The photo you are looking at right now is actually captured using rad McGee 30 presume edition variant Yes There will be an zoom additional Advocated a pro and today I’ll be showing you some of camera samples of upcoming rad McKay 30 Pro and K 30 presume Addition as well as some more internal hardware specs So let me get 30 Pro is just about to launch we are just a few days far from its official launch It is actually happening on 24th of March and we already know what this replica is A repro will be offering according to this leaked poster. Radnik a 30 probe will also have dual optical image stabilization mechanism yes, radnik a 30 probe will have dual optical image stabilization, which is absolutely an amazing thing and This is actually a step forward towards filming with a smartphone Even it will also offer us a largest sensor not the largest ever But larger sensor because this poster confirms pixel size of 64 megapixel Sensor will be one by one point seven inches. That is actually Insane camera land in this price tag with four in one pixel meaning technology well Some leaked images of camera samples of red mikitani Pro and zoom addition has been surfaced online and this guy on Twitter Named as sha Mishka posted samples and every single detail of camera specs and features First of all, let’s take a look at some samples he shared and looking at this first photo against the logo of red military presume addition at the bottom left side it says zoom and Photo is absolutely clear evidence of details and colors of this 64 megapixel, Sony Imx6 air 6 in zoom addition of red negative you can zoom up to three times optically while 30 times digitally and this photo is zoomed in three times and you can see Still we have clear details and no distortion in colors every detail is same as of first photo even though blur is still accurate in zoomed photo and then Get this photo the top one is basic photo while center one is three times Optically zoomed in as I said earlier, it can zoom up to three times optically without any loss of quality So this photo is even better but then it comes the magic thirty times zoom because it is a digital zoom So it cannot offer that much higher resolution photos, which we can see in three times zoomed photo but anyways It is also a good thing that we will have 30 times digital zoom in a device which will be offering us flagship level features like flagship processors Navin is 65 and flagship camera as well as flag shaped gaming experience and some other specs with cheap price tag because the expected price for this here at Meharry Pro is 3000 Chinese yuan, that becomes almost 422 US dollars So that’s a good thing thumbs up for this one also and then some more photos have a look at this It is also 30 times zoomed in but obviously with low quality. So these were some samples photos now let’s talk about some insane camera specs radnik a 30 probe will have 8k recording option as well. Yes, it will have 8k option with resolution of seven Six eighty by four 320 and this 8k option We also saw in Samsung galaxy s 20 ultra and some of the flagships like Oppo find x2 Pro So from here we can say that it is also a flagship smartphone feature And he also said it won’t carry out a lot of storage so you don’t need to worry about your storage problem This is the video of showing HDR 10 plus support Because this red mica 30 pro will be having the best AMOLED display Which will give more realistic viewing experience on radnik a 30 pro display But another thing that will make a brunette my friend disappointed because radnik a 30 pro is not having higher refresh rate option as we saw it in lower variant the red mackay 30 That was the basic phone of this series, but now they are ditching it It is all because they want to make this red McAteer approach cheap as flash Our and one last thing that Rudnick a30 pro is including it is five color options to the pop-up camera light Last year in red mckay 20 probe. We saw just this one blue light option But this time we will see more and that’s all vert read Mckay, 30 pro will be offering and according to Shaw Mishka and McKay 30 I presume addition could also equip 108 megapixel sensor but flagship processor will be same in both devices like snapping and a 65 that is brand new processor from Snapdragon that ends up here if you want to see more about this phone then subscribe to the channel Because I’ll be making more videos only and I’ll see you in the next one. Peace out

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