Pro Cleaning Kit for APS-C DSLR Cameras by Altura Photo | REVIEW

Hey everyone Adam here and let me tell
you about the Altura Photo professional camera and sensor
cleaning kit for your full frame or aps-c size interchangeable lens camera What’s great about this kit is it comes
with a hard-shelled zippered case now this allows you to store all the
necessary tools to keep your camera and lens in tip-top shape all in one place
so you can carry it wherever you go let’s see what comes in this great
Altura Photo professional camera and sensor clean kit this kit comes with the
all natural cleaning solution and a convenient sized bottle by Altura Photo
it’s made in the USA it’s specially formulated to clean the highest quality
multi coated optics as well as your camera’s imaging sensor now there are
two options for this cleaning kit they’re each going to provide you with
six dry individually wrapped cleaning swabs one kits going to provide you with
the 16 millimeter size cleaning swab this is going to be for your aps-c
camera now if you have a full-frame camera you purchased the 24 millimeter
swabs and that’s going to give you the ability to clean your full-frame imaging
sensor another great item found in the kid is the multi-purpose lens cleaning
pen by altura photo this has two sides you have a retractable brush on one side
with soft bristles this allows you to dust off any larger particles that you
find on your camera or your lens and once you remove the cap on the other
side you have a soft tip that allows you to clean the front or rear of the lens
it’s round and then if you flip it around you have a triangular shape tip
this is perfect for cleaning the rear LCD of your camera in addition you’re
going to receive two ultra soft premium MagicFiber microfiber cleaning cloths
these are great because they allow you to safely and effectively clean your
camera body your lens without leaving any streaks or scratching the surface
you’re also going to get a ball blower which is safer to use to clean your
camera and lens than canned air because there absolutely no propeller
it’s gonna force out a stream of air to remove any dust or dirt particles from
your camera or lens and I even use it to clean my computer and keyboard you’re
also going to get a soft bristle brush this is a great tool to have in your kit
so that you can remove any large dirt particles from your camera lens
especially before you remove your lens to clean your imaging sensor and the
last thing I want to show you is the Altura Photo lens tissue paper each
book contains fifty three by five sized sheets that you can store anywhere now
what’s great about using disposable sheets is the fact that it ensures that
you have a clean tissue on hand for any type of situation so if you’re looking
for the best all-around camera cleaning kit check out the Altura Photo
professional camera and sensor cleaning kit it’s a must-have for any type of
photographer and it makes the perfect gift

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