SEO with Keyword Rich Blog URLs for Photographers

Hey, this is Zach Prez, with a lesson on getting
keywords into your blog URLs, because the URL is the second most important thing Google
looks at for keywords when considering your rank. If you have a WordPress blog, like I do, the
first thing you want to do is under settings go into your permalinks and you want to change
the default, which is just using numbers in your post URLs. Or change the default from
this date structure which is putting a lot of folders and numbers in your URL, which
is not helpful for search, and you want to use a custom structure. When I type slash percent postname percent
slash, like this, that’s putting the keywords of your post, that post title, into the URL.
You can also choose category slash postname and what that does is puts the keywords of
the post after the category of the post into the URL. Either one of those would insure
that you’re getting the headline of your post, right here, into the URL, which is up here. So that’s step one is setting up your permalink
settings. Then in an indidual post, like this one, here is the title of my post, which will
automatically be put as the URL for this permalink. This is what’s going to go after your domain
name. You only want quality keywords in there. In this case what I’ve done is I’ve removed
the word recommended since I’m not trying to rank for that word. Instead I’ve only focused
on the 4-6 keywords relating to this post that I’m trying to rank for. In this case
it would be photography blog WordPress themes. So I use those keywords in my heading. And
if I want I can udpate the permalink for this post. And that will show up at the end of
the post URL. If you choose the category option, it would put a categoty into the URL. If you;re
using well-named categories, that can be a benefit as well. Here’s an example of the same thing in Blogger.
Blogger accounts don’t give you full control over the URLs. But what it does do, is whatever
your title of the post is, it’s going to take the first few words of that title and put
it into the URL. For example, here’ smy title that’s using keywords I want to rank for.
If I look at that in the URL, it puts the first few keywords, right here, into the URL.
So if you have a Blogger, and the same goes for some other blog platforms other than wordpress.
As long as you’re using quality keywords into your post headlines, those are going to make
it up into the URL of the post. Hope that helps, for more tips on blogging
search engine optimization, look for my ebook Blog SEO Zen for photographers.

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