S40 Pro Camera Stabilizer Steadicam Review – Good Affordable Stabilizer Under $80

hey guys today’s video is a review on
what I believe is the best value for money Steadicam stabilizer which is the
s40 pro Steadicam if you’re a filmmaker videographer or someone who enjoys
shooting videos then you’re most likely now how complicated this to record
videos whenever you’re moving or if there’s motion involved for example if
you’re trying to record while walking or running you’re most likely trying to you
know keep a steady hand or even be a little subtle with your movements but
the JIT earnest and the shakiness will always end up in the final footage to be
honest even with modern advancement on camera technology such as you know in
body image stabilization it’s not entirely perfect and sometimes those
chitinous or weird you know jello flakes they still creep into your footage if
you’re one of those individuals who watch a lot of travel videos chances are
those travel videos you’ve seen there are the film with a stabilizer or an
electronic invoke really those tools help stabilize your footage and removes
you know the jitters and the jello effect now I’m not going to debate which
one is better you know Steadicam stabilizer glidecam versus electronic
gimbal however if you want a low-cost solution to this problem then the
Steadicam or glide cam is the way to go to stabilize this simply just prevent or
compensate for unwanted camera movement when shooting videos there’s really no
need to explain how the technicality goes essentially how it works it’s it’s
actually finding the center of gravity and using inertia stabilizers or simple
physics to actually you know balance the camera so it feels like it’s kind of
floating in the air you know now there’s definitely a lot of Steadicam products
out there and the best and well-known one is the glide cam this is the best of
the best of useless for so many years however today I’m gonna be showing you
and providing my review of the s 40 Steadicam kind of looks like a glide cam
but performs like a glide cam at a fraction of the price there’s a formless
I just want to quickly say thank you so much banggood for sponsoring this video
they provided me these this product for me to review on so you do check it out
Bangu calm that straight out the box this is what you get you get a you know
cheap looking case or bag and the Steadicam itself comes with the four
counterweights and the two plates now this doesn’t come as a surprise to me
because this stabilizer only costs under 80 US dollars what is surprising to me
is the build quality it’s this one essentially it’s in one piece it’s built
and you know aluminum it comes with iron counterweights in here and now obviously
the base plates over here the build quality is actually not too bad
now even the quick release plates are made out of aluminum you’re gonna be
using this steady cam or any glide cam make sure you build up your arm muscles
because trust me it’s gonna ache when I’ll be using this in longer periods of
time I actually tested this out for over a week and my setup as a Canon ATD with
Tokina 11 to 16 wide-angle lens so I’ll show you a couple of shots here with s40 Pro it can carry for up to two
kilograms with the candidate D and the 1116 Tokina wide-angle lens all up is
about 1.2 kilograms so I was actually using the whole counterweight which
feels just right however I won’t be recommending overloading the top or if
you’re using like a heavier build camera that’s you know over 2 kilograms then I
suggest you pick up the larger version of the s 40 oblique there’s the s 4 s 60
and SKT again I will link it down below so you can have a look and pick the
right model just couple of things this quick release plate of the s 40 it’s
unusually long and it can be difficult to you know connect that camera
sometimes this drill bit gets stuck in there and I’ll tend to really like
really push it you know hard it can be quite difficult to manage this however
you know I didn’t change my quick-release plate I just enjoyed it
and you know sooner or later I got comfortable using with this so again you
can also put in your own quick release plates into the s 40 Pro so one thing to
note for is it actually comes with like a measuring stick in here so you can
actually measure you know how far the camera will need to be balanced in some
way or form or the center of gravity again it has a measuring stick in here
as well again it can be quite useful see so you’ll know where to position this
now because of my setup I’m using old for counter weights if you are using a
smaller camera such as the canon g7x or a mirrorless camera that doesn’t have
interchangeable lens then this may not work for you however you can always go
to your local shops and buy like you know those washers or little
counterweights that could fit here and potentially can be able to balance this
out with those smaller cameras manda today it really comes down to your
budget and your personal preference can buy the s40 Pro for under 80 US dollars
or you can opt for something a little bit more expensive you know perhaps
again the glidecam HD 2001 thousand one thing I could say though that this s40
Pro performs the same exact job as a glidecam the glidecam might be the China
and probably the most well known brand amongst you know other steadicam brands
however with a retail price of over three hundred four hundred US dollars it
doesn’t have functional advantage over the cheaper option that’s why I highly
recommend the S 40 Pro if you’re just starting out if you’re a beginner you
don’t have much budget then you can always pick this up again it’s just
under 80 US dollars performs like a glidecam kind of looks like a glidecam
and it works obviously it’s far from perfect it definitely has a bit of a
shortfall here in there but this Steadicam can deliver great result now I
will admit there’s a bit of a learning curve if you’re gonna be using a
Steadicam slash glide cam in general there’s definitely plenty to learn
through trial and error but eventually you will get the hang of it now if you
do want to learn about filmmaking and glide coming that do recommend checking
out the full time filmmaker course this course is upsold gold the lessons are
structured really well to spend the available content in there plus the
modules are updated regularly the value of this course up twice the price you
pay you definitely won’t regret it so do check it out full time filmmaker
course I will link it down below thank you so much for watching and hope this
video has been helpful to you please leave a like and comment down below and
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