Seceda Dolomites epic hiking and photography in Italy

we made it we made it we made it this
trip was three years in the planning three years in the making and I’m
standing at what is in my opinion the most beautiful mountain top in all of
Europe so come with me I’m gonna show you how
we ended up coming here and I’m going to let you choose the top three photos from
this location and you can comment let me know which one is your favorite
so come on for the ride for the past 10 years there’s being this
one mountain peak in the Italian Dolomites that’s really captured my
attention we’re on our way right now it’s called Seceda this is a mountain
peak like I’ve never seen before wow this looks incredible
like now I’m actually really getting excited and Lia are you getting excited
absolutely what a beautiful view it is it looks exactly like Austria accepts
the big surprises it’s Italy so we began at the Col Reiser gondola
and it’s surprisingly 32 or 33 degrees Celsius and we’re in the Alps like wow
is really hot you ready to rock what is the secret to doing it I am completely mystified
what am I doing wrong okay you’re going in our YouTube video
thank you thank you for having us about it so the first big problem solved how
do you how do you scan the card it had no
barcode on it there are two gondola options to get up to the top option one
is to take the Seceda gondola which gets you right up to the summit but it
closes at 4:00 p.m. every day which means that you will not be there for the
sunset shoot option two is what we chose and that’s to take the Col Reiser
gondola and from the top of that gondola we hiked for 20 minutes to get to our
small hotel where we will be staying for two nights unbelievable imagine this at
sunrise and sunset kind of light look at this cha-ching we made it so behind me here is the
Fermi tohat and this is like a little hotel where we’re going to be staying
for two nights hello welcome to the Fermeda Hutte. you’ve gotta see this room it is so beautiful so I don’t know rustic meets contemporary and new look at the
bed let’s take a look at the view out the window first so nice view out the
window where you can hear the angels singing and this is the view that we had
at sunrise from that window the Fermeda Hutte is an absolutely incredible place it
is at an elevation of 7,000 feet or 2109 meters it has a fully stocked bar a
beautiful kitchen all the food was fantastic especially the pizza which
they baked in their wood fire brick oven it had incredible breakfast and the
rooms were fantastic I could not have asked for a better place to stay when up
so high in the mountains it was the highlight of our entire three-week trip
in Europe so we left for me too hot and started to
hike up the mountain we recharged our batteries at the fermeda Hutte because the
Fermeda hutte is already at 2,100 meters and the summit is 2500 meters any
training that I did seems to be of no avail I am just already completely
out of gas I’ve got nothing left but look at how
beautiful it is behind me even though we were in Italy it sure reminded us of
being in Austria and the movie The Sound of Music so we just couldn’t resist this Vista that’s behind me is really
spectacular and I want to get this with a really high-resolution panorama and so
the very left side of the frame will be the secede a jagged mountain peaks and
the right side of the frame will be a distant Mountain and what I like about
the composition is that both mountain peaks on the left and the right sides
are just about at the same height so seceda is a little bit higher but it
creates this really nice sense of balance almost like two bookends like
the seceda peak on the left side is the left bookend and this other big mountain
on the right so I’m gonna set up here and shoot as high resolution as I can
and try and stay out of this wind I’ve got that the tripod head completely
level so I can just rotate it and it’ll give me a nice level top pano manual focus don’t want the camera
changing anything halfway through the pano I’m going to focus approximately
one third through the scene and I like to do a couple of different panels I do
one for safety where I’ll just go to the widest part of my lens widest angle
which is 24 millimeters on this thing and then do a single row panel and then
check it out make sure everything looks good and then zoom into the tightest
which will be 70 millimeters and then I’ll do a double row and if it really
looks good then I’m going to throw the 200 millimeter lens on and then do one
that will be a triple or quadruple row we’ll see should be good it was a 400 meter elevation gain to get
to the top and with the very hot temperature I can tell you on a personal
note I was bagged I thought I was in good shape until today a mountain never
lies but we finally made it up to the top and it was so worth it
it was three years in the making to get there and believe me I was so excited I
just ticked one location off of my bucket list okay you’re ready for the
big reveal and going to show you you’re not gonna believe this okay three two
one and here’s the reveal it just got so windy that I put my rain
jacket on just to keep the cold out it was actually freezing and then I asked
Lea to go down into just to the start of where the sunlight is to just stand
there in her orange jacket and have that interesting perspective of having
somebody in the shop which gives that sense of perspective and scale and then
you really see just how massive these mountain peaks are this is so incredible we’re just getting
the last vestiges of sunlight hitting the top of the peak and it’s that warm
glowing type of sort of that alpenglow type of light it’s so gorgeous if ever
there was a time to make sure that you’re checking your histogram it is now
because perfect histogram right here perfect this is one of these times I
don’t want to blow the shot imagine how it would feel to get back home check the
photos on the computer and see something was wrong out-of-focus
blown out highlights you name it so I’m doing everything I can to make sure I’m
getting this so this is the last and final
composition and I like this one the best because I found where I can get the
camera down low and have foreground with grass so there is foreground
there’s middle ground which is the cliff wall and then there’s background which
are the high peaks and I think this is the composition that is the winner as
far as I’m concerned but that’s up to you let’s see how you vote is your favorite photo photo number one
or photo number two or photo number three so leave a comment let me know
your opinion which one is your favorite so this is the end of three days and two
nights in the Dolomites at Seceda we stayed at the Refugio Fermeda Hutte we
would definitely come back next up we’re headed to Santa Magdalena and if you
want to see this iconic photo location then be sure to subscribe and hit the
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100 Replies to “Seceda Dolomites epic hiking and photography in Italy”

  1. Thanks for sharing! I personally liked the 2nd image, mainly giving a little more colour to the cliff's in the scene. I'm one that tends to like a little more saturation to the colours than some, and this one I found gave more colour to the image, or it seemed that way, plus giving more of the foreground and hint of the sun/mountain on the right. 
    It's doubtful I'll ever get to this region, or others you have gotten to, so it's truly nice to see it through others that have gone Tim. I personally want to see more of North America, and my next main trip will to explore 'waterfalls' in Washington/Oregon, then explore eastern Canada and the southern U.S.

  2. Wow Amazing!!!! All 3 shots are stunning, but I like the 3rd shot the best. Thanks for taking us on this epic trip with you.

  3. Amazing images Tim but it's got to be no. 1 for me. I shall be visiting this mountain for the first time early October but as I am staying in Ortisei, I shall not have the opportunity to shoot this place at sunrise or sunset sadly but what a view all the same. Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

  4. Astonishing!!! What a fantastic place! All 3 photos are incredible, but I vote for Nr. 3, as it gives me a better perspective of the location as a whole.Thanks for sharing these magic moments!

  5. Tim, You keep outdoing yourself and at this rate you’re going to have to head to the moon. All of the images are absolutely outstanding, but pressed I’m going with number 3. Truly fantastic work!

  6. Love the video, good information! I get to cross this place off my bucket list this year as well. I vote for photo #2.

  7. Absolutely stunning location Tim, and I don't say that lightly as I live in Scotland which can compare, definitely one for my bucket list. Pic1 if one has to choose, great colour and composure, thanks really enjoyed this video guys

  8. Welcome in Italy Tim, you right is the best place to stay the alps. Ciao 😉
    The 3 th is absolutely stunning

  9. I’m torn between 1 & 2 but number 2 really pops with the grass in my opinion. All amazing pictures thanks for sharing and now I have to work out how I’ll get there one day! Your videos are really informative thanks.

  10. Great video , great shots, hard call as to the favorite, they all were good, just a matter of what flavor you like, the magenta or the warm cast . Looking forward to Santa Magdalena.. What backpacks you guys using, maybe a video about that as well.

  11. Such a beautiful place, so awesome video,
    The 2nd pic is so perfect 👌🏻👌🏻
    And thank you for sharing such a beautiful video brother.

  12. 1st of all many thanks for sharing all the details where you stayed and which Gondel you took. I am planing to go there too so your info was really helpfull.
    So, coming to the pictures. I agree with you, the last picture is the winner. However, I have one remark which catched my eye instantly. Check the white cloud to the left, which is lit by the sun. I think this white spot is quite prominent and in post processing you should have adjusted the cloud so that it matches with the clouds in the background as it distracts from the main subsejct which is magnificant!!! Again, this is moaning on very high level…. 🙂 I am sure you will never forget this awesome spot and the whole area of South Tirol.

  13. Woooow!!! Wish you could managed to get up there! Incredible shots. I loved all three and I thing it´s hard to pick one, but maybe no 1. Also want to say that your video is so good 🙂

  14. Incredible photos, the location is on my bucket list as well. I loved the first and third photos especially. I liked the color tones of the first better, but the expanse of the landscape, the majesty of the mountains comes through better in the third. It’s a tough call, but I’m gonna say third photo.

  15. I like the 3rd picture better; it is well symmetrically balanced by the background mountains, rule of third is well applied with good but not too much foreground, the sky is taking the first horizontal place of the rule and the background mountains are clearly on each side of the grid. Tim, your main subject, hero of this amazing picture, stands proudly wearing green and orange palette…greeting the beautiful sunrise. I really love the entire video, showing the reality and beauty of your journey. Well done!

  16. What a gorgeous location, Tim! Probably #3 for me, although #2 is a beauty too. Two nit's though, the white cloud on left edge is an eye catcher, and both #2 & #3 seem a little tight on on the top of the frame; I would like a little more room for the very top of the mountain. Most excellent, though.

  17. Can you please do a double row and triple row tutorial? I saw your single row video from ages ago and in that you said you would show a double row in another video, but I don't think you ever did?

  18. Wonderful shots all three. But if pressed, I prefer number 2. You're still getting foregrd and middle ground, but the size of the peaks are more impressive than number 3. Also, with no. 3 my eye is drawn too much to the area beneath the peaks. No 2 is a perfect fit for me.

  19. I was torn between 2 and 3, I like certain parts in both, but in the end I opted for 3. I like the mountains on the right in 2 as it leads the eye further away, but the overall light, colour and composition in 3 won it over for me. All very beautiful in their own way. 🙂

  20. I love all 3 photographs and think they are all stunning. I will however agree with most people definitely #3. The orange glow in the clouds and the wall of the mountain really make this photograph. I love it.

  21. Thank you for sharing your experiences. #1 is nice majestic, huge mountain on the center splits the photo but, this one sky color magnificent and romantic. #2 is my favorite, it shows everything The mountain, human, houses, road, clouds all of this combinations makes very rich photo. That is the photo when you look at over and over you can find something new. This is the BEST. #3 Color too bronze, the reflection on cloud on the upper left one taking my eye attention every time and it is not matching with anything in that photo. Hoses and roads in to so distance and with green all in dark, I can't feel them. on the bottom lend part too much for me! and it is not green enough I think disturbing the color setting ot the photo. Again many thanks for doing it and showing it.

  22. Spectacular location. I’ll have to add that one to my bucket list too. Did y’all hire a guide to get you to your location and then back to your lodge after sunset?

    It was a difficult choice, but #3 edged out the others IMHO. I felt it best captured the sense of scale.

  23. #3. I also like how the green enhances the spectacular light and as you said has foreground, middle, and background . One could really spend time in front of this print. Congratulations on a fantastic adventure and photo. Great video.

  24. it's hard when you can't see them side by side, but i think you missed the best composition in all 3. you needed more of the cliff on the left hand side. you weren't far enough along the cliff edge to get a good comp.

  25. No 1 makes me feel like I'm airborne. I love flying so that's fine by me. I also like No 2 where the foreground tells me I'm "grounded". Personally I find the foreground in No 3 a bit too much & distracting. Love the video Tim – Thanks!

  26. #1 for sure… but wow… we spent 2 weeks in Italy… want to go back and see this… not what I think of when I think of Italy… absolutely stunning…thanks Tim…

  27. What an incredible place to experience first hand Tim and Leah! I too had to remind my self it was Italy, and not Austria as I half expected the Von Trapp Family to come singing along one of the rises! You are such a talented photographer, and the three photos are each impressive. I really like all three, but am going with the third one for all its glory! I'm sure after all the hiking and good food, those authentic European Feather Beds, offered a great nights sleep to rejuvenate your weary selves for the next days hike!

  28. Great location and I just added it on my Bucket list! For me, photo no.1 makes the cut as it keeps the eye on the peaks, while still having the mountain hut on the right to give dimension. Great stuff!

  29. Think I've just found another place for the bucket list. Love all three images, but 3 gets it by a whisker for me.

  30. What a great location!
    For me its gotta be number 1.
    The reason being this is the shot that focuses on the mountain – shows it off much more than the other two.
    Less is more.

  31. Thank you Tim for those amazing photos! Number 1 caught my eye immediately and while I love the others, keeping going back to that. I really am taken by the colors in the sky and how that plays off the entire frame. Also, the lines leading up the slope on the left along with the contrasting green slopes on the right just beautiful!

  32. Tough to pick one tbh; think I will go #2 just for the exercise, the third was a really, really close silver medalist. lol

  33. #2 Because the grass side is a bit lighter and there are people in the picture. (Person with blue jacket). For me it adds interest. Plus the buildings.

  34. #2 wins it….no it's#3 …or maybe #1….NO it is definitely one of those three which is the best. #2 but that is my favourite tonight.

  35. I’m heading there for a trip soon, I contacted the rifugio Firenze regarding reservation plans. They emailed me back and said they have reserved it for me but no payment, further details asked. Was that your experience? I’m nervous as I have to cancel a day at my other hotel.

  36. Photo #3: I liked #2 but the main thing about #3 that I like is even though the Seceda peak is not as large an image in the photo, it is still quite impressive. By pushing back from focusing mainly on just the Seceda peak you get a better sense of just how massive and beautiful the whole region is … which for me is important. The Dolomites are so unique and beautiful that I like that you capture Seceda but in a way that allows the viewer to realize where it is and how amazing this location is.

  37. just came from seceda,really beautiful place,so unique,you can‘t get enough.Like your video and the first picture I find the most beautiful.I think you had a really big luck with the weather!!Would it be possible to by your seceda photo?thx for your reply…

  38. super video, ive been there too and my video is coming this week, its so nice how you explain your shots and this insane area

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