Portrait Photoshoot w/ the Canon 6D + 135L – Throwback BTS from When I Shot Canon

hey guys my name is Francisco Hernandez
and today I’m gonna be showing you a little bit of an interesting video
because today I’m showing you a shoot that I did all the way back in March of
2016 when I still shot Canon. If you’re wondering why it took me so long to
upload this video it’s just because back when I filmed it I felt like it wasn’t
that good, I felt like I could have done better angles, expose it right, and a whole bunch of other things so I kind of just put it on the shelf and now almost two years
later in 2018 I’m finally showing it to you guys. The gear that I’m using in the
video is my favorite combo back when I still shot Canon and it was the Canon 6D, the cheap full-frame, and the Canon 135L. As for the lighting gear I was using the
Rovelight 600B which is a strobe that I actually don’t recommend anymore only
because there’s a much better strobe that I recommend called the XPLOR 600
and the modifier I was using is a 5 foot octabox by Paul C Buff and I also don’t
recommend getting it from them because they use a different mount there’s a
company by the name of fotodiox that makes a 5 foot it comes with the Bowens
mount that both the XPLOR and the Rovelight use. As always I’m gonna be
leaving links to everything that I use in the video in the description area
below so if you’re interested to know exactly what I use in the video you can
check that out. If you enjoy the video please give it a like because it does help get the video out there in the YouTube world and if you’re new here
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content every week. Alright, take care, guys, and I’ll see you in the next one.=)

41 Replies to “Portrait Photoshoot w/ the Canon 6D + 135L – Throwback BTS from When I Shot Canon”

  1. Wow you refer to the 6D as “a cheap full frame” well there is nothing cheap about it my friend, I use one and love the results and i’m sure you had great success with it before you got on the Sony wagon, your edited Canon images look very similar to your edited Sony images and i’m sure that’s due to your same editing style regardless of cameras and lighting used

  2. Hey Fransisco I have the same set of cannon gear . I Just got my 600 explorer monolight I haven’t use it yet . Any suggestions what’s the best settings for an outdoor shooting on a sunny day just like here in this video ? I also have a Sony a7rii but i personally like the cannon colors I will appreciate your feedback. Thanks and great work !!

  3. Hi Francisco, really like your videos and I have been learning a lot with you; just a minor suggestion regarding the video editing: in the beginning of the videos, in the part you are talking, I suggest you to make a very short "dissolve" transition between the cuts; this way it will avoid you changing position abruptly in the video, its better for the viewer than the hard cuts. Continue with the great work! Congratulations!

  4. encantado con su estilo de fotografiar, seria posible saber los setup de la cámara f-iso-velocidad para cada fotos? saludos

  5. Forgot to add the exif! Here you go, guys;

    Shots 1-5 = 1/2 power, f/2, 1/2000th, ISO 50
    Shot 6 = 1/2 power, f/2, 1/1500th, ISO 50
    Shot 7 = 1/1 power, f/2.8, 1/4000th, ISO 50
    Shot 8 & 9 = 1/2 power, f/2, 1/1500th, ISO 50
    Shot 10 & 11 = Around 1/8th, f/2, 1/500th, ISO 50

  6. Francisco, I see you are aiming the light straight on. Do you feather you lights now? Or keep the center pointed at the model?
    I've usually been feathering mine, and wanted to know how you do yours to get the softest light.

  7. I shot my first bts. First time doing photo and video at the same time . Please make sure to subscribe to see the video . I used canon 5d3 and sigma 135 1.4 and 85 1.4 flashpoint 600

  8. 2:51 the composition on this photo is perfect, you need more like this. On some photos it looks like there are sticks/flowers and other subjects sticking out of your models head. Love your videos I'm learning a lot, blessings.

  9. Sort of old video but did the 4000th shutter speed limit you when doing out doors HSS shoots? & throwing in a second question, knowing that only the center focus point was Cross type, did that also limit you when shooting the 6D ?

  10. You are taking photos clearly from one side of the face and dark from the other side so make sure with iso

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