Samsung A50 vs A70 Camera – Is A70 worth the extra price for the camera?

so after the Samsung M series the
Samsung a 50 and a70 do have a good price difference. so let’s see that
despite some differences is the a70 camera actually better than the Samsung
a50 camera. both the a 50 and the a70 comes with quite a similar camera
setups on them. I’m gonna begin with daylight shots first. so comparing this
first shot the two pictures have minimum amount of differences. zooming in the a50 shot does look just a tad sharper but it is not really a difference worth
noticing. so both the pictures came out equally
good no differences here. in the ultra wide shot the shadows are more darker on
the a50 shot and hence the darker area on the a50 looks brighter on the a70
shot. Wow. if i zoom in the a70 shot is a bit sharper than the a50 and has more
details. if I focus more on the plantation around this picture the a50
shot looks extremely over-processed too so the details on the ultra wide are
better captured on the a70 clearly. this macro shot looks way more sharper on the
a70. the saturation on the a70 is a bit more but I would really recommend the
a70 shot here. the front portrait also works the same on both the phones.
except the a70 shot is just a little bit sharper but I feel it’s more of a
post process sharpening rather than the camera lens taking a sharper picture.
even the edge detection for the background blur behave the same on both
the cameras. the portrait from the rear camera are also almost the same. the a50
processes the picture a little warmer and the a70 is a little cooler. zooming
in the edge detection looks and behaves the same but you will notice that the a50 shot has more details on it. this panorama shot on the a70 retains more
details but there are these tiny black spots all over the picture. the a50 details are too soft that the plantation area just goes haywire and
merges with each other. here is a video from the standard and ultra wide rear cameras. the video shot from the standard lens
feels more stabilized on the a50 than the a70 and similarly with the ultra
wide video shots the a50 video does feel a little more stabilized again.
however the a70 video is definitely brighter. the autofocus speed
more or less feels the same too. the slow-mo video also feel like they are of
the same quality but let me know if you feel otherwise and think one of them is
better than the other. this is how the video quality is from the front camera
on the Samsung a50. this is how the video quality is from
the front camera on the samsung a70 the front video quality also looked
mostly the same to me the a70 felt a little sharper but the
stabilization worked exactly the same on both. now coming on the low-light shots
the macro shot in the a50 retains more details and sharpness on the shot
in contrast. the a70 pictures looks too soft which is quite opposite to what
happened in the daylight shot. I was kind of surprised with this result. maybe even
after having a similar lens on the a70 with better processor on it it isn’t
performing well due to some camera software issue or something. which might
be fixed with the future updates but currently the a50 clearly performs
better in low light in macro shots the front camera retains more details on
the short on the a70 as clearly the a70 picture is more sharper with more
details and least amount of softening on and around the face area. this shot also
looks way more sharper on the a70 with tad more saturation. so it kinda equates
with how the rear camera performed in daylight. however oddly in this picture the
rear camera of the a50 captures more details on the shot. so in low light the
a70 camera is kind of unpredictable at the moment when we compare it to the a50. not sure if future software updates can fix this. the ultra wide shot in
low-light looks better on the a70 so again it equates to its performance to
what it did in the daylight. here’s a video from the front camera in low-light. this is how the low-light video quality is on the a50 from the front camera. this is how the video quality is from the front camera on Samsung is
a70 the a70 video looked better in
my opinion. there was clearly more light and details on it. so overall if you
don’t want to upgrade just for the processor you can easily stick to the
Samsung a50 and be done with it. but if you want a better processor with
marginally better camera then you can definitely go for the Samsung a70 of
course other factors like bigger screen more megapixels on the main rear camera,
bigger battery are other factors which adds to the cost. but if camera is the
only concern then you won’t be missing much from the a70 if you decide to save
some money and get the a50. hit a like and subscribe if you like my efforts on
this video. it helps me a lot. that’s all for today. MuBot out.

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  1. Should I buy Samsung or Xiaomi? To be more specific Samsung galaxy a70 or Xiaomi mi 8? Which of all xiaomi and Samsung phones has the best camera? (sorry for my English xd)

  2. Just bought the a50 a week ago. Im switching to the a70. Your video helped the process of figuring if i should ๐Ÿ™‚ Cheers from Canada.

  3. Don't forget to hit subscribe and like if the video helped you. Small channels like me can use all the support I can get ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I already have the samsung a50 already, should I sell it,put some more money on it, and buy the samsung a70?

  5. Sir i purchase a70 but im so disappointed front camera is great but rear camera is not good it captures an artificial type image i dont know why.. how can i confirm all the 3 cams are working??? Ur review also help me very much

  6. Hey from Ireland ๐Ÿ€@MuBot๐Ÿ–๐Ÿ–

    I am torn between both of these ๐Ÿ˜ซ I'm due upgrade in 2 weeks and both are same price in my plan ๐Ÿ˜‰ I currently have s7 and love camera, would a70 be better camera? Please help me choose ๐Ÿ˜ซ๐Ÿ˜ซ๐Ÿ‘Œ #newsubcsriber

  7. hey, nice video! I have been looking for a phone but I don't know what to get should i buy a70 or huawei p30 lite ? I care most about the camera. What do you thing ?

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  9. Hi bro mare a70 ka camera natural matlab red clr ni ha yellow typ clr he isko baki a70 ki jesa ni ha halka diffrent ha,,isko kase tik kare ase koi information he bro?? Kase tik kia ja sake?

  10. A70 ki video mujhy bhe stable nai lagi even if its brighter….whats the point of paying extra money if the expensive one's video is not even stabalized?

  11. Is it worth it to spend extra for the A70 or should I just get the A50? Please answer itโ€™s urgent. Great comparison video btw ๐Ÿ™‚

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