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Raju! Hey, Raju! -What? It has been 2 years I have tied the Mudupu for Sammakka and Sarakka. We have to go and offer it. Really? Has it been 2 years? Still, I won’t come. Last time you embarrassed me a lot So I won’t come. You shouldn’t say I won’t come. Say sorry. Pray God that you will come next time if she shows mercy on us. This God is very powerful. She gets angry with you. Okay, but… Last time, we had expended a lot for bus charges. How will we go this time? Do you have money? How will we go? My brother’s son Chandu bought a Tata Ace. Let’s pour some oil in it and go. What? Is Chandu bro coming? This time we will enjoy ourselves a lot at the Jatara. (makes sounds out of joy) Okay enjoy but… If anyone of you does any stupid thing there… I’ll make you drown in Jampanna Vagu… And I’ll bald both of your heads and put Namalu on your foreheads. Mind it. Understood? Why are you staring at me? Go and inform Anji Bapu Why should I inform him? He will make me do every work and behaves as if he did it. I don’t want him to come. At the Jatara, they are taking 800 rupees to cut a goat. If we just give him the goat’s legs and intestines, he will cut it for free. He will eat the intestines of it. Okay, I will inform him. ‘Sings Jampanna Vagu song’ “If we go to Medaram Jatara…” Okay, thank you. Raju! Keep this Kumkum and pack all the necessary things. It’s becoming late. Did you pray? -Yes. Will you pray to God? -Yes. -Okay, give this to me and pray. Fast. Pray wholeheartedly. We have to offer the 2 years Mudupulu without any hurdles Listen, keep these vessels in this bag. Grandma! Grandma! I’m going to the City. Tomorrow I have a meeting in the office. If I don’t go, they will dismiss me from the job What is this? Any eatables? It’s Mudupu of Sammakka and Sarakka. Okay, you pray God. I’m going. I’ll pray but you take this and go with Gangavva Offer this to God and go. I’m unable to come. Tomorrow I have to go to the office How are they going? They are going in a taxi. You also go with them. Taxi… It means a cab. Okay, no problem. Okay, keep it in this bag. Raju! I’ll keep these things in this bag, dear. Is it necessary now? Soap, comb… Are you going to start a shop over there? There… At Jatara we can’t easily buy anything The cost will be more and so many people go missing because of the huge rush Please keep them, dear. Don’t get angry. Okay, but if you shout Raju, Chandu at the Jatara, I’ll come back to home. (Taxi horn honks) Aren’t you ready? (Horn honks) Mom, Chandu bro has come. Make it fast. -Okay. Where did you keep the flattened rice? -It’s in that box. Hey, bro! How much time will you take? Make it fast. Yeah, coming. Did you fry it? -Yes. Good. You should have added some more chili powder to it. Clothes and a mat are present there. We have to take everything with us. Hey, Raju! -Yes. Come, man. It’s becoming late. Bro! Hey, bro! Bro! I’m coming for you, bro. Bro! Let’s have fun at Jatara. What do you say? -Okay. What about your mom? You climb… Climb it Okay, make it fast. Why are you making it so late? You know about her, right. Climb! Bro, climb carefully. You are… Give me the bag. Take this. Wait. Oh, God! Bring everything. -Okay. Come, it’s already late. Come fast. Keep it in the front. You sit here. -Mom! Shouldn’t we lock the door? -It’s there. Bro, keep this inside. God! Sammakka and Sarakka! I’m driving with the passengers for the first time that too to visit you. All my debts should be cleared within 2 months. Hail Sammakka! Wait, bro. Anji Bapu hasn’t come yet. Wait! Is Anji Mama coming? -Yes, wait. Wait. What happened? What were you doing till now? Coming, man. Come fast. Come and sit. It’s becoming late. Break it. Are you breaking the coconut before I come? I haven’t broken it yet. Go and sit. Go and sit inside the taxi. Go. Go! -Break it. Break it using all your energy. Hail Sammakka-Sarakka… -Hail! Hail Sammakka-Sarakka… -Hail! Bro, let’s go. Start the music, let’s have a lot of fun today. I’ll download new songs after going there. New songs will be downloaded. What happened to the vehicle? I think there must be a problem with the battery. Will you push the vehicle?? Is it started? -Not yet. Push harder. Sooravva said to me that Anil would come with us. Let him come. Why is he coming? Let him come. Hey, Anil! Come. Come fast. I think the car has come. Grandma! I’m leaving. Bye, Grandma. I have to ask him to put the A.C. Why is he still not coming? Come fast. They said a car Hey! Where is the taxi? This is a taxi. What? Now, should I travel in this low-class vehicle? Low-class? Hey! If you say anything about my beautiful horse, I’ll smash you. Come and push the vehicle. Hey! Hey! Stop. Stop. Stop! Hey, stop! What happened Babai? There is toddy over there. Toddy? Bro! Let’s go. Is this necessary now? It’s becoming late, Mama. What’s this in the middle of the journey? Hey! Don’t talk nonsense. Dust and everything… I feel disgusting You want us to bring a helicopter for you? Come fast. It’s becoming late. Is it? I have to go office by evening after offering the Mudupu. You will go today. (mocks) I’ll watch you going today. (mocks) Where will you buy the red wine? Bro, this takes time to intoxicate the body. Let’s also buy the red wine somewhere while going. For now, have this. Come. Let’s go. Take it. Where is the first half of the toddy? He gave that much only. I think both of you drunk it. Why would we drink the toddy? Have a sip. No. Keep it away. If it falls on the dress, it stinks. Don’t act as if you don’t drink. Chandu! Do you know the route or should I open the map? Route? Chandu is the king of this world. I’ve driven the vehicle to every corner of Singapur. You will say the route to me? First, push the vehicle. Go and push the vehicle, man. Once again we have to push the vehicle? Yes, we have to. My dress? Come. Bro! Do you really know the route? I went there so many times. Are you doubting me listening to him? If you know the route then it’s okay. I have driven the vehicle for many years in Singapur. And you are trying to say me the route? Who is he? Raju! (low voice) Hey, Raju! Stop the vehicle. My friend is coming. Hey, Raju! Where are you going? We are going to Jatara. Will you come? -Yes, I will. Why are you asking him to come, man? Hey! Did you say to your mom and dad? It’s not necessary. I will come. Raju! What’s all this? He is my friend. Wait for a minute. Bro, what do you say? No! Listen to me. If you don’t let me come, I’ll fall under these tires. That’s it. I will die. He is really mad, he may die. So it’s better to take him. Come and sit. This boy always gets ill. Why are you asking him to come, Raju? I’m coming. That’s it. Whom are you talking about? Let’s go. How? Go and push. Anil! -Yes. Let’s push, dear. Once again we have to push? (laughs) Bro, how many times should we push the vehicle? The vehicle is in perfect condition and the battery is also charged. Raju! -Yes. When will you buy the hen? You want us to buy and eat here itself? Can’t we buy it there? What do you say, bro? I have a friend at Katara wines. He will give hens at a low price. All types of wine are present there. We can buy whatever we want. Can we drink? Then no problem. Let’s go to Katara. To which side should we go? We should go to this side. Not straight? Don’t say me. I know the route. I’m afraid whether you know the route or not. I’ve driven the vehicle to every corner in Singapur. Don’t disturb me. You just sleep. -Okay! Okay! Let’s go. If you have any confusion tell me, I’ll open Google maps. Hey, my bro knew every corner in Singapore. How dare you ask that? Bro, let’s go. If he knew every corner in Singapore, so what? Hey, Raju! My stomach is upset. Stop, Raju! My stomach is upset, man. Stop the vehicle. My stomach is upset. Stop! Stop! Stop! He is a hasty person. Stop here. -My stomach is very upset. Stop the vehicle, man. Who said you to eat during the journey? Why did you eat that outside stuff? Stop! Stop! Stop, man! Hey, wait. Raju, bring water. Bro! Come. What happened? -If you have any work, do it. It isn’t opening. Open it fast, my mouth is watering. Just wait for a minute. I’m opening. Why it isn’t opening? You need experience for this. You are really great. It’s not the matter. Bapu, I’m suffering from headaches since yesterday night. She is always asking me to bring something once in a while. You also knew this. Don’t say anything to me. One thing, buy a stout goat at Jatara. Don’t buy the lean ones. Okay. -Not the lean ones… They will confuse us at Jatara. Why are we taking you with us? You have to identify the good one. Okay, I’ll buy. Bapu! You take… I’ll take you to the goat seller. Buy whichever you want. Cut it. All this is up to you. Why did you let Madhu come with us? Why? He is really mad, he may die also. And our bro’s vehicle is a new one. If I say anything… We might get into trouble because of his stupidity. You know, right? Okay, but… What is Anil’s problem? What is his problem with my vehicle and my driving? What does he know about me? Did he say anything? If he talks about me and my driving… Don’t I know the route? Did he scold you? Tell me, I’ll go and ask him. I feel sad if you are hurt. Hey, wait. Wait! Leave about that. Why is he not pushing the vehicle? If you are hurt, I’ll go and ask him. We all are going to Jatara to have fun. If we have any issues… You say him to… Sit silently without disturbing anyone. Okay? If he says anything, I won’t bear any more. -He is just proud of one thing. He is living in the city and doing a software job. What’s great in the city? Chandu, wait. Hey, listen to one thing. We came because you have invited us. Yes! -Otherwise, we wouldn’t have come. Listen! I’m promising… Let’s three of us drink I’ll maintain some distance from him. Both of you also do the same. Bro, don’t be sad. Give that. Okay, give him. Have it. -I’m there for you. If you are hurt, take this. It’s good. It’s good. Have it. -Have it. Amma! How do three people go at a time? What did they do in the early morning? Don’t they know that they are going to travel? I don’t know what happened to Raju. What job do you do in the city? I’m… I’m working in a big company. If I don’t go to the office tomorrow, they will dismiss me. That’s why I’m worrying. How many rupees did Sooravva give you for Jatara? She gave 200 rupees. How will you adjust with those 200 rupees at Jatara? It’s not even 2000 rupees. This was a sudden decision. They… It’s getting late. Tomorrow my job… Your job. Do they do the same every time? I don’t know. I’m feeling sick sitting in this vehicle. My dress became dirty. Do you know what our Sooramma said to me? She said car otherwise I wouldn’t have come. Then you shouldn’t have come after seeing this taxi. As Sooravva said to me that you are coming, I said them to stop the vehicle. I thought we are going by car otherwise I wouldn’t have come. Hey! The person who drinks drives properly. Keep this in your pocket. If the police watch me with this, we will have to pay the fine. Let’s go. Hey, Raju! We are crossing the petrol bunk. Won’t you want to fill the petrol? We are crossing it. -Shall we fill the diesel? Diesel? There is a lot of diesel. We can go to Sammakka Gadde and return. Gangakka! Let’s fill while returning. What happened, bro? Diesel seems exhausted. Diesel exhausted? Raju! I asked you to fill the petrol while we were crossing the petrol bunk You said it’s not necessary now and you shall fill it while returning Now the vehicle has stopped in between the villages. What to do now? Where should we go? I didn’t check properly, the meter isn’t working. Look, how she is scolding. I’ve said What? To fill. Look, he is also scolding us. What to do now? Push for some distance. If we find diesel anywhere, let’s fill it. We have to push once again, bro? What should we do if the vehicle has stopped in this forest area? If you have filled the diesel there, there wouldn’t have been any problem now. The meter isn’t working. What should I do? Mama, push for some distance. (Sings Sammakka-Sarrakka songs) Why don’t you sit back with them? Sitting here and doing like this. If I sit there, my dress gets dirty because of dust. I’m having a vomiting sensation. Why don’t you sit this side? Don’t act smart. You have to sit there itself. Don’t try to sit in my place. Chandu, Go slow. I’m having a vomiting sensation. Oh, God! There are pits on the road. Do you want to drive? Come and drive then. Why are you… Don’t act. I’m having a vomiting sensation. Please sit on this side. You don’t have any sensation. I know that you are just acting. Hey, I’m unable to handle your acting. Do you want to vomit? Take… Take this. Vomit in this. Hey, what’s this? He has really vomited, bro. Idiot! Don’t you have any sense? I said that I have a vomiting sensation Hey! Hey! Hey! Police! Police? Stop the vehicle for a while. I can’t bear this smell. A policeman is following us. Please, bro. Wait for some time. Keep that aside. Hey, keep the vehicle aside. Why are you driving so fast on this road? Do you want to die? Where are you going? Sir, Medaram. Are you drunk? No. Driving while drunk. What’s there in the backside? Hey! Are you drunk? Why are you sleeping? What’s that? Take it out. It’s nothing, sir. Take it out! You said it’s nothing. Don’t you know that you shouldn’t drive while you are drunk? What’s there in the bag? -We are going to Jatara, sir. These are clothes for God. God’s clothes? -Yes! What is this pleasant smell? Hey! (sniffs) What’s there in that box? Give me that box. It’s a Payasam. Then why did you say that there is nothing in it? Give me that box. Give it to me. As you are going to Medaram Jatara you have to distribute the Payasam to everyone. But you seem worried. This Payasam smells great. It smells really great. It’s hot also. I’m leaving you as you are going to Medaram Jatara. Go slow. Driver, don’t drink and drive. Go slow. Okay, sir. Thank you. Payasam is good. You can go now. Bye, sir. -Okay, go. Don’t keep your hands outside. Hey, You idiots! What did you give me instead of Payasam? (laughs) Bro! (laughs) Hey, why did you allow Anil to sit here? Don’t talk about him. I still feel the bad smell. It’s true. If the police had sealed my vehicle, I would have suffered a lot. Hey! I strongly feel the smell of Mahua flower wine. True. There are so many trees here. Hey, I want to drink. Bro! Come. Let’s collect the sticks. What? Sticks? Yes. I have my lunch with a spoon in the office. How do you think that I’ll collect the sticks? Disgusting fellows. Anil, let’s go and collect some. -You go and collect. I can’t. My dress will be ruined. Let’s go and collect. -You stay here. Come. Everyone, come here. He got fits. Everyone, come here. Raju! Raju, come fast. Raju! Anil! Chandu! -Madhu, what happened? Mom, he isn’t looking properly. His hands are shivering a lot. Hey! Babai, he isn’t looking properly. -Nothing will happen to him. That’s why I said him to don’t come. Now see what happened… You go and bring water. -Bring water. Sammakka! Sarakka! Make him a healthy person. -Rub his feet. Rubbing. Bro! Rub the feet. Nothing happened, be cool. Madhu! Wait. Madhu! -No problem. Now he is okay. Get up. Put his feet down. Move aside. Let’s take him to the shady place. -Move aside. Hold him. Come to this side. Raju! We are taking him to the Jatara without informing his parents. You really don’t have a brain. You… Don’t you know about this? Do you have any common sense, Raju? If anything happens to him, our lives get disturbed. I’ll lose my job. Who is responsible for my life? Are you? You don’t have sense. We said not to bring him but you didn’t listen to us. There is no problem as he is alive. What if he had died? If a case gets filed on my vehicle, who will be responsible for that? Anji Mama said ‘No’. Why are you questioning me instead of him? I think my mom got Punakam. Come. Let’s go. Come. ‘In Jampanna Vagu’ Cool down. ‘This boy’s…’ ‘His parents…’ ‘Two years back…’ ‘Prayed me’ ‘If he had drowned in Jampanna Vagu and gave his hair for the God…’ ‘There wouldn’t have been any problem’ ‘He is ill because of me…’ ‘He has to drown in Jampanna Vagu…’ ‘Sammakka-Sarakka never does a mistake. All of you slap yourselves.’ ‘It was not fits or anything’ ‘I did that to him’ Now… Okay, can he give his hair this time? ‘Go safely and stay for 4 days there. Then on the day of the festival…’ ‘If you offer his hair to God then his parents will go and pray.’ ‘He doesn’t get any fits.’ ‘I have shown my power to you’ God, his parents didn’t come with him now. We are taking him with us. So we only make him give all his hair. ‘Say sorry for your mistakes’ “If you don’t feel sorry…’ -Say sorry to God, man. Say sorry. Cool down. Cool down. ‘He has to rub his nose on the ground’ -He will. He will definitely rub, God. ‘If he doesn’t rub his nose, he will reach home but with various problems.’ Okay, God. Okay! Please cool down, God. Please cool down. We have to travel for so long. -Cool down. We have to travel for so long. Hold her. Chandu, it’s getting late. Now go and start the vehicle. Cool down. Everyone is sleeping? Bro! Yes. Why did you stop the vehicle? I don’t understand where we are. You don’t know? You have forgotten the route? Hey! Where we are now? My phone switched off. Which village is this? Wait. I think we are at a distance of 10 Km from Medaram. Wait a minute. Let’s ask someone. Two people are standing there. I’ll go and ask them. Be careful. I know. You just sit silently. Bro! Bro! What happened, bro? Bro! We have travelled in the wrong direction. You mean this isn’t the route? What? This isn’t the route? I have to go to the office tomorrow otherwise my job… (laughs) Good! I know that we won’t go today. (laughs) You said you took a flight to Singapore and traveled to every corner there. What happened now? Did I say that I went by flight? Which Singapore is that? Singapur which is beside Bhulkapur. This one? -Yes. Do you have any sense, bro? Since morning you were… What should I do? I have just driven the vehicle. -Don’t talk anymore. Did you ask them properly? I didn’t understand what they said. Let’s go straight into the village and ask someone. Start the vehicle now. You need to push the vehicle. Bro! We are traveling for more than an hour but couldn’t find a single person. What to do now? Let’s see. We will definitely find someone. I’m afraid. Someone is asking for a lift. Someone is asking for a lift. No. Don’t give him lift. We can’t believe anyone now. No need. He is a bit different also. He might show us the way to go Medaram. At this late-night, whom will you ask for the route? Let him come. Does anyone come outside wearing sleeveless? Tell me. No, bro. I’m afraid. Please don’t let him come. Hey! He is a Swamiji. Don’t worry. Hello! Swamiji, where are you going? I have to go to Medaram. Hey! He is speaking in Telugu. -So what? No. Where we are now? You have come to Shiridi. Oh, God! Shiridi? Shiridi. We came so far. Bro, we asked you to take us to Sammakka-Sarakka Jatara but you brought us to Shiridi. How would I know? I have just followed this road. What to do now? Swami, I know the shortcut to go Medaram Jatara of Sammakka-Sarakka. If you believe me, take me with you. No problem, come. -Wait. No, I don’t believe you. Hey! At this late-night, who will say the route to you? Let him come. Sammakka-Sarakka God has sent this God to help us. He will show the route to us. Let him come. If anything happens… -Nothing will happen. He will show the route. Let him come. He will show the route by tomorrow morning. So that I can go to my job. Bro, we are 9 members. What will he do us? Let him come. We were the same 9 members while we were missing the route also. You… I see… I feel something weird about him. Amma! Did you eat anything? We didn’t eat anything, we had fasted today. And we missed the route somewhere. We didn’t eat anything as we didn’t find the route. Swami! Once you stop the vehicle aside. -Why? Listen to me. Stop the vehicle. Stop for a while. What happened? Did you stop? How will she survive if she doesn’t eat since morning? Tell me. You are 5 members. Can’t you give her something to eat? Amma! You look like my mother. Eat this. Will you give me one? Take it. How can you travel without eating? You helped me a lot. Please, take this from me. Do you want to eat Laddus? We don’t want. Bro, It’s just a Laddu. Eat it. Give me one. (Sings Ganesh song) (Cries) Thieves came to us Robbed all our things All my jewelry is gone And also the clothes on the bodies were gone. I don’t know how did thieves come. -Where is my vehicle? All your clothes were robbed, my sons. Hey! Hey, get up. Amma, Stop! Hey! Hey, get up, man. Get up. We don’t have our vehicle. Hey, what’s this? Where is the vehicle? Where are my clothes? Where are my clothes, man? (cries)

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  1. All The Best My Village Show

    "సమ్మక్క సారక్క సాహస యాత్ర" అదిరిపోయింది.. ఈమధ్య కొన్ని ఎపిసోడ్స్ నాకు అంతగా నచ్చలేదు కానీ.. ఇది మాత్రం సూపరో సూపరూ..

    నిడివి కొంచెం ఎక్కువగానే అనిపించింది.. కానీ యమా రంజుగా నల్లేరు మీద బండి నడకలాగా హాయిగా యాత్ర కొనసాగుతూ రక్తి కట్టించడం మై విలేజ్ షో కే సాధ్యం..

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  6. చెత్తలా ఉంది జాతర అంటే మీరు జాతరలో చూపిస్తారు అనుకున్నాం కానీ సమ్మక్క సారక్క జాతర పోతావుంటే ఈ పిట్స్ రావటం దంగతనాలు దొంగతనాలు జరగటం ఉండదు ప్లీజ్ యిలాంటి వీడియోస్ చేయకండి.

  7. Hi My Village Show friends,
    i first time disliked your video because this video is boring may be due to lengthy and also no much entertaining,
    videos short length videos ayina paravaledhu kani entertaining baga vundettu chudandi.
    baga sagadheesaru ee video… nake kadhu naa friends and inka naaku thelisina vallaku kuda chupincha, vallu kuda idhe feed back icharu andhuke nenu meeku eee feedback isthunna,
    please meeru lengthy videos cheyakandi, okavela chesthe content and comedy scenes baga vundettu chusukondi….
    this is my humble advise mathrame…
    All the best

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