Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 : Getting Under Display Cameras.

Samsung recently showcase Z flip, before that
Galaxy fold was launched and now Samsung is gearing up to launch the successor of Fold,
reportedly called Samsung Galaxy Fold 2. While nothing has been officially confirmed
about the said smartphone, a new report from South Korean media reveals the Galaxy Fold
2, which is code named “Champ”, will come with Samsung’s under-display camera technology. Which means No more camera cutouts, and no
motorized pop-up selfie cameras. Instead, Samsung may opt for a sensor that
hides underneath the display. Unlike Chinese smartphone brands like Xiaomi
and OPPO which have already showcased their in-display camera technology, Samsung has
not yet demonstrated its tech. But when Samsung does shows this tech, it
will be more refined and ready to use. Currently Oppo, XIaomi, Honor and Oneplus
are also working on a similar tech. Now let me give you an Idea of how this tech
is gonna work. Samsung’s under-display camera will work
by creating a transparent section where its current punch-hole cameras reside. Under normal use, this part of the display
blends in with the rest. When that part of the display is black, it
allows light to pass through to the camera hidden underneath. This implementation is the company’s more
advanced Hole In Active Area display (HIAA2) compared to the current-gen HIAA1 tech. The company is apparently going to start mass
production of UDC panels early next year. So still there is time left until we see a
working prototype As noted in the report, putting cameras under
the display on a smartphone requires not just innovation in the display-making process but
also in the camera’s software.It’s also difficult to produce too many panels that
incorporate Samsung’s UDC tech. That might be why the company has chosen to
implement it on the Galaxy Fold 2, which is likely to be sold in limited quantities like
the original Fold So that’s the upcoming UDC tech, I am not
sure whether we are sure to see this tech next year but atleast we are on the right
track. I’ll be updating you once, more information
is available Thank you for watching

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  1. At the time of creating this video, I wasn't sure of the launch date,
    This is what it'll be, Young agrees that the middle of this year is the most likely launch window, but Aju News is even more specific, claiming it will happen in July this year.

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