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(upbeat music) (laughing) – Okay, before I say anything at all, can we just appreciate what’s happening behind me right now? I’m stuck in a snow storm in Iceland in the Reykjahlid area, which is up north and there’s two days of this. So we were gonna stay in
The Mink the entire time, because I’m camper vanning around Iceland. But I thought there’s kind of no point, because everything in the area, everything in the area
is closed, everything. So the beautiful people
at Foss Hotel took us in. And so we’re having two days
of just kinda lounging around. But I’m having the best time. This is polar opposite to what
I’m used to as an Australian. So I appreciate this so much. I’ve being outside for like half an hour, taking photos and videos
of this beautiful scenery. I think it’s time to go back inside because I can hardly feel my fingers now. (jazz music) So being stuck in a snow storm means that you have a lot of time to reflect. And one of the things
I’ve been reflecting on a lot lately is my travel
influencing and journey. Because it kind of happened by mistake. And it’s just been over 12 months now. So it got me thinking about all the little bits and piece of what goes into being a Travel Influencer. And that includes photographs. So I really wanted to go back in time and look at my old photos from traveling. Because I think it’s always funny to watch someone being
really shit at something. And right now I’m feeling
pretty good about my photos. I know I’m not perfect at it, but my photos are getting pretty good. And I think that’s
reflected in the fact that brands, when I contact them
now, to work with them, they don’t ignore me or they
don’t just hate me straight up. They’re like “Ooh. We like your stuff” Which is just so crazy
because I was so bad, just a couple of years ago,
actually just a year ago. So it means I must be going on track. I think it’s important
just to mention quickly, my journey of photography. I had a very short amount of time, where I was training with
a portrait photographer. And then I accidentally also landed a job, in a photography agency. It happened all very fast, so
my training is quite limited. And then I’ve just been
studying a lot of people. And also copying a lot of people. Guess it’s a form of flattery
when you copy someone a lot. But it’s also a perfect way
to learn as fast as possible. I think you have to imitate
as much as possible, and eventually start
developing your own style. Which is kind of what
I’ve gotten to right now. But I have been sort of interested in photography for maybe 10 years. So without further ado, let’s
go back into the archives and see how #&?! I was. I would love to thank Squarespace
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sponsoring this channel and allowing me to travel, much more. I’m going now back to the
archives, my Facebook page, I think it was when I first got a camera. I don’t know why I do that so much. These photos were from a 2010
album, that is 8 years ago, that makes me 21 when I posted this. I haven’t seen these for a long time. So this is gonna be really fun. Oh my…. Oh damn! Wow, I mean it’s moody. I love in particular how
I used to add borders to my photography, with the drop shadow. This was a trend. I recently saw a video with Peter McKinnon and he also added these borders. So I know this was a
thing. It wasn’t just me. And I also added my watermark, which is, just beautiful, really nice font there. Really great job. My wild life photography,
oh the days when you would black out most of it and just have one in color to pop. And here, is another photo
I just recently took. Just agree, a go of animals. It’s a beautiful image, sort of. But the drop shadow? I watermarked it. I have to blow this one out, this was so mean, this
is what you do not do. 101 photography: An image
of my ex boyfriend’s mom, that’s lounging around relaxing. And I sneakily took this
photo and uploaded it. And she even commented: “That was terrible.
What were you thinking?” and I left it up. This is so rude. If someone doesn’t agree
for a photo to be posted, and they don’t look their best, like why would you upload a photo where someone doesn’t look their best, this has to be deleted. Right now. Oh no! This was the beginning
of my self portrait career, so these are the portraits
I take of myself now. I set up my camera on a cupboard and the only way that I
could fit into the picture, was if I put myself on a stool. And then I was like “Well
what do models do these days?” Hand on the hip, put my hand up. Yeah, because that’s exactly what… What the hell?… I don’t know why I left the green door. I don’t even think it’s green,
to be honest, in real life. So I don’t watermark my photos anymore, because I just don’t see the point. Because if someone’s gonna steal
it, they’re gonna steal it. So watermarking them,
especially photos of yourself just doesn’t make any sense. But back in the day I
thought that was wise. A pot. “Vintage” is the caption. Oh my god why did I do this? It’s a photo of a shell! It’s just so boring of a photo! One thing I learnt about
photography is that the wow factor is really important. So if you take a photo of
something, you should be like “Whoa! That was crazy!” No one looks at shells and is like “Whoa!” I wanted to highlight this photo because this one, as weird as it might sound, is still one of my favorite photos that were ever taken. And I mean it’s not crazy
spectacular and beautiful. I just like it. I think
the colors are stunning. I think the detail is
stunning, and I like spiders. Sorry if you’re afraid of spiders. I’ll get rid of it now. I wonder how many people I
already lost from that because they were like “Aaaaaaah!” And I think this photo is
kinda the time when I was like “Ah! Maybe I have something”. And it kinda just kept me hanging on, to the possibility that I could get better in exploring photography. So that’s an important photo in my life. I remember editing this photo. It took me hours to edit this photo! I think my two versions was like one slighlty darker,
one slightly brighter. And for hours I was deciding, and then I was showing my friends. I was like “Which one do you like?” and I think they were like “Uh.. It’s a shit photo anyway
so it doesn’t matter.” I will say that the majority of you that follow me, know me
for my Icelandic work. So let’s get back in the archives, two years ago, when I
first came to Iceland and I first photographed
a little bit of Iceland. Let’s do a little comparison. The first one in particular,
when I highlight is, this one. I was so proud of this photo. But I cannot tell you how oversaturated and how much purple was
added to this photo. The plain photo, I don’t have it anymore, I got rid of it, good
works real, perfect works. It’s so plain. But I
thought this was a gem. Alongside with this one.
Nothing like that in real life. More resembling something like this. That’s not even good. They’re just so plain and boring. Here I was fascinated by the reflection and the mountains are too dark. And why is everything so saturated? So this is my first time
at the glacier lagoon. And yeah, I mean it’s out of focus, It’s ugly, it’s over
saturated. It’s just… I really thought these photos
were good at the beginning. This is the perfect one to show! You know how I do my glacier shot? That’s like gone pretty viral. People love this shot, so much. But I took this photo two years ago, when I first arrived at Iceland. SO the comparison of this: Isn’t this a drastic difference? It’s the same concept, but
one is clearly beautiful, taken at the right time
at the right angle. And this one’s just kinda like, “meh” At least I don’t watermark
my photos anymore. So no one knows who took that bad photo. Ah no! Ah! Ah! Oh damn! Okay. Aurora borealis. Oh! Nasty! There is no skill level involved in this, except extremely high
saturation of the photo and long exposure. I was sitting with these horses for hours just grabbing photos of them. Right now, this is how I would
go about taking my photos. Then the last photos I wanna touch on are my bikini with snow photos, because this is kinda with started getting people noticing
me as a photographer. Even though this whole
entire concept of photos was a complete joke but I
do appreciate them still. And I wanna do them again. But a much more delicate
and beautiful version, instead of like really really photoshopped and awkward-looking. They’re pretty fun and I think, a good what to wrap up this video. Just show the difference between my portraits back then, when I
was just learning photography and when I developed it to be much more natural and beautiful. And I know some of you guys are gonna say you much prefer the bikini in the snow, because they are funner
and probably more original. But I don’t see myself doing that kinda style of photography anymore. The very first one ever. Look at me go! I thought it was hilarious
to just lie down on a towel and take a photo of myself,
relaxing in the snow. Because no one does that. It was so funny. And the response of everyone for it, was just the best so I was like “I’m goin’ keep going!” and then Buzzfeed picked up on it and Digitalrev and Dailymail as well. Like people wrote about it. They loved it. This one is so cute. Umbrellas
don’t really exist in Iceland so I just photoshopped it in. These are so fun! And
here are the rest of them. Just a quick trrrrrrrr. I attribute my growth to, as I said, following people, copying people a lot, sorry to everyone that I’ve
copied. I needed to grow. If you wanna choose to copy my stuff, not that I’m perfect, but
it just give you a template to work towards and I think
it’s really beneficial to do so. And ultimately it’s just
practice and editing and watching tutorials online. How to edit better, how
to take photos better. You see some affects somebody like “How do I do that? I wanna do that.” You research it, and you follow people that really inspire you. So I hope you guys enjoyed this journey of my photography. If you are brand new to photography, or if you are losing hope in
your photography right now, hang in there because if it
really is a passion of yours you’re never gonna give it up. And you might have periods where you’re like “I’m done!”. The amounts of times I’ve
thought that to myself, like “Oh I’m not made for it.” “I suck” If I had a dollar for the
amount of times that happened.. I’m interested to see how good I can get because I’ve seen how bad I was. And the progress, especially
in the last 2 years, when I’ve taken photography seriously, probably the last year has been the biggest growth opportunity for me, because I really focused on it. And it was a struggle
and it is a struggle, every single day because
I’m still learning but I hope this is an
inspiration for you guys. And that’s about it so let me know if you are trying to do photography. Or if you are a photographer. Or if these videos
inspired you to keep going. Or if generally you just
wanna see how bad I was. That is all from me. I hope
you guy like, subscribe and hit the bell I Like Your Face a lot. And I cannot wait to see you again. So, until then. (jazz music) Oh damn! And one of the things I’ve been reflecting a lot about lately..

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