Product Photography DIY at home – Commercial Photography Tips

hello and welcome to my new video my
name is Elia Cawas I’m a photographer since 2011 and in this video I will give
you insights in my product photography and I will give you some commercial
photography tips these product photography tips will lead to results
like this picture here and maybe you will gain some new commercial
photography ideas from watching I will guide you with some product photography
tips through this commercial photography shooting and afterwards I will show you
how to compose the whole product photography picture in Photoshop so
let’s jump right into it in product photography it’s always important to
have a smooth background that’s why I chose this black backdrop and product
photography without soft boxes and flashes is almost not existing so here
are my two soft boxes with the Nikon SB 25 flashes and the phottix wireless
flash triggers to position the product in front of the backdrop I chose this
nightstand which I provided with the white surface the problem in product
photography is to remove all the reflections on the surface of your
product as a product today I have this soda bottle here the problem with the soda
bottle is that it reflects the light of the soft boxes on the surface which
leads to these white stripes here to remove these white stripes I have placed
the two soft boxes above the bottle so we only gonna have a reflection in this
area of the bottle to start our product photography shooting turn on both
flashes and set the triggers on the same channel
I set the lens to 50 millimeters and I chose the aperture around the sweet spot
of the lens this is the aperture where the lens is the sharpest the sweet spot
of my lenses in the center of the frame at f/4 and in the corners it’s F 5.6 so
I will choose f5 to have something in between for the shutter speed I will
choose one over 160 of a second if I go shorter with the shutter speed I will
get black bars in the picture this is also called the sync time of your flash
his sync time is influenced by a camera the flash and the triggers you are using
now we have to set our flashes accordingly to our camera settings
important is to set both flashes on the same settings so we will have a constant
distribution of light set the flash accordingly to your focal length and
aperture and then play around with the flash power till your picture is well
lit now let’s bring our product in first of all you should clean your product
from dust and fingerprints so you don’t need to remove them in post I’m going to
build a small scene with some additional fruits so now that we have our set we
can fire the lights and start shooting so now that we finished shooting we can
import our picture into Photoshop and the first thing that I see is that these
small lemon slices are a bit overexposed and the big ones are a bit underexposed
to change that we’ll put a levels adjustment layer on top of our
background layer now we can slide this middle slider a bit to the right till
the little slices look natural again this should be good
then we select our mask and hit ctrl + backspace to fill the mask with black so
now we can hit B for the brush make sure your foreground color is white so that
we can paint back our adjustment this looks good
now we do the same for the big slices we need another levels adjustment layer
now we slide the middle slider a bit to the left
this looks good then we select mask again and hit ctrl + backspace to fill
the mask with black again or brushes already selected the foreground color is
white so we can paint our adjustment in if you paint around corners like this
one you can hit alt and your right mouse button and slide your mouse up or down
to adjust the hardness of your brush choose a smooth brush for the edges and
make sure you take your time while painting if you did a mistake you can simply hit
X to change the foreground color to black and remove your mistake again
I do this very ruffly please take your time to gain the best results to make
this picture more special I’ve prepared this water splash I want this water
splash behind the soda bottle so I’ll select the water layer right click on it
duplicate the layer to our picture document and then I’ll select a water
layer again hit ctrl + T to transform and position the water layer in the
middle of our bottle if you are finished with transforming and positioning hits
enter to position the water behind the bottle you can make the water layer
invisible by clicking on this eye icon and then you duplicate your background
layer on the background layer you select your visit tool by hitting W then you
click on the black background to select a black background and when everything
is selected you simply hit delete so now you can see that our black background
got transparent on this layer so now we can move this water layer behind our
background copy layer make it visible again and as you see the water is behind
the bottle select your background copy layer again and hit e to remove these
black stripes here another thing I want to do to this
picture is to make the colors pop a bit more so I’ll put the vibrance adjustment
layer on top of everything and select the vibrance of +20 and the saturation
of maybe +5 and now for the finishing touch I put a curves layer on top of
everything and I’ll draw a small s-curve to give this picture more contrast and
to make the colors pop a bit more now we are finished with editing this product
photography picture if you like this product photography tutorial consider
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