RNR FUNDAMENTALS: Holiday Photography

(♪♪♪) Hi, I’m Pierrette Masimango and
I’m a professional photographer from Toronto, Ontario. The holidays are my
favourite time of year. I think they are
for most people. For me, the holidays are
about sharing experiences with the people you love
and enjoying life’s little joys like a cup of hot chocolate,
a shortbread cookie and a beautifully decorated
Christmas tree. I’m going to show you how
to capture the spirit of it all for the perfect
holiday card. The first thing you need to do,
is put your subjects at ease. Instead of your
traditional portrait session, consider doing an activity like
decorating the Christmas tree. This can take a little pressure
off everyone and gives room for true expressions to come out. To get expressions
out of people, I like to let loose. This is not the time to be a
stoic or rigid photographer. I like to be silly
and personable and make conversation. When I’m smiling and having fun, my subjects mimic that energy. And when they are
children in the photos, I like to bring a squeaky toy to
help capture their attention and it usually works
on adults as well. For this family portrait, I
am using the Canon Rebel T6i with a 17-40 F/4
wide angle lens. It helps me get
everyone in the shot, especially when shooting indoors when there may not
be enough space. And the 50mm F1.8 is a
great lens to use when I want to get individual shots. The challenge when photographing
big groups indoors is getting the exposure right. You’ll want to choose a
relatively small aperture like F8, F11, F13 to widen
your depth of field, so that more of the people in
the photograph can be in focus. You’ll also want to select a
relatively fast shutter speed to minimize motion blur. 1/125 of a second is a
good starting place. The challenge with these
two settings is that they may greatly reduce the amount of
light coming into the camera and you’re going to
want all the light you can get when
shooting indoors. My solution is to position my
subject next to a light source, like a large window and to
increase the ISO as needed. Now that you’ve had fun
with the family and captured the perfect photo, we’re going to
make a Christmas card by sending the photo wirelessly to our Canon PIXMA printer
for printing. This is a beautifully personal
photo and would make a great Christmas card. Sometimes you can’t find
the card to express exactly what you’d like. Capturing something personal and
sending it out to your friends and family is the perfect way
to say happy holidays in your own unique style. So remember, put
your subjects at ease, choose a wide angle lens and
use a wide depth of field. (♪♪♪)

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