying it on the sky. Seems bit of color noise appearing here around the left corner. Will try removing it using a selective filter. Decreasing saturation and also structure. Want to add some more light around the hills. Using curves again with masking to add it. Here’s the before and after. Now exporting this image to the free Lightroom app for some color tuning. Here in Lightroom, going directly to the HSL sliders in the Color Menu>MIX. Here I’m gonna tune only the greens to make them pop. Moving the hues towards aqua. Adding more light by increasing the luminance, also some saturation. And a bit of vibrance to the overall image. Next to selectively sharpen, in the Details menu, I’m gonna move the masking slider with two fingers. The more you move to the right the selection decreases. The effect applies only on the white parts. Now sharpening those parts by sliding on the sharpening slider. Moving to the Split Tone in the Effects menu. Here is where the major color changes take place. For the highlights, I’m going to choose some orangish yellow color for evening light. And for the shadows, applying some blues for some contrast. Moving the balance slider a bit towards highlights for a more warmer look. Tuning further contrast with the curves, darkening the shadows a bit. You can decrease the temperature if it feels too warm for your taste. I’ll leave it as it is. And here’s the final result. Thanks for watching!

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  1. i just love these tutorials. i don't think without ur channel i was ever going to know snapseed can do all these things. thank u so much…

  2. Cuanto me encantaría que hablara en español para que nos enseñara aun mejor a la mayoría de los latinos que no encanta el trabajo que hace editando. 💜

  3. Bhai aap job sky ka edit kate ho bahat hi badhia dekhne ko milta hai yarrr bhai ye to batao picture ko dekh kar edit katne se pehle mann main kya khayal ata hai

  4. Sir seems like u r pro in photography too pliz share some tips regarding compositions apart from the basic ones

  5. hey OP, sometimes you use selective filter and sometimes you edit the whole image and go back and mask it out – what is the benefit to each method?

  6. Great !! I'm getting used to it, even the pics taken with my old phone look so much cooler now 😁

  7. i have used Snapseed for around 3-4years. but i don't know how to adjust that all features on Snapseed. i just use the Tune Image, Curves, or maybe healing effect. i love u


  8. Amazing edit bro. i've learnt lot from you. And i would like to share some pics which i edited after seeing your videos. And i think this is Bengalore-Mysore railway track. is it…?

  9. Dude you deserve way more likes and subs!!!
    You are a LEGEND dude
    Hatts off for your incrideble work 🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️
    And btw which part of world are you from??
    Love from India ♥️♥️♥️

  10. Nice tutorial. I have never used Snapseed before. After checking some of your tutorials I feel like trying out Snapseed. I use mostly Lightroom and photoshop. Are these tutorials done in portable device or in computer?

  11. You are a professional and great and I love to watch your videos, I hope you continue. I learned alot from you.i Modify pictures and learn the language because I do not speak much English. Thank you

  12. Damn you transform a simple image and make it whole another level dude. I use mix of LR or Snapseed and LD on android but i am not very good with curves and masking.

    One thing i would suggest is take your viewers images or edits and edit it in your style. That will one hell of series.

  13. awesome tutorial man, I love snapseed thanks to you! I appreciate little things like how you duck the audio when you speak, top notch man

  14. Sir
    Who the hell are u. Where the hell were u.
    Ur tutorials blows off my head always. Never could even think snapseed wud do these. U are challenging Photoshop with ur skills. Where u from?

  15. This channel is GREAT. 
    I'd like to ask if it's possible when you open a tool box could you give it a second longer on what you're about to click so I can see what adjustment your starting with. I have slowed the videos. But, just a second longer on the tools would be appreciated. I had no idea that Snapseed could do some much. Because of your videos it has improved the photos I design. 
    Thank you very much 🌺
    Derek Wolf

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