100 Replies to “Scary Doorbell Camera Videos Leaked”

  1. I would love to know how many of these little doorbell things are immediately vandalized or stolen and what the company's way of trying prevent this is?

  2. Looking down the barrel of a twelve gauge shotgun does a pretty good job of dissuading would be intruders. Just saying ….. 😉 Best home defense mechanism ever devised !

  3. Door bell camera's and security in general is good these days, as cops still frown on automated defense systems like AI turrets and drones….that is the future of fighting crime is drones and good surveillance…then again wouldn't need it as much if we lived in a world where we didn't fight and pay to live

  4. The confused intruder number one is actually an officers daughter there on that cities force. She was on drugs and disoriented. The father of the intruder tried to go by, in another video, back to the victims house and tried to intimidate her to drop the charges.

  5. You've stolen these videos from other YTchannels….Then reposting them as your own. Selling merch too……Total shite. Get a job like everyone else you bum.

  6. 742 fathers answer ur phones when it's time to get your child. How she drops the kid at the wrong address though. Just dumb.

  7. I slapped a ham one time. He then dropped his donut and tried to put these weird metal circles on me. I ended up in his weird metal stall with his family around

  8. This is when she broke the window and pulled out the screen… shortly after you could see the homeowner split her skull open with the stock of a riffle and quickly sending her to ICU is how it should have played out instead of screaming

  9. That last one scared the shit outa me, don't think I'll ever leave the house again! Stealing Amazon packages? No sleep for me tonight!

  10. 7:40 what a piece of fucking shit.. she was more worried about going to the club dressed like a worthless skank, instead of being a responsible adult and dressing accordingly to the weather as well as dressing the little child and making sure he was let into his fathers.. the n she blames here aunt, probably has an excuse for everything.. a responsible adult would have had the common sense to not leave a kid on the porch alone at dark, when it was cold asf!!

  11. The woman left the child outside in cold weather and ran away because she was filling cold couldn't wait at least for someone to open the door. THAT IS THE EVILEST WOMAN IN THIS WORLD.

  12. #2, That girl is a sorry POS, Can't believe she done that to a CHILD. What a worthless POS, and her excuse just makes it worse…poor kid

  13. that bitch who left the child was the mother and she was abandoning that child! Dont believe what this trashy looking woman has to say she is guilty and a pathological liar!

  14. What a bunch of crap! Just keep hitting 10secs ahead to get to anything at all! Btw, just mute the sound! Bluddy bluddy whancors!

  15. Black lives matter but we like to leave em at people’s front doors. It was cold n she heard people in there so she ran off n left the kid there who tf in their right mind would leave a child like that n ok let’s take this into consideration for a minute maybe she’s right it was cold. So that means you leave the kid out there lmao what if them people never did hear that knock, yb woulda been there all night

  16. The claim from the child-abandon-er is complete bullshit.
    Why would she run off like that and not ensure that A-someone was home and B-that they knew the child would be left there.

  17. The woman that left the little boy should be in prison, who leaves a baby like that, she could have left him at a child molesters house or anything. The female was completely ignorant and so wasn't the mother. Leaving the baby because she was cold?? Come on now, who is going to believe something so stupid. I feel so sorry for kids man.

  18. Awww what nice neighbors to put out the fire. Good neighbors are a LIFE SAVER! Be kind to your fellow neighbor cuz we all need each other more than we like to admit! ❤

  19. you could totally move into a neighborhood with high rates of burglary and just wait with lights turned off for guests, a shot gun in your hand.

  20. What a hoe and she needs to be bashed n pissed on for leaving her so called nephew like that. How dumb are American man n woman wow really

  21. Wait a second–the lady left the child and ran away because it was cold and she wasn't
    wearing a sweater?! Isn't the child wearing a onesy?

  22. The Ring doorbells are fantastic.i have one we were coming home one day after being shopping I was waiting for a delivery from Amazon a bike for my granddaughter for her birthday,my husband's phone alerted him there was somebody at our front door,so he asked the men what they wanted man said I have a parcel for you sir.hubby asked them to leave it in the garden near the bins,omg he was looking around to see where my husband's voice was coming from our garden has big bushes around the front so the man said to his friend "MANS IN THE BUSHES WHEN I COUNT TO THREE RIN LIKE MAD TO THE VAN AND START IT UP" my hubby shouted THANK YOU VERY MUCH INDEED FOR LEAVING THE BIKE IN THE GARDEN well I've never in 58yrs of living seen anyone look so scared and run from a house he said to his mate he's a bloody ghost where else would that life come from as nobody's home ha ha you should of seen them run down that path haaaaaa 😂😂😂😂

  23. The owners of homes with doorbell cameras are the real idiots in these videos. All but 1 of the people caught on the Doorbell camera, need to be removed from the public forever. As for the homeowners in videos 1-4,& 6, you can't fix Stupid, at least the doorbell camera will let the police know who murdered the stupid homeowner next time. What good is lying and saying " I am calling the Police." Number 7 it's clear the lady needs to have her snatch glued shut so she can not have any children. the way she carried the toddler by the arm. Why is it people have kids, mistreat them, abuse them? It's obvious they like to have sex, why can't both male and female get fixed like dogs and cats. Most of these cases they have dozens of kids, once you neglect 1 child it's off to the spay and neuter clinic. It's all messed up because the corrupt government is involved and they would screw up a steel anvil.

  24. True that most salespeople no longer knock at your door. But sadly we still have Mormons and jehovah witnesses trying to sell religion.

  25. The girl who left that little boy at that door should be punished, she abandon him, along with the 'aunt' Who would be so heartless to treat a child like that, bloody wicked people about

  26. The first girl: “what is going on?”

    B*tch, you tell me, probably a bullet to your face if you don’t bounce outta here.

  27. People with ring they can press the alram button or use a microphone button to talk to them they also get already when someone is outside

  28. And how is the child being left at the door not …….number 1? I am sure they returned the child back and the women did not face charges. Only fathers get in trouble. Women are allowed to abandon, murder, and abuse their child. It still amazes me that there is so much footage of women doing bad things, yet we are suppose to "believe women." Simply because they are women. The sad thing is cops and judges still allow women to get away with everything.

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