Santa Caught on Camera in Real Life! Christmas 2018! Santa Left His Hat!

Ahhhh! Santa! [Children excited] [Children] Santa! [Children happy] Santa! Four and a half hours till he delivers toys here, right? Yeah. But he could come here any minute? Remember the video we saw earlier where he’s zippin’ all
over the whole Earth? Sometimes I heard he comes early just to scope out which houses, maybe, sometimes he sends his elves. Maybe which houses the kids are sleepin’? Yeah, maybe he checks
to see if your asleep. He maybe does that at night. Where’s he right now, Jack? He’s leaving New York. He could do a whole city in one minute. In five, four–
He just did New York in one second. One and one minute. [Children] Five, four, three, two, one. Now he’s doing presents, doing presents. [Soft instrumental music] Presents where? What was that movie where they showed where he skipped a few and he had to run back. Yeah. Santa! Aaaah! [Children] Santa! Ahhhhh! Santa! Dad, dad! [Laughing] What the heck? Dad, dad! Is that really him? Yeah! He is outside again! [Children squealing with delight] I want to go out and get him! Guys! Look out, don’t go outside. Just look outside. He’s right in our back yard! Don’t– [Children] He lost his hat! He lost his hat! He lost his hat?
He lost hat. His hat. Okay, just wait, just wait. He might come back. He lost his hat]! [Laughing] He lost his hat. Oh my gosh, Santa lost his hat [laughs]. Poor Santa. I call keeping it. His ears are gonna get cold. While he’s here you better get in bed, hurry, hurry! [Clapping] You guys wanna get in bed? Oh, lets go say a prayer. Get in bed, guys! Get the milk, get the cookies. Hold on, lets see. Look at Woody. Woody got freaked out! Woody [laughs], Woody’s
just sittin’ there. [Children laughing] Where’s your milk and cookies? But I can tell since Santa’s right here– since Santa’s right here, His elves are right there on the sleigh. Hm, maybe. Since Santa’s right
here and he lost his hat we need to get into bed right now. Yes. And you guys get to, too and then maybe he’ll… Put your cookies out, hurry! Fast, fast! No, the cookies are right there. Oh! And maybe… But the fireplace? Yeah. Fireplace. Well, we’ll unblock it. Maybe he’ll take his hat back and then go down the chimney. Really, down the chimney? Who’s gonna do the milk? I will! No, we use this cup. Use the Santa cup. [Soft instrumental Christmas music] The red one’s cooler. Jack. Come here, come here. He wasn’t really fat.
He wasn’t really fat. He wasn’t? I didn’t get to see him really well. He’s right there. You see him? You really do? He’s hiding. Yeah, he’s hiding. He’s peeking through the stairs. Where? He’s like peeking through– Just keep staring. [Soft instrumental Christmas music] I heard that his hat has magic and if he goes without his hat, then– Is he stuck here if he
doesn’t have his hat? Dad? Put the milk there. But– He’s locked down how’s he gonna come– Here. Let’s see if he took his hat. Nope. Dad, I can’t believe I
screamed like, “Ahhhh!” What did you see out there, Kalia? Santa. You saw Santa out there? Yeah. I feel like I just saw him. Why don’t you guys go get the hat real fast and we’ll
just leave it right here by the chimney, okay? Yeah. No, leave it by the cookies. Get a flashlight. There’s a flashlight. Here. Hurry, grab it real quick. [Soft instrumental Christmas music] Hey, who’s over there? Ugh! Ugh! I’m goin’ inside. [Children] Let’s go inside! Did that cat scare you? – Yeah, it just ran out. The cat scared ya, huh? Oh, Kaden– [Children chatting] How much– Wow! I wanna feel the hat. Cool. Did you just find that right now? Is that he’s real hat? Yeah, it feels cool. It’s pretty cool. Put it by the cookies. Okay, just lay it right
there on the ground, maybe. No, put it right here at
the bottom of the chimney, then he’ll know it’s–
But, I wanna feel it. It’s so soft. But what if it wasn’t the real Santa? Can I feel it? It has to be, otherwise,
some man would be standing in our backyard without a sack. What do you think it is [yells]? A bogus Santa? I saw Santa Claus [giggles]! Are you serious? It freaked me out cause that flashlight, I shined it on the stairs,
I saw something red for a minute, but then I’m like wait, what and then I shined it
back and it just disappeared. Serious? Yeah. Pretty crazy. [Soft instrumental Christmas music] That’s weird, it must
have been an elf then. I don’t know. A big elf. Okay, let’s go guys. Okay, we ready? We got milk and cookies? We got the milk and cookies? Jack and Kalia, put the hat back. Where’s the hat? Let’s put the hat there for him. Like it’s gonna be so good. Put it right there in the middle. Ahhhhh! Daddy, where? I’m gettin’ in bed! Wait, let’s say a prayer. Let’s say a prayer, let’s say a– Okay, now put it in– Okay, Kalia, put it over here. I’m just gonna put it
by the milk and cookies. I would put it at the
bottom of the fireplace, then he’ll know that the magic is– Hey guys, look, I want
to show you something. I already know. No, look. What? I wanna see. Hey, my dad even got it on film. My dad has–
We saw Santa! My dad got it on film. I wanna see it! Okay, we’re gonna say prayers and then we’ll watch it, okay. Hurry get on your knees, lets say prayers. Like it’s the most awesomeness thing ever. Okay, ready? Let’s say– SANTA! [Laughing] I agree, let’s get in bed. Okay, even you two. Okay. You, get in bed.

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