Portrait Photo Editing – Professional Tips

In today’s video you gonna learn how to
give your portrait shot a magazine-like look with PhotoWorks. Before we start retouching the face in the
photo, let’s improve its color balance and lighting to achieve a better result in the end. Here, the picture looks too purplish. To fix it, drag the Temperature slider to the right. Add more light to the scene by adjusting the
Exposure and Contrast settings. Next, switch to the Retouch tab and click
Portrait Magic. The software will offer you several pre-designed
styles to smoothen skin, remove glare or conceal small imperfections in a single click. Let’s pick one of the styles and apply it
to the photo. Don’t worry, the program preserves the natural
skin texture so you won’t end up with plastic skin. If you want to further retouch your portrait
photo, do it in manual mode. Click custom settings and uncheck the auto
skin tone box. To make the face less yellowish, choose a
preferred tone and adjust its amount. You can also accentuate the girl’s eyes
and lips with the sliders below. While on the Retouch tab, pick the Healing
brush to conceal pimples on the model’s forehead and cheeks. Zoom in your photo. Adjust the brush size and carefully paint
over the visible blemishes. In a couple of clicks you’ll get a perfect portrait. Click the Before/After button and see the
difference with your own eyes.

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