Russia: Gay Men Beaten on Camera

Why the fuck are you dressed like that? I’m coming from a costume party… Take that! Human Rights Watch has documented a large number of vicious attacks and aggressive
harassment of LGBT — lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people in Russia. If you dress like that again you fucker… It’s happening in the context of the homophobic legislation that bans propoganda of nontraditional sexual
relationships among minors. A vigilante group, Occupy Pedophilia, essentially uses the pretext of protecting children of fighting pedophilia to harass and attack
gay people. You’ll come with us. I won’t come with you, I’ll stay here. They invite them for a fake date, and they proceed to berate them for
their homosexuality and in many cases to abuse them physically. They film all these proceedings and then post them on social networks, on YouTube to humiliate
the victim even further People think that an LGBT person is not a human being. but simply a toy they can play with. If such a person is walking on the street, they think, “why not punch him?” What we see in these videos are criminal offenses happening in the context of complete impunity You piece of trash! This is an organized phenomenon, these groups operate across Russia, they are coordinated online, and this movement has a distinct ideology, it’s a neo-nazi ideology. It’s important to understand who we are dealing with. These are fascists who have chosen the easiest prey, which are gay people. And they don’t even have to hide it anymore. I’m sorry… I’m guilty… Do you agree that we should kill you? I suppose that’s my fate. In one of the most egregious cases of
violence that we have seen so far and documented, an Uzbek migrant was lured
and abducted by a group who burned his clothes they put a gun or what looked
like a gun to his head and they threatened him with violence and forced him to say that he is gay that he regrets that he is gay and then they handcuffed him, gave him a glass bottle and what they ask him to do is to rape
himself with that bottle. Almost every single demonstration for the support of LGBT rights and LGBT equality that happened last year, was met with aggression, violence, attacks, and harassment of LGBT activists. Police on one hand detained the LGBT activists, but on the other hand there is a total failure on the part of the Russian law enforcement authorities to take active measures to prosecute hate crimes against LGBT people. I was punched in the forehead, and the bruises descended under my eyes. There was a lot of swelling, one eye didn’t open at all. And when I went to the police to submit a claim, the officers at the station just said, “That’s alright, you’re gay so it’s normal that you were attacked. Why would you need to submit a complaint against someone?” Russia should take active steps to investigate these homophobic crimes and bring the attackers to justice. It should also denounced publicly this violence and make sure there is ZERO
tolerance to homophobic crimes and violence in Russia, and the Russian authorities should repeal the federal propaganda law, because it only inflates this type of violence. It only shows Russian people that LGBT community is second-class citizens in Russia, and that violence against them is normal.

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  1. I am sobbing not because of this video but because of the comments. And you can hate me and you can call me whatever you want but no one should have to go through this pain. I love you who ever you are gay ,straight, supportive,or homophobic and I hope one day we can stop this violence

  2. Noone cares what happened to u you gay bitch and if anyone hates me just haters fuck of I HATE GAAAAYS!!!!! what u gonna do huh come to my house beat me just fuck off you online pussy

  3. Whatever… If these Ruskies want to know what it's like to really be persecuted for being gay, they should ask Jussie Smollet about it.

  4. В России запрещена пропаганда извращенств а не сами геи, в сша полиция людей пачками калечит и убивает и всем пофиг, а тут гея побили и какая трагедия

  5. Now I love Russia even more, you guys are so cool, I wish I was Russian at least you guys are OGs you stick to your traditions and religion more than the westerners do, its sad that they forgot all about it, funny fact is that 10 years ago 50% of Westerners hated LGBTQs and treated them like shit, just ‘cause of Obama’s propaganda to win the elections he promoted gay marriage and its legalization so people suddenly went crazy and it became a hype to be gay, seriously guys grow up God created Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve🤨

  6. Y’all some suck people dude.say someone is gay that is the way god made them god made them gay that’s the way gob made them so what someone’s gay that’s who they are and Russia your fucked up just saying but that just messed I’m lesbian so yeah and comments are disgusting.and again Russia is fucked up.

  7. Y'all here act like this is fucking ok. It's not. Beating people is not okay.
    Making people fuck themselves with a glass bottle is not okay.
    Y'all are fucking batshit crazy

  8. nothing good can be expected from russia lol

    To all LGBTQ+ people who live in countries like this: stay strong. ❤️😕

  9. Well done Russia! The normal kind of love is a man and a woman in love and not a man with a man or a woman with a woman! They should do this private but not in the public!

  10. So basically,

    Person: I believe in LGBTQIA+ rights.
    Russian: Get assaulted.
    Russian Police: How dare you… support gay people!

  11. No human being on earth should be this violated for its orientation, however, if you live in a place where homophobia is a thing, then it’s up to you to protect yourself and not be open about it.

  12. Homophobia is disgusting and humans should be ashamed of themselves that things like these still happen. Russia has become a garbage bin under dictator Putin. Shame on you Russia, you are disgusting!

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