(blowing) (blowing) – [Bryan] You guys are so weird. (blowing) Why are you guys so weird? ♫ Wherever you are ♫ That’s where I wanna be ♫ All it took was a
laugh in that soft sunset ♫ Big blue eyes looked up and said, ♫ “This is home” ♫ Just running around,
you’ve never looked so cute ♫ Hugging you tight,
cuddling all I could saying, ♫ “I am home” ♫ Home’s wherever you’re with me – Good morning! – Good morning buddy, what’re you doin’? – Um, watching Star
Wars with fruit snacks. – Yeah! Hey guys, so Ollie is
all dressed for the day and today we are doing
something really fun, do you wanna tell ’em? – We taking a picture. – We’re gonna take some
pictures of ya huh? Yeah, so these are a
different kind of picture that we’re taking, we’re
doing headshots for Ollie because lately he’s been
getting some opportunities to do things like audition
and they need headshots and so we thought this
might be fun for Ollie. We have a photographer coming over today, gonna take some really
simple headshots of him, nothing too crazy. I didn’t want to go into a studio and do hair and makeup
and stuff, I wanted him to be super comfortable so,
we’re doing them at home today and we’re just gonna get some cool theatrical headshots, right? – Mmhmm. – No smiling, right? Yeah, okay. Alright Ollie, show me
your best model pose. (laughing) There you go. – Do you ever toot? (laughing) – [Bryan] He never farts (laughing). – Never, ever? – Ollie’s getting some
headshots done with Brooke. – You farted on your brother? – Yeah (laughing). – That’s what brothers are… (electronic music) – [Bryan] Ollie, what did we find? – A bug. – There’s a big bug swimmin’
in the water, it’s a cicada. – I can’t get it out. – You can’t, here let me see it. I’ll see if I can get him. Oh! Where’d he go? Oh, he dropped back in there! (laughing) That scared the crap out of me. There it goes! Got him. That is a big bug. That is definitely
probably one of the biggest we’ve seen so far. (marimba music) I kid you not, he did this
on his own volition you guys. – He really did, he just lays down. (laughing) – He was just standing there,
and then he just did this. – And he’s holding it (laughing). Can you show me another pose? – Yeah.
– Oh! (laughing) – Work it, work it! – Yoga pose? Oh yeah! (laughing) You guys! – My son, ladies and gentlemen. – Get it, get it, get it, get it. (laughing) (electronic music) – One, two… – Boom!
– Yeah! – Say thank you! – Thank you.
– Thank you! – [Bryan] Good morning Mr. Finnegan! – He’s up, he’s up, he’s up! – He is standing in his
favorite place right now, our kitchen pantry. – The pantry, the world of wonder. – Chips! You woke up just in time for
lunch buddy, I missed you. He’s like, “Duh, that’s why
I’m awake right now, food.” These two are on a little baby date. – Aww. – Baby lunch date. – Remember, like that episode
of, “Look Who’s Vlogging”? – Uh-huh. Baby Peyton. – June, you are so cute baby girl! – If you’re wondering
why she’s not eating, she says she’s watching her weight. (laughing) – Finn, are you eatin good? – No. – No. He’s like, pickin at
Mom’s food over there. – Alright, so Bryan just got
a new game on the VR system, which, the VR system is really
fun, this looks intense. (gasping) (shooting) – Do you see this? – Yeah, it’s cool. So how do you move forward? – Oh, I have a joystick right here. – Oh. – And then I move to the
direction that I point the dot. – Oh, okay. (upbeat music) – Ah! (laughing)
– Oh, sorry. Get out of my way, I’m shootin’ aliens! – He’s shootin’ us actually right now. I don’t think he can
hear anything going on. – I don’t even know what
I’m looking at right now. Where is the TV, is it like there. – Yeah, basically there. Nope, not there. – Look at Finn, Mama’s
playing now (laughing). No you cannot have the gun buddy. She’s walking into the scary cave. (retching) You feel sick? (laughing) – Yeah. Seriously I love this
game, I think it’s so cool. I never really get a chance to play my VR cause it’s kind of confusing to set up but once you get it, it’s so fun. Missy’s at a space base camp right now. (upbeat music) Go on, go inside. – Oh. Ahh! (shooting) (laughing) – Ah, what do I do? Get off me! – You’re over
– Ahh! No! – You’re overheating your gun. (laughing) Look at Finn. – Stop! Oh my God, oh my God. – Oh my gosh. – Ahh, no. – Finn what do you think of mama? She’s playing yeah. (upbeat music) You wanna hold the gun? Here.
– You wanna hold the gun, there you go. – Okay, you hold the gun. Oh my gosh, he knows how to shoot it. This is quite possibly the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. (shooting) (laughing) – What do you think of that? – Was that cool Finn? – What do you have to do? – You have to put this mask on. – So we put this on so
you can see everything and then here’s your gun. – I’ll hand you your gun too okay? Can you see? Then put those on. – Then we’ll put headphones
on so you can hear, okay? – Okay.
– And then here’s your gun. Okay, now to shoot, push this
right here to shoot okay? (shooting) There’s spiders coming. – Get him Ollie, get him! – Get him Ollie, shoot him. It thinks he’s crouching
cause he’s so little. – Yeah. – Shoot him, shoot him Ollie, shoot him! The spider’s coming after you huh? Get him, nice shootin’. – Good job. – Oh my gosh, he’s
actually playing right now. Oh these guys, shoot
those, shoot the things that are flying Ollie. (shooting) You got it! Oh my goodness. This is seriously insane. He’s actually playing,
Missy’s moving the joystick to get him to move but he’s shooting. That’s incredible. – Oh, good job. – Good job Ollie. – What do you think of that? – Good. – Good, do you want to do it again? – Where are you? – I’m right here (laughing). You were in there. – You were inside the video game Ollie. – Isn’t that cool? – Mhmm.
– Was it scary? A little bit scary? Alright Mama’s gonna go but you’re gonna have
fun with Mimi and Papa. We’ll be back in a couple days, okay? – Just one day, we’re only
gonna be gone one day, okay? – I love you. (blowing) – [Bryan] You guys are so weird. (blowing) Why are you guys so weird? Ollie, can I have a kiss? – Alright give real kisses. – Love you. Behave okay?
– Okay. – Finnie, I gotta go, can I have a hug? That’s a kiss but I would like a hug. Love you Finnie. – Come give mama a kiss. – He’s covered in ice cream. (laughing) – We’re getting ready
to leave for Vid Con, we’re just gonna do one whole day without the boys, but they’re
gonna have lots of fun here with Mimi and Papa. And I left a camera so they’re gonna vlog for you guys too, and because I said that, now they have to. Right? – Yeah, we’ll see.
– It’s like a verbal agreement, but yeah. We’re excited to head down to Vid Con. We have arrived. Ah the sun. We made it to Vid Con. – We made it! – We’re here. – No kids.
– No kids. – But we’ve got Kelsey and Corbin and June so that’s good. – Three kids. We just made it to our
room here at Vid Con we’re getting ready to head downstairs and get registered. What’s cool about Vid Con is they just they do things to the T you guys. So we had a little welcome package waiting for us with dark
chocolate espresso beans. Yeah. – They’re pretty good. – Yeah, they’re so good. Look where Kelsey and Corbin are staying, this is the little kids suite. So they have a bunk bed. That’s so cute. – So cute. – You ready? People are gonna take selfies with you. – Say no selfies.
– She’s smiling. – [Corbin] She’s like, I’m ready. – We love participating in Vid Con this is our second Vid Con that we are participating in as featured creators. I think we have a panel on Saturday and a meet and greet as well and we’re also meeting
with a couple of brands which is always a nice opportunity. So we get to have fun, do some business, meet some of you guys and enjoy ourselves for a day or two. (electronic music) I have a lot to teach Corbin
in the ways of Vid Con. Basically, you just
crash all the hospitality suites because they give you free drinks, free food. – There’s free food everywhere. – Yeah free food everywhere.
– It’s awesome. – Everyone always has
a really good spread. So that’s what’s fun about Vid Con. You get to go to all the lounges. We are now in the full screen– – Full screen fam. – Creator lounge. Look at the sign, it’s so bright. – Yeah that’s so cool. – Full screen fam. We’re here with–
– That’s us. – our full screen fam, you guys. – Hi. – And now we are full screeners, again. – Yeah. And we’re, and you guys, we’re all family, #announcement. – We are excited to be back. – Yeah, so they have a cool little lounge and they actually closed down but we walked in and they were like oh hey, you guys are so cool, we’re gonna make you a drink anyways. So thank you. – We were those people. We were those people. – We were. Check it out you guys. Fullscreen has their own fidget spinners. And I just got one and
I need it to fidget. This is a good one too. (electronic music) Look at that cute little baby. – Oh my god. – We have wandered into
the Despicable Me 3 lounge, they always have the coolest lounges at Vid Con and we already
saw Despicable Me 3 and it was hilarious. I can ride with my buddy Gru over here. That’s pretty cool, I’m
in his car right now. (electronic music) – Alright, we just had a delicious dinner out with our friends, it was a good night. – If you wanna go see that, click the icon to go subscribe to Kelsey and Corbin. – Yeah. We’re just having so much fun. Vid Con is a crazy event and it’s really exciting to be able to do it with Kelsey and Corbin. But we have so many friends here. We still have so many people to go see so we’re excited to experience it. Actually tomorrow we’re doing something really, really fun. So make sure you guys are following us on, all of us, on our social medias because we’re probably gonna be doing a lot of fun snapping and stuff like that tomorrow. It’s gonna be cool. But anyways, make sure you give today’s video a thumbs up. We’re gonna end it today, we miss the boys but we know they are happy and– – They were both passed
out by eight o’clock. – Yeah so they’re happy
with Mimi and Papa, and not overwhelmed
with the craziness here. We’ll see you guys tomorrow. Right? – Bye. Boop. (This is Home by Bryan Lanning)


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