Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ vs S10+: In-Depth Camera Test Comparison

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today’s video. Every year, phone manufacturers release new
flagship phones, and in Samsung’s case, they do this twice a year. And with the limited time of keynotes, its
hard to really see what changed. That’s where I come in. Hi guys, it’s KJ the MiTechGuy here, and today
I’m going to be comparing the cameras found on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ and S10+. These were both released this year, so I’m
really curious what changes, if at all, Samsung made to the image processing. In this video, I’ll be comparing the cameras
in various lighting conditions, both indoors and outdoors, and I’ll also take a look at
the video and audio qualities of both phones. Make sure to stick around to the end of the
video to see how phenomenal the night mode on the Note 10+ is. Both phones were set to automatic. Let’s get right into it. Outside of a small difference in telephoto
camera apertures, the camera systems on both phones is identical. They both have triple camera setups with 12
megapixel wide and telephoto cameras, and 16 megapixel ultrawide cameras. They can both shoot 4K on both their rear
and front facing cameras, but with the Note 10+, Samsung actually did away with the front
depth camera, which didn’t really add much utility. Both main selfie cameras are 10 Megapixels. Now we’re going to get into the side-by-sides. We’re going to first look at images shot in
great lighting conditions, and then we’ll look at images shot in progressively worst
lighting until we get to night shots. Right off the bat, we can see that both phones
capture some great pictures. The S10 seems to have a bit more contrast
in its shot, which we could see on the ground. On the other hand, the Note 10 seems to have
produced the slightly more vibrant photo. These subtle differences will come down to
personal preference. | The differences in color are clearer in
this next image. If you’re familiar with other smartphone cameras,
I’d say that the S10 processes colors closer to what the Google Pixels would produce with
the more muted and contrasty look, whereas the Note 10 seems to be processing colors
more similarly to an iPhone with the slightly warmer and more saturated image. | The exact same trends hold for when I switched
to the other cameras on the phones. The ultrawide cameras really gave an awesome
perspective, | whereas the telephoto cameras did an great job of picking up details on
everything in the image, even the buildings that were pretty far away. | Samsung phones have been known to slightly
overexpose their images sometimes, and it seems as if the Note 10 may have made slight
improvements, but both still blow out most of the color in the sky in instances like
this where there is a lot happening in the foreground with the sky showing in the background. When we take a look at the portrait images
of both phones, we can see that the S10 used its ultrawide camera for depth whereas the
Note 10 used its telephoto camera, making for this difference in perspectives. | I honestly think I like the colors better
in the S10’s portrait images. The colors in the Note 10’s portrait shots
seem unnecessarily washed out, whereas the S10 was able to still maintain a lot of the
colors of my face. Let me know your thoughts in the comments. Before we get into the lower light images,
let’s take a look at the video and audio qualities of both phones. The S10 already took some impressive 4K video
on each phone, so lets see how they stack up. When looking at the videos, I can say that
there are slight differences in the ways both phones process the colors, and I have to say
that I’m liking the colors in the Note 10’s video. However, I understand people who prefer the
colors on the S10 because they look great there too. The biggest thing that I noticed in the video,
however, was the image stabilization. Everything from the panning to the walking
just seemed significantly smoother in the Note 10’s video, which was a pleasant surprise. Again, both phones took phenomenal video. In terms of the front video qualities of both
phones, I think there was a noticeable improvement with the Note 10 in just about all aspects
of the video. It was more stable, was able to isolate my
voice better in the audio, and overall the video looked a lot better from the Note 10. Colors were better defined and exposure throughout
the image was a lot better and more consistent on the Note 10. The S10 always had this problem where it would
just make everything seem a bit washed out, but thankfully Samsung changed that with the
Note 10. So to nobody’s surprise, both smartphones
performed great in great lighting. It’s 2019, and that’s just how it’s supposed
to be. So for the rest of this video, we’ll be taking
a look at images shot in lighting that isn’t as ideal. This lighting is challenging because the scene
transitions from shadows at the bottom of the image to the bright sky at the top of
the image. Surprisingly, I think the S10 surprisingly
took the better image. Every part of the image is better exposed
on the S10’s image. And the S10 was actually still able to pick
up the blues of the sky, which I can’t say the same for the Note 10. | This next image is challenging because of
the exposed light fixtures. Both phones did a decent job, but in this
case, the Note 10 did a better job of handling the noise and haze caused by the direct exposure
of the light fixtures. This results in a more balanced image from
the Note 10, in my opinion. | In this next image, the lighting is even
more challenging because not only are lighting fixtures exposed, but also they are reflecting
off the ground. But at this point, I couldn’t really make
out any significant differences outside of the fact that the Note 10 eliminated a bit
more image noise than the S10 had. | Here, we can see that again, there really
just aren’t any significant differences. The S10 already took some incredible pictures
when there was still some light out, leaving little room for improvement, so honestly,
I’m not too disappointed in the fact that the pictures don’t show too many differences
when there is still light. Now we’ll see how the two smartphone camera
systems compare when it got really dark. Here in the US, the S10+ has no night mode,
and has to solely rely on its f/1.5 aperture mode to let in light. However, the Note 10+ now has a night mode
on all of its models, so let’s see how much that improves night pictures. Here we can see how much night mode can improve
images. The S10’s image is not bad at all, don’t get
me wrong. But with night mode turned on the Note 10,
its able to properly expose lighting fixtures while picking up a lot of the lost detail
throughout the rest of the image. The extra 2-3 seconds to take the pictures
is very much worth it. | In auto, the Note 10 doesn’t seem to show
any significant improvements when put side-by-side the S10, but as expected, | when night mode
is turned on, the Note 10 is just able to better expose light sources and bring in a
lot more light. I would say that it may have brought in a
bit too much light for my liking, making it look kind of hazy. | The cool thing about night mode is that
you can turn it on whenever on the Note 10. So in a scenario like this that has relatively
poor lighting, | you can turn on night mode and let in more light and detail. The difference is clear if we take a look
at the detail preserved in the floor in the Note 10’s image. | As you can expect, night mode isn’t perfect
though, and this image shows what it looks like if I wasn’t holding the Note 10 perfectly
still while I took the picture. It was still able to let in an impressive
amount of light, but the details got smeared because of my slight movement, even though
I was making an effort to stay still when taking the pictures. Now before I give my thoughts on this comparison,
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trial and 10% off your first purchase. So going into this camera comparison, I didn’t
really have that many expectations. I just thought the Note 10 would be better,
but didn’t know by how much. But honestly, outside of maybe the front facing
video and night mode capabilities, there weren’t any real significant improvements made to
the camera. If you have an S10, and were thinking of upgrading
solely because of the camera, I don’t think that is the move. Or if you were stuck deciding between the
S10 and Note 10 because of the camera, I’d say go S10. The S10 still takes some incredible pictures
by any standards, and some pictures I’d say it actually did better than its older brother
the Note 10. But remember, this video was just comparing
the two camera systems. The Note 10 is an awesome phone and it’s actually
my daily driver at the moment, I just don’t think significant enough improvements were
made to its camera to pick it over the S10 simply because of the camera. If you choose the Note 10, it should be for
other reasons. Make sure to follow me on Instagram and Twitter
to see what I’m up to. As for this channel, expect to see lots of
iPhone 11 and OnePlus 7t content soon, so subscribe and have the notification bell clicked
for those. As always, thanks for watching, and I will
see you in the next video.

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  10. My friend has the S10+, which we took on a trip to Ireland a few months ago. One thing she really hated was that the default mode for the front facing camera was the 2X zoom. Did I get that right? Anyway when trying to capture a selfie of the three of us that went on the trip, she had to set the camera to a wider angle mode. That was really a pain for her. Is there a way to keep the selfie camera on the wider angle as a default? Thanks.

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