Rain Bomb: Rare ‘Wet Microburst’ Caught on Camera in Stunning Timelapse

COMM: Photographer and monsoon chaser Bryan Snider was taking timelapse footage of a storm
in the Tucson area when he captured this incredible weather event, a wet microburst. 00:31
COMM: Microbursts affect an area of no more than two and a half miles across. And they
occur when a cooled heavier column of air sinks rapidly in the middle of a thunderstorm. 00:42
COMM: As the air hits the ground it spreads out with great force often generating winds
of over 150mph. 00:51
COMM: In the case of a wet microburst is also brings crashing rain, often described as a
rain bomb. 01:01
COMM: Thunderstorms are frequent, quickly forming at this time of year in Arizona. But
to capture a microburst so vividly was a special event.

100 Replies to “Rain Bomb: Rare ‘Wet Microburst’ Caught on Camera in Stunning Timelapse”

  1. Poorly built houses, convertible soft tops, aircraft, and trees are about the only things that would suffer immediate damage.

    Wet microbursts can cause flash flooding however which poses an assortment of dangers but otherwise just a really fast and hard rain.

  2. "over 150 mph hour" no way. The winds can get to at least maximum 120 mph. Usually they are anywhere from 70 mph to 100 mph.

  3. I've never heard of a 150mph microburst and I know everything about storms. So that's wrong but the video is great.

  4. That storm must've stopped at taco bell somewhere along the way. Except taco bell doesn't usually cause micro bursts but rather mega bursts.

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  7. Rain Bombs Are really dangerous for life, and yes it can destroyed cars and little houses. But really it looks really cool. >.<

  8. It happened on lake major in italy some time ago, we were in the car luckily, suddenly literally a waterfall from sky hits us, and we could see anything, a poor guy fell off his bike and almost died by a car

  9. Apart from all the crap here about a 'British accent'.. There's no such thing, the guy is English.
    Apart from that. ..Great video! 👍

  10. I'm pretty sure if you ask the people in Arizona they would say this happens pretty regularly and it's no big deal. But yeah I put a British accent on it and now it's climate change.👌☺🤣🤣🤣

  11. Rain bomb is another madeup term for a billions year old phenomenon.

    The boy crying wolf climate commie rat fink alarmists are fading fast in the face of facts.

  12. Wet/dry microbursts do not "often" generate winds up to 150 MPH – more like the straight-line winds of 70, 80, or 90 MPH. Much stronger microbursts can reach 100 MPH or higher, but I would never say that they "often" are 150 MPH. In fact, those speeds would be exceptionally rare.

  13. I live in Tucson and I’ve been in two of those, first one kind of started off like a tornado, the clouds were green and spinning above me so I went inside and seconds later it landed, it sounded like a freight train driving by my house, there was so much rain when I looked outside after it was finished there was around a foot of water in my backyard, there was a bunch of tree and roof damage and a lot of hail. The second one took place the same year as the one in the video and once again there was a lot of damage, the winds were so bad it flipped an F16 over in the base. Those storms are intense.

  14. August brings crazy weather to the Phoenix area. Hot and humid – dangerously so this month so far. A few nice storms in my area. Happy about that!!

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