7 Replies to “Richard Sandler – Street Photographer & Documentary Filmmaker”

  1. Curious to intersect two of the audience topics: posterity and permission.

    How would we view photographs of the 50s if they never depicted children?
    Or depictions of cities if certain races or sexes were denied?

    Do the subjects have the right to refuse inclusion?
    What are the ethics of a parent in public refusing candid photography with their children?
    It's presumptuous and very narrow-minded to frame the ethics in terms of the subjects only; what of the future witness? It could be viewed in a thousand years.

    I recently saw photographs of Hemingway as a child dressed in a dress. This was common for boys of that era (although his mother insisted upon continuing the practice long enough for him to become deeply resentful). Would we even know if boys dressed this way without recordings? We carry so many assumptions and stereotypes of other times and places which records can dispel.

    Negotiation, and reading people and scenes is integral to civic life. Whereas dogma denies the will and presence of mind; it may have a place, of course, just as limitations can give the tension required to create work. If dogma were to replace discretion and connexion we would be lost.

  2. "Never shoot from the hip"… proceeds to show pictures shot from the hip. Lol. Great lecture from an amazing artist

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