R-Truth poses for his first photoshoot as United States Champion: SmackDown Exclusive, Jan. 29, 2019

Appreciate that. There is a new Sheriff in town Doug.>>I’m sure we don’t want his name
on it he’s not the champ anymore.>>His name is R-Truth. New Sheriff in town.>>There you go, right there. That’s it.>>Why you do that?>>Beautiful.
>>That looks better this way.>>Have it sit on the left shoulder. [INAUDIBLE]
There you go, good.

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  1. Anybody notice how they said this was his first singles title even though he's held that exact belt before…not to mention n.w
    A/hardcore titles

  2. I can’t believe he is almost 50. Age very well. I hope he has a good title run before retiring and make the HOF. The guy has been so loyal and entertaining a crowd favorite.

  3. This is why the ratings are in the dumps , When a guy like R Truth is winning 2 matches on smackdown, when he hasn't won 2 matches in 7 years, hiw does the wwe expect anyone to take the serious???? I have given up on this product after years of watching. Shame on you Vince. Your tag team champions are the miz and YOUR SON, now R Truth???

  4. R-Truth is also a former NWA World Heavyweight Champion, in WWE Truth is also a former Hardcore Champion, but the reign is never acknowledged.

  5. CAN WE PLEASE MAKE R TRUTH THE FIRST BLACK WWE CHAMP!!! He’s a legend in my eyes. For his dedication to the company and love for the business. I admire that man! even tho he blocked me on Twitter

  6. Congratulations to R Truth that's what's up holding United States Champion soon in the future you will be holding the WWE Championship keep up the good work and What's Up

  7. I am happy he won he deserve it. He looks so Happy. Finally. Plus he looms great for his age. Hopefully he could keep it for a while. If they play the card right they can make a lot of story line with Rtruth winning. Now Rusev and Naka are friends.

  8. Been a loyal R-Truth fan since he reentered the business 😁 As a little kid I found him hilarious, as an adult I can appreciate how much time and effort he puts in for WWE, never complaining and always doing his best with what he has to work with. He has my undying respect, and I'm happy that others here and on other comment sections that agree with me. The truth will set us free ✊️

  9. Truth should have a great match against Andrade and drop it there or even, Triple Threat at Mania, Mysterio, Andrade and Truth for the US title and have Andrade have a Mania moment

  10. It sucks he isn’t going to keep it for long. I can tell because they didn’t put his name plate on it. It’s just blank.

  11. Props to Truth for seizing an opportunity to become United States Champeeyonnn!!! Well deserved long service in WWE with charisma finally rewarded. First you rappin, then nappin and now clappin!!!!! Needs a good run with that belt and that's the TRUTH!!!!

  12. R truth is that guy who you love as a champ or not and is forever over nice to see WWE give him a little title run though

  13. I'm starting to wonder why they gave him the us title only for him to not show up on smackdown since he won it that pisses me off i've been a fan of him ever since he first appeared in the wwe i always thought he was underrated and now finally after 9 years he wins the title again only to never appear such disrespect

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