See Ballet Dancers And Dogs Pose Together For A Photoshoot

The concept of dancers and dogs, is to
bring the serious professional dance photography world into the more fun
approachable dog photography world. And just really mix those two to create a
super fun project that the whole world can enjoy. That’s really the most important thing,
for us. Is that we want to make sure that the dogs are not scared in any way and
they’re really having a good time themselves. We always try to work with professional
dancers because it’s actually very difficult working with dogs. So we want
to have one constant when we are working on set. And that constant is a
professional dancer because they always know what their body is going to be
doing and they can do the same movement several times in a row. So when
the dog is acting silly, or is not quite sure what they’re doing then we can at
least count on the dancer to be solid and know what they’re doing. The professional dance world is always
seen as being very strict. Very harsh, sometimes moody And we wanted to show
the sillier, more funny side of dancers by pairing them with dogs. Because dogs are
always making people smile.

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