Secret Video Recorder|Best Android Phone HD Video Recorder App 2020 [Screen Off Video Recording]

Aslam-u-Alaikum friends I am Masroor Ahmed and you are watching our youtube Channel Sindhiana Tech Friends today i will tell you about secret video recorder. This app will help you to record secret video Fisrt of all open your playstore app after opening playstore search background video recorder ultimate now install it on your phone now open it and now here allow it permission now here select all apps after that scroll down and see bvr ultimate now select bvr ultimate optimisation off there one more location permission allow it and then select agree now application started press back key to go on home screen now press on bvr one click ultimate to activate it after that press volume up key to start secret video recording Now friends you can see bvr ultimate already installed on my phone now press to activate it Now press volume up key to start recording now secret video recording started you can turn off your mobile screen during recording now mobile screen off and i’m moving my mobile and video is being recorded if you want stop video recording press volume down key to stop it after pressing down key recording stopped let’s come to see my video is recorded or not friend as you can see our video is recorded If you are new on our channel plz subscribe and press bell icon for latest video updates

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