Pro DSLR + Cheapo Lens vs “Cheapo” DSLR + Pro Lens

[Applause] [Music] recently we got a rather interesting questions sent to us by one of our viewers asking us what’s better a pro body with a cheapo lens or cheaper body with a pro lens well in today’s video we’re gonna answer your question to help us come to a reasonable conclusion we enlisted the help of two very different photographers hello I’m Kai mark 1 and I decide to buy the Canon 550d a slightly cheaper body and the lenses I’ve got some lovely L glass two of them let me tell you why okay so the 550 DS bit plasticky but it’s got all the right features I need to help me to learn how to do photography and I decide to invest in some decent glass 2 L lenses here 24 70 millimeter F 2.8 and a twenty four hundred five millimeter s is as they say is always wise to invest in good lenses because you can always keep these where’s the bodies they will go out of date eventually the Canon 550d is got an 18 megapixel aps-c sized sensor but the most important thing is that it takes pictures the key thing is that I’ve got good bit of glass in front of that sensor let’s test it out [Music] let’s call the police in a minute I mean ambulance both Elle lens mounted on a 550d body was pretty snappy to focus and 550d has got 9 AF points which is more than enough for me is a quick well I’m not doing any sports photography autofocus is fast enough need to take pictures of little old men and little old ladies cleaning their feet with their fingers well with running people seems the weight to me okay so it’s got 3.7 frames per second continues burst that’s more than enough [Music] yes lots of lovely detail you can almost smell his fishy fingers [Music] Cheers see it bye-bye he’s just embarrassed Chrissy [Music] I’ll give you the fishing for dummies book [Music] is it sharp oh yes this combo certainly cuts in so Kai mark-1 chose the pocket-friendly 550d along of some L lenses what did the other guy who is a different person choose hello I’m Kai mark – I chose the canon 1d Mark Paul why because it’s the essence of man check this out but because I spent all my dosh this piece of lovely machinery I could only afford a secondhand scene where I don’t care it’s got a red ring anyway it looks pro oh look at that extension so why did I choose the 1d Mark for 16 megapixel aps-c sensor with a pixel density sweet point 1 megapixel 2 square centimeters tter area sorry a 45 point a F ah 50 free area metering and continuous 10 frames per second burst mode 2 card slots 1 CF 1 SD 100% coverage viewfinder magnum focus affirmative and built-in flash no but I carry my own one anyway which my assistant carries for me whoosh flash fine yes in position let’s [Applause] go first Oh Oh unfortunately because this secondhand lens they didn’t come with their hoods and the fact that all professionals must use a lens hood because of improved contrast and to get the Sun out of my face I made my very own yeah yeah in this photo we see quite bit coma blowing at the edges color fringing and some aberration caused by the Sigma lens yeah oh yeah great three-point sim wins the second ha is that all I can do 10 now you don’t need to capture the decisive moment you just capture the whole moment and decide later no no no no now now yeah oh it’s about as sharp as a blunt butter knife now the 1d Mark four Oh magnesium alloy body we were proofing so I could throw it in the water if I wanted to but I’m not going to it gives you lots of focal length from 300 all the way to 28 bang oh hey it’s no batteries in it still makes me look the part keep it on we have my voice uh I live lock there’s a lock minimum focal distance of 50 centimeters image you get from this combo er not exactly what you would call detailed what you mean make a sound like a light body’s good thing you win this is a real man’s camera Oh plastic oh this is not a toy magnesium alloy web approved body the build quality of this is second to none that means number one baby this is so solid you could probably knock down a hundred year old oak tree with don’t dude oh that’s naughty this is a real weapon you can literally shoot people down and if they start to attack you wash BuChE BuChE tuff is a walk if you’re investing in good body you might as well buy one that’s really good and pro like well this is a pro camera you can’t get better than that [Music] like museum who solve using the cheap lens was often low contrast images okay let me be frank with you now this lens isn’t perfect far from perfect actually it makes a hell of a noise when you focus and it’s quite slow to crikey the sound of the focusing servo is like c-3po with a spastic colon what do you think I care this is look like a library noise what’s that only the sexy noise and my shutter going click click click yes right this is the entry-level Canon what’s the noise performance like on the most basic of canon dias Lars looking at the two images taken from the 550d l lens and one D mark for cracky Sigma we see that a 1d mark for is a tad better in terms of noise performance however it seems like the 550d offers a bit more detail especially thanks to that L glass so what’s better Pro body and cheapo lens or vice-versa if we’re talking about image quality a inverted commas cheapo body doesn’t always equate to cheapo image quality these days an entry-level DSLR can offer up image quality that is just as good as some of the more upmarket ones a 1d mark for body might look the part but at the end of the day you really have to pair up with some decent glass although it has to be said that there aren’t that many true stinkers of a lens these days mind you this Sigma is quite close to being a bit of a Rotter but at the end of the day what it boils down to is what you require from you equipment Pro body is pointless if you don’t need a 10 frames per second likewise if you want to shoot sports a slow focusing Sigma that also lacks is is not ideal [Applause] [Music]

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  1. Great video. Suprised youbdidnt go the the botanical garden and do some photos there. Funny how youbhad a canon camera on the nikon strap…

  2. Wow small world. This is the same guy that used to do reviews for RedWolfAirsoft in 2009; He's always been hilariously weird lol

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