Realtime Language Translations with your Phones Camera – Google Translate

hey all your travellers who are heading
to different countries around the world where you don’t know the language today
we’re gonna show you how to do real-time translations with the camera in your
phone using Google Translate it’s totally free and really easy to do so
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videos so today we’re gonna be showing you how to do live real-time
translations on your phone using the camera and Google Translate and it’s
totally free and really easy to do basically what it does is if you have a
sign or a menu and a different language this happens to be Japanese you
basically just hold your phone up to it and the live translation will come up on
the screen on your phone it’s really cool and again it’s free and we were in
Guatemala last year in a restaurant and all of a sudden we could read the menu
and the signs it was absolutely amazing so if you’re traveling around the world
and you don’t know that language this tool is going to be wonderful for you so
make sure you download Google Translate and we are right into showing you how to
do this in a moment as well you can download the languages for free ahead of
time so if you don’t have a data package when you’re traveling in a different
country don’t worry you can still do this so let’s get right into it so go
ahead and open up your Google Translate app and don’t worry if you don’t have it
it is free to download from the App Store so the first thing we need to do
is select the languages that we’re gonna be using for our translations and over
here on the right hand side where it says English that’s a drop down menu and
when you scroll through here you can choose from a variety of different
languages that you want to translate into we’re gonna leave that on English
today over here on the left hand side there’s another drop-down box for me it
says Spanish and when you click on that this is where you would select the
language that you want to translate from so there’s a whole bunch of different
languages that you can choose from but one thing I do want to mention all these
little arrows on the right-hand side when you click on those that allows you
to download the file for offline use so if you don’t want to
use data you can download the files there but today we’re gonna select
Japanese and then we’ll do Spanish after that and
do some translations for you so to get to the screen where you do your live
translations with the camera just click on this little camera button and the
screen will switch right over so I’ve got some Japanese writing here and on
your phone it’ll say aim at texts so aim that at the text and instantly it’ll
switch over and do its little thing there and it’ll say what’s your name so
that writing in Japanese means what’s your name let’s try another one here
we’ll aim it at the text and this writing means hello let’s go ahead and
switch it over to Spanish and try a couple more so we’re just gonna switch
that over to Spanish and we’ll try this one out bonus Diaz and that means good
morning we’ll try this one where’s the bathroom that one’s good to know if
you’re traveling there’s also another really cool feature within the camera
section at the bottom there you can see it says scan when you click on that
there’s a little white circle that comes out and when you click on that it’ll
scan a whole menu or a box and translate all of it for you so I’ve switched it
over to French here we’re just gonna hit select all and there’s a blue stripe at
the top when you click on that blue stripe it’s gonna bring it into Google
Translate and this is a pancake mix it says start your day with delicious
homemade style pancakes made with whole grain whole wheat flour super simple and
a great tool for translating more text so make sure to download Google
Translate on your phone or tablet before you travel so you can do all your live
translations and know exactly what everything says hope this video did give
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