Review of beadwork magazines – which is the one for you?

and welcome back and today I’m going to
talk about one, two, three, four, five different bead journals that I take. I’m
going to tell you a little bit about what’s good about them and what they
might improve and because I’ve been taking them for quite some time now, it
might help you decide on which of these you might like to take up going forwards.
So first of all the Bead Workers Guild, that’s quite tricky to say isn’t it,
the Bead Workers Guild, they have a journal and I joined the the BWG when I
first started bead weaving and this journal is, I have got to say, a reference
document. It is absolutely jam-packed full of information. One edition had a
specific item all about needles, so if you’ve never beaded before, you really
need to know that, you need specialist needles. Another two of the editions
covered threads, stuff on threads. Again you need specialist thread. There’s
so much expertise, so much knowledge in this group, it’s really, really of great
benefits, particularly if you’re going to do jewelry or art projects that have to
last a long time. You need to know that things are going to be stable, they’re
not going to fall apart or they’re not going to stretch and particularly for
some of my work it’s really really important. So that is, to me, an excellent
journal. Of course you get some patterns in there as well and its really, really
educational. The next one along is called Bead and Button, so it’s emphasis is on
the ‘bead’ side of things. It is an American import. I think hobby crafts do
sell it, but you can obviously get it online and what I really like about this
one, it is full of patterns, it’s mainly about patterns, doing things. It
tells you which patterns are for beginners and for
experts etc but the real important thing to me is that when they do a pattern, with
the list of your ‘ingredients’, they have an image, a little schematic there, an image
of the bead, which doesn’t sound like it’s that important but particularly
when you have a very complex pattern and once all the beads get all together on
the diagram, and these are DRAWN diagrams, they’re NOT
photographs so it takes takes a bit of effort to do
that, sometimes it can get quite confusing, but if you’ve got this pattern
listed here, this legend, it makes life a whole lot easier. So I really like that
for this and also it’s just inspiration. The next one that I take is called Bead
and Jewellery, and again the emphasis is on the ‘bead’ side of things. This has a
whole range of bead work patterns in it including wire work and stringing of
beads, not just woven beads, and it seems a whole lot more chatty, it does have a
mix of patterns that are drawn and photographs. So that may or may not suit
you. If you can follow THESE patterns, it would be good, but if you have any
difficulty resolving the the photographs when they’re bright and shiny and
glistening, it can be quite difficult, but overall I like this magazine. There’s a
whole lot of interest in there and it’s quite, quite light to read as well. The
next one along is Making Jewelry. Now this one is, I would say, is focused at
jewelry makers, generally professional makers. It has a whole range of making
things with resin, making things with wire work, with metal clays, with all
sorts of other things, to put things together.
It’s not just about beads. So it talks about business side of
things, SEO, basic things like the tools that you need. So I get it,
because although it doesn’t have so many bead working pieces in there, I like it
for the inspiration. I look at the various colorways and schemes that they
have and I just like it to keep up to date, because they all have stuff on
events, what’s the latest thing that’s come out in the bead world etc but I just like that because it’s quite modern. Going back to
Bead and Button, this one is quite modern and youthful and so is Making
Jewelry, that’s quite modern and finally we have Beadwork, and you can kind of see
on the front that this is quite sophisticated. It is about beadwork, it
looks very similar to Bead and Button, but it doesn’t have the same definition, the
same legend of the beads in there, and to me it is one step beyond, it is another
American import, but again it is very sophisticated, it is for professional
beaders, so if you look at something like this, you know it says, it’s a sort
of intermediate level, however I would say you probably need to be
fairly experienced to begin to do stuff of this quality, so this is really high
quality. Again I love it because it it just looks at things from a different
perspective, it has lots of things from history, so very, very good. So I love them
all for different reasons. So we have in summary, the Bead Workers
Guild Journal, which is a reference point it has patterns, it’s a real reference
point, a real bag of knowledge. Bead and Button, American, the next level in terms
of getting to grips with producing your own jewelry or artwork. Bead and
Jewelry which gives you a whole variety of stuff and interest and challenges.
Making Jewelry, for a professional who who’s looking to learn more and
diversify maybe, and then Beadwork from the US which is oh so so innovative, you
know they make things to die for. It’s really, really fantastic. So tell me
what you think, what magazines you have. I’ve not covered ALL the magazines of
the world, there’s a fair few here, so do let me know what you think and Happy
Beading. And same time, same place ‘Bead happy’

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