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don’t worry I’m a professional photography has the power to good photography has the power power power the power to undo your assumptions about the world change your perspective on life and surprise people with something that they had no idea existed inspired horrifying stop time for a moment there’s an incredible passport to people’s lives images are so powerful that they can change the course of people’s lives they can change the course of history photography can change the world never underestimate the power is still frame how can we make the horror that we see in these pictures stop when people see this photograph I hope that they are overcome with a sense of urgency I want them to ask and scream for change to see that oh that could be me and make connections between people it’s a universal language one little hammer a weapon against what’s wrong out there you have to care you really have to care it sounds simple Brett I even get emotional sometimes when I talk about you cannot do superior work if you’re a different are you gonna it’s not the individual photograph it’s what you do with it and who you engage with it that makes it powerful well we live in a world where it’s easy to say that people don’t care anymore it’s been proven to me time and again that people do care how could you ever be done no you don’t ever think you know you just have to do it there’s always one more picture just please it takes like years of working just wait a minute one more just to hone your vision then I’ll be done no he won’t the moment you think you’ve got it you you’re dead I think it is an addiction to be in the presence of powerful human emotions to see the incredible beauty and desperate circumstances that people are able to survive in to see the Rope nature of humanity I photograph to understand you name it we can do it you could drop us off any place on earth and we’d get the job done we would it’s all we’ve ever done what does it take to be an underwater photographer we go to the ends of the earth and then we go underwater there is nothing more beautiful captivating amazing spiritual as what’s around us right now I try and cover the emotion and the moment and if there is any way to make it a bit beautiful and intense and wonderful is what I’m seeing right now in front of me the goal for me is to not turn the reader away the goal for me is to pull in the reader and to have them ask questions and that’s what I’m trying to bring to people that’s what I really try and do we’re not operating in a vacuum human beings you know can’t exist alone and I find that some little tiny beetle with bright green eyes is no less magnificent than a grizzly bear [Music] and no less magnificent than me my main subject has been the collision between human needs and nature and that contact zone I’ve always believed is one of the the critical issues of our time we’ll never understand communities that are not like ourselves without time everyone would take a good picture especially now but to take great photographs you need time you need patience you need support and National Geographic gives you done it might not happen with one image it might take thousands of images layered in a consciousness a national consciousness of an individual consciousness to really move people forward move people to action but I do believe images have that power power to open your mind change your life connect you to the rest of the world it makes me feel alive and connected to the world and maybe so just brief little moments I feel like maybe I understand something about the world what I have learned traveling and photographing in so many countries is that there is not one right way of living it’s more important how people are the same than how they’re different to revel in the complexity and beauty of a natural world and then to remember that to to then apply that to my human neighbors as well we are all human beings with desires with tragedies with joy with laughter and that is much more than what separates us if you want to be a photographer particularly a photojournalist you want to learn about the world and you want to learn about yourself and you want to find things that you genuinely care about because that would be the source of the greatest work you’ll do [Music] okay here in my standard one-liner bit of advice if you want to be a better photographer stand in front of more interesting stuff that’s it you can call now [Laughter] [Music]

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  1. And this is what I'm studying to become, a photojournalist. Hopefully this sort of stuff, and for Nat Geo would just be a dream come true, haha. 🙂

  2. The fact that they don't have two hands relates to them being in their underwear? I can't wait to hear the reasoning for this.

  3. Wow this is so inspirational, I feel like I might cry they said so many things that really touched my heart and made me feel like I shouldn't give up on photography even if I do it as just a hobby.

  4. Great presentation!
    I loved shooting slide film, but the cost was too great, so I am all digital now, with no post-processing. NPP Daystar-7

  5. Inspiring words from these great photographer. When I grow up I want to be like you! National Geography, please hire me! haihophotos

  6. Absolutely beautiful, and it's a dream that I too have. I know what I would like to photograph, and what I am really passionate about too, and yet these questions and thoughts still makes me think, ask, and wonder. Thank you all. 🙂

  7. Now this is the National Geographic channel I begged my mom to get as a channel on cable, now it's full of crap! Don't get me wrong Border Wars is pretty cool, Alaska State Troopers is okay but c'mon! National Geographic isn't how it was 5 years ago! Dam reality tv! I would really love to see more exploration, photography on Nat Geo more please!

  8. Now that the truth can be known, it is time to forget the myths and embrace the TRUTH. If you are interested in the TRUTH about life and death,, go to truthcontest''com and open "The Present." …

  9. The video is brutally inspiring, even now I want to go out and do photo, but…for the love of god, where is Steve Mccurry?

  10. Wonder why John Chao is not on the short-list. He did the great job on the Hudson River, the National Palace Museum in Taipei, among other fascinating/challenging/popular assignments.

  11. Anyone know Who the guy at 3.10 is? Talking about conflict between humans and nature. This is what interests me most too but I don't know who he is.

  12. Proud to say that i do photography as a hobby, and learning to understand myself during hobby time…

  13. Still photography gives us the opportunity to stop time and look deeper. We capture a moment that can then be shared and examined for eternity. A moment or an experience cannot be fully explained in a single frame, but that single still frame may be the best way to tell the story in a contemplative way. That being said; photographers are great story tellers and some of the best liars, so don't believe everything you think you are seeing.

  14. This is my dream job, I admire these people for their work and I hope to be like them one day. I am only fourteen but I don't doubt for a second photography is what I want to carry out doing

  15. i've seen some of the picture nat geo indonesia. to see the photographer herself explaning about being one, they are all great
    someday i will make one great picture, for sure

  16. I'm 15 and working in national geographic is my dreaaammm job. But I think it's hard to get the job especially when you're not that pro. But I hope one day , the day will come that I will be a natgeo photographer like them, they're so lucky to have that job.

  17. For me,
    Photography is a way in which we can not only capture but also transfer the feeling and the emotion that the photographers feel while capturing that small little moment.

  18. Dream job right here. It's amazes me how I can relate to someone so much. 14 years old and I look up to these people so much and all of these other photographers and can't help but say "that's what I want to do for the rest of my life" or "I wish I could be just like them." I want to travel the world and take photographs of all of the things that amaze me to a level I can't explain.

  19. I have a question, when you take photos like that or even street photos with people in it. Do you need them to sign consent forms or how do you approach that situation?

  20. Wow……..all of those overblown hot-aired egos surprised that they did not all float away. They are truly in love with themselves.

  21. I think what I would want to capture with photography is the good things that happen in the world. Because we have been taking it for granted for so long that it's the good that's natural, and the bad that is unnatural. Not true. The bad, and evil is natural. The good, and divine is unnatural. I've had to think about it for quite a while but once I compared that concept to reality, it was a complete match. With photography I would want to capture the fascinating parts of the globe where people are charitable, display integrity, respectful, and pursue happiness through virtue. It's easy to capture people's attention with horror, but it's much harder to capture the attention of those same people with something good and divine. For the photographers who are capable of capturing life's most wonderful and virtuous moments and make them awe-inspiring; more power to you.

  22. I wish one of these photojournalists would make a video about the process of becoming a photographer. What degree they got and what they did and how they did it and how it led to them being a photojournalist.

  23. I listen to your voices often (Replay). Drilled into my heart and soul is your influence. I respect you so much and admire your uniqueness, each one of you. Advice well given…

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