Printing Photos to a File with Lightroom Classic CC

hello I’m Robin Whalley
welcome to Lenscraft today I’m looking at a problem that someone
contacted me about they want to use the light moon print module to create an
image file to upload to an online print service but this struggling in this
video I’ll explain how to do this as well as explaining some of the many
print module options before starting though be sure to adjust and soft proof
the images you want to print if you don’t know how to do this there are a
few videos on my channel and website explaining how I’ll include the links in
the video information below I’ll start by setting the paper size
that I want to use although we’re printing to a file we should still do
this as it controls the dimensions of the file for this example I’ll select
the 8 by 10 paper you can see my selected image appears on
the page in the preview window if you look at the ruler to the side of the
interface you’ll see that the page measures 8 by 10 inches you can also see
that the image size on the page is 8 times 5 point 3 3 3 inches this is
because there’s a border around the image and we’ll look at how to adjust
that shortly if we look at the controls over on the right side of the interface
you can see that my layouts style is set for a single image or contact sheet
we’ll use this option for our example rather than the of the layout styles
looking at the preview you can see that there are faint border lines displayed
in gray if you can’t see these in your copy of Lightroom is probably because
they’re turned off you can control which of the guides are visible using the
guides panel the guides are there to help you position the image and they
don’t appear in the final print to change a guide you can click and drag
it into position alternatively you can use the sliders in
the layout panel notice though that I can’t set the sliders to have a zero
margin this means that they’ll always be a border around the edge of my image
when I print the image to a file then the file will also have this white
border around it the reason for the border is that I have the print job set
to output to a printer that isn’t set for borderless printing what I need to
do is switch to output to a JPEG file because that’s what I’ll be sending to
the online print service now I can click the custom file dimension option and the
gray border around the edge disappears I can then maximize a space to display
my image unfortunately my image has a different
aspect ratio to the paper I’ve chosen so it will always print with a white border
along the top and bottom I could fix this in the image settings using the
option zoom the image to fill the page but that results in part of the image
being cropped on either edge a better alternative is to set the right file
dimensions in the print job panel know when I print a file the image doesn’t
have a border if we check the image information we can
see that it has a dimension of three thousand by two thousand pixels with a
resolution of 300 dpi you can control these dimensions using the print job
panel in Lightroom by setting the file resolution you control not only the
resolution but the number of pixels the number of pixels is determined by
multiplying the resolution by the dimension of the image you’ve sat now
let’s look at some of the other print settings you can use when printing your
file in the print job section as well as file resolution we can also opt to apply
sharpening the sharpening compensates for the softening effect that will occur
during printing select the type of media that you’ll be printing to which is
matte or glossy and then the level of sharpening to apply which is low
standard or high you should check this type of media you’ll be printing to with
the online printing service and then set this accordingly you can also set the
gatech quality here the higher the quality the larger the file size that
will be produced the other option to check if you’re going to send this file
to a printing service is to set the profile many online printers allow you
to send them a file that’s in the S RGB color space and they don’t really want
the Adobe RGB color space you may also want to set the rendering intent to
either perceptual or relative if you don’t understand what these are you can
see my soft proofing tutorials otherwise set it to perceptual and that will
probably give a good result in most cases currently I have one image
selected for the file if we go to the layers panel I can change the number of
rows and columns this gives me the space to add a very images on to this file I
could repeat the current photo so it it appears four times in the file
alternatively I could select multiple files to include no when I print the image the fart
produce contains the four selected images you may be able to notice a small faint
gap between the images this is because I’ve used the stroke option in Lightroom this adds a thin border around each of
the images and you can control the color and the width of that line
having made the changes it’s time to print the files ready to sent to the
online printing service I hope you found this video helpful if you have please
don’t forget to share it with others and don’t forget to subscribe I’m Robin
Whalley you’ve been watching lenscraft I’ll see you soon for another video

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