Rain Cover for DSLR Cameras with Lenses Up to 18” Long by Altura Photo® | Video

Hello again! Is the weather outside
frightful? Don’t stop imaging just because it’s raining. Hi this is Izzy from Digital Goja
showrooms and today we’re going to take a look at the Altura Photo raincover
2-pack. Don’t stop imaging cause of the weather. If this video helps you out remember to
hit me up with a like button underneath and subscribe to our channel for future
sessions, unboxings and tutorials such as this. And don’t forget when in
Miami visit me at Digital Goja showrooms. Now, this is made out of durable, ultra
clear plastic, it’s reusable and it’s meant to accommodate any DSLR with up to
an 18″ lens. I always recommend using a lens hood because that gives you more
stability when it comes to closing it and you notice that you have the zip tie
here that locks it in place and again these guys are reusable, not forever, but
you can use it multiple times because they’re made, again, ultra-clear durable
plastic and they come in a two-pack. Let’s take a look and see how easy it is
to put these guys to use. Alright, so now we’re going to put it on a very popular
camera, this is the EOS Rebel T6s and notice that I have it with the
18-135 very popular kit lens and I put the lens hood on. Very important, I always want the
lens hood to give you that extra connection and protection when you’re
working with the Altura raincover. We’re going to slip it into here, very simple to
do and this is going to allow me to now pull
the drawstring nice and close to the lens just outside the lens hood. So notice
when I pulled the drawstring there and clasp it in place I can still zoom, but
it’s going to keep the lens nice and protected. So again, you want to make sure
this is nice and taunt. Don’t care about if it hangs around it now you can just tie it
around you choose to you can do a number like that but the important thing is
that this is going to protect the lens and you can do your zooming and not have
the issue of it getting wet. See? I’m zooming back and forth, but the
lens is staying within the Altura rain cover. And, because of the fact that it’s a full
clear plastic, I have full access to my touch screen, look at this, I can actually
touch focus, I can do my settings, I can do everything right through a
touchscreen and still be able to have the protection of the Altura Rain
cover. Now let’s take a look and see how this works with larger lenses and also
with a tripod. Now here we go, I’m using a much larger lens now, I
actually put on here that new 50-100 that Sigma came out with, it’s not quite 18
inches in length but it is considerably larger than the standard lens that this
camera comes with, so and you can see, it’s a big one. So now I’m going to go ahead and use the
Altura rain cover protector, notice how easily this just slips right through
and they give you enough room so that you can slip it all the way down to
where your tripod is so that way you can even cover most of
the tripod and again work with the lens hood. I prefer that, even though this
lens doesn’t extend, there we go always close the zip tie here and lock
it in place. Look at that, you have plenty of room here, this guy is still able to zoom in and
out even though again this is not one that’s going to extend, this internal
zooming and internal focusing. But, the beauty of it is that you have plenty of
room to work with. And, you activate your camera, turn on your live view and
as I showed before you can still work with the touchscreen and again this
being ultra clear you have a perfect view of whatever you want to image,
whether you’re doing video or stills, so again, if you are afraid of going out in
the rain and I understand you want to protect your expensive equipment there’s
no need to anymore. Get ahold of the Altura Photo raincover
2-pack that way you have a second one in case you want to share with a friend. Happy shooting!

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