– I’m only filming in case I fall. That way I can… (laughs) (mumbles) You’ve got it, Bon Bon. – And there’s a hair on my arm, and bugs are gonna attack me. – [Ellie] You look like a bombshell. – I did it! (upbeat music) – Good morning, guys. Here you go, Calvin. What do you say? Say thank you. – Thank you. – Oh, that was the quietest
thank you I’ve ever heard in my life. Good morning, Penny. Yes. The boys and I just went on a
riveting four-wheeler drive. How was it, guys? – Riveting. – [Jared] Riveting. – It was fun. – It was fun, yeah. Well, we got dusty. When I went inside to get Calvin a drink– – [Man In Gray Shirt]
You could taste the grit? – Lots of dirt. I could taste the dirt in my mouth. – It’s called grit. It’s true grit. – [Jared] True grit? Okay. – I think it’s dirt. – Yeah. (laughs) Matt, you’re from Texas. You should say grit, right? Is that what? Grits. – [Matt] Is that a Texas thing? – Is that what you eat in Texas? – [Man In Gray Shirt] No,
it’s a Southern thing. – Oh, okay. Hey, Penny. That’s a good girl. Yes, that’s a good girl, Penny. – Dang it, I wanted to do
this as we were getting ready, but, halfway through, I’ll show you guys. Bonnie and I have a photo shoot today. All of our babies, all of
them are here sleeping– – Which is so nice. The house is so quiet, and
we’re just doing our makeup. Do you know how long it’s been since we’ve just done our makeup together? – Yeah, do I look a
little scary right now? – No, you look awesome. – Note to self. Never ever, ever try something new when you’re doing a photo shoot. – We’re so dumb. We’re, like, trying new stuff. We’re like, uh– – But like, “What concealer do you have”. I put it on. I was like. (gasps) I had to wash my face
’cause it was too light. – I started putting Ellie’s foundation on. She’s like, “No, no,
that’s not foundation. “Don’t put it all over your face”. I’m like, “Okay”. – It’s just a little bit! Three drops for your whole face. Anyways, we’re just getting ready. This is Bonnie’s palette
that I’m getting ready with, just have our stuff everywhere. – It’s just fun, it’s just fun. – Yay, photo shoot! Kids asleep. We’re getting ready, and
the boys are editing. (laughs) – [Bonnie] They look so cute in there. – [Ellie] Yes, they are on Joel’s bed. – Had, like a storage
thing so I could, like– – [Bonnie] That’s funny. – [Ellie] K, back to my highlight. All right (mumbles) my mascaras. The silver one is my favorite. It’s that Bliss Thickety Thick mascara, and this one, k, look at the
difference between the wands. – [Bonnie] Mine is the uber skinny one. – [Ellie] And it’s just
L’Oreal Telescopic. – [Bonnie] I love it. Jacqueline Hill told me about it. (laughs) – [Ellie] Wow, I’m using it right now, ’cause I’m running out of mine. It’s good, and we are ready. – Booyah! – You’re my little brown friend. I’m your little blond friend. (laughs) – It’s true. – People always ask, “Is
Bonnie naturally that way”. You’re naturally dark. This, right there, is her color. You can tell mine is not this light, but, so, I have an appointment
in a month to cut my hair. Yes, I am going to cut it. I know I’m probably so annoying, but I am going to, and
I think tomorrow night or the next night I’m gonna come over and have Bonnie just
cut several inches off. That way, then it won’t be that short. Maybe it will. Anyway, just to get me
through another month, because I feel like it’s
just driving me crazy, so we’re gonna cut it, and
then I’ll really get it cut. – Tide me over. – Yeah. So, Bonnie and I are going
and doing a swimming suit photo shoot at the lake.
– Scary!` – That I’m very excited about, because we’re wearing the same
swimming suits for sisters. That’s fun, and we’re
totally different sizes. – Body types. – Yeah, and it’s just I am
excited to have a picture of you like that, you know. – Oh, I think it’s gonna
be beautiful to have such a dynamic picture. – Yeah, perfect words. – Thanks, girl.
– It’s wonderful. We are making a date of it,
and we just got an Italian ice. I got red raspberry, chocolate. Tastes like dessert. – Pina colada. – Pina colada, and we ran to the store, and I may not know what
Jared’s gonna think of these. – [Bonnie] I hope he loves them. Are you having a hard time with this? – Yeah, I don’t know
what he’s gonna think. I looked at them, and I went, “Ugh,” ’cause they kinda are a little ugh. – [Bonnie] And I think I need credit, because I made her try them on. (laughs) – Yes, you made me. They are, da da-da, if you
follow me on Instagram, you’ll see me wearing them,
which is stinking cute. – [Bonnie] They’re adorable. – [Ellie] But look at
these flared overalls! – They’re different, but they’re so cute. – And I tried them on, and
I looked in the mirror, and I was like, “I look
exactly like my mom”. Like, this is what mom
looked like forever ago, when she was stunningly beautiful, and I thought it was stunningly beautiful, so I’m gonna wear ’em,
and I’m gonna rock ’em, and you’ll have to let
me know what you think. I’m only filming in case I fall. That way I can… (laughs) (mumbles) Well, we’re here. We’re getting our pictures taken! You’ve got it, Bon Bon. (laughs) – And there’s a hair on my arm, and bugs are gonna attack me. – [Ellie] You look like a bombshell. – I did it! (instrumental pop music) – [Photographer] I’m not used
to a camera at all, right? – I am such a natural model. – Bonnie is using her breast pad. – It was the padding, and,
honey, I don’t need the padding, (laughs) but I do need to blot
the sweat off my face. – Hey, can I borrow that? (laughs) I do need the padding, so, it is so fun. Bonnie and I are in our
second swimming suits. We are doing a photo
shoot for Albion today, and Bonnie and I have been
talking a lot on the drive here just about how different we
are, yet how similar we are and just how fun this is to,
like, be in our swimming suits and go a cute photo shoot, and,
I mean, I feel like we both are very confident in our bodies, and I feel like a lot of women
sometimes are not confident in swimming suits, but I think
that being on the internet for a few years, sometimes,
we do have securities, and sometimes–
– Insecurities. – Yeah, did I say securities?
– Securities, yeah. – That’s what I meant. – Well, it’s really easy to be insecure about certain parts of our bodies, but we just wanna be happy
in the bodies that we’re in. – Yeah, this is just fun, just
being cutesy in the water, getting a cute picture. Insecurities, securities: you know me. I’m the worst with words. You know what I meant. (instrumental pop music) – Feels really good. – Yes, we did feel really good. – It went so good. – That’s a wrap. – That’s a wrap, honey. – We’re hungry. Do you
wanna go get dinner? – Yes, we’ve kinda had
a day date, night date. – Where do you wanna eat? – Anywhere. – We’re in swimming suits. – I just got the kids into bed, and I’ve said this a thousand times, but I just love getting the kids into bed, because I get to talk with
them and interact with them, and it’s just one of my
favorite things to do, and, when I was getting
the kids ready for bed, I was talking to Jackson,
and, when I was giving him, like, a juice or some sort of snack, and his first thing was
like, “Can Calvin have one”. He’s always checking in on Calvin and making sure that Calvin
is being taken care of, too, and, of course, I had it ready for him. He just wanted to make sure of it, and I just love that quality in Jackson. He is such a good older
brother, and I love that. It’s so cool to see him caring
about more than just himself when he’s only three years
old, and that’s something that I want to be a good example
for is being selfless, thinking about others,
and I think Jackson is a great example of that,
and it’s cool to see the characteristics of our
kids growing and developing, and, like, that’s something
that Jackson is good at, and Calvin has just had so
much love for other people and for other things like animals, and Calvin is always
just hugging and kissing, and I love it. He’ll run up to me and just say, “Daddy,” (mocks kissing) and he’ll make that sound, and
it’s just the sweetest thing, and I’m just so grateful for our two boys. They mean the world to me, and I love seeing their
growth and their development and the characteristics shine
through their little, tiny bodies, and I just wanna eat
’em up and put ’em in my pocket and keep ’em there and just,
like, these are my little boys in my pocket. I love ’em so much, and, of course, we can’t forget you, Miss Penny. Yes, Miss Penny. That’s my girl, yes. You’re kind of an airhead,
but I kinda like you, too. (laughs) Isn’t that true with all dogs? They’re kind of just
like little airheads, but she’s great. I’m not sure if you know this. I’m pretty much the luckiest
man in the whole, entire world. – Why? – Why? Because my wife’s
a model, gosh darn it. You’re a model. – Oh yeah, I’m a model. It was so fun. ♫ I’m a model ♫ You know what I mean ♫ And I do my little Something on the– – I know what it is. ♫ On the catwalk Catwalk. ♫ Yeah, on the catwalk Yes. ♫ Da-da dee-dee doo-doo – I do my little moves on the catwalk? Is that what it says? I do my little dance on the catwalk? ♫ Do my little dance on the catwalk. (“I’m Too Sexy” by Right Said Fred) So what was it like? – It was so fun. It really was. – [Jared] Good. – Like, it was just fun being out there and having fun. – Do you know what I did
while you were modeling? – [Ellie] Mowed the lawn. – I mowed the lawn. I’m glamorous, too. Honda came over and took
pictures of me mowing the lawn. – [Ellie] Oh, boohoo. – What, Ellie? Your husband is a model,
too, and he’s gonna be in the Home Depot magazine. – That would be amazing. That would be so fun, yes. – Wouldn’t that be funny? (laughs) They don’t need the lawn mower themselves. They need someone pushing the lawn mower, someone behind it knows what
to do with the lawn mower. – [Ellie] Someone strong. – [Jared] Someone strong. – [Ellie] Like you. – Like me? (laughs) – I had a lot of fun today. – [Jared] Good, I’m so glad. – I haven’t seen you today much. – Yeah, we saw each other once for just a couple minutes, but– – Yeah, running crazy today. – Yeah, it’s been fun. It’s been a good day. I had a lot of fun with the kids, and I had fun with my brothers today, so it was a good day,
and, so, on that note, we’re ending our good day with you guys. – Yes, yes, my eyes are like. I’ve been driving a lot today. We’ll see you tomorrow. – Thank you guys for watching. If you enjoyed the video,
give it a big thumbs up. Be sure to check out the
new website, our new merch, and CVX live is this
weekend, some amazing stuff. See you tomorrow. Bye!

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