Seoul Fashion Week 2018: H&M Magazine Photoshoot Behind the Scene | DTV #50

[Music] welcome to our another piece of it is wrong and right now we’re at chunk now head to the HS to do perfect gist we’re gonna have photo shoot with each we’re not actually here for the photo shoot they were here to pick out four outfits for each and do the sittings for the actual photo shoot thing which is gonna be after we come back from Singapore yeah so I bet by the time this video goes off we’re back from the Singapore trip but anyways we’re super excited about this shoot oh my god so we keep around me so many universities are building are out here okay when University go go guys we’re still looking for a place to dig go go we’re still walking right now oh my gosh so many Gardens so many people all because right now is the morning time and everyone is committed to their work okay we all right it takes each man right over there girls like do you haven’t seen my boo here yet so I bet when they see me they’re gonna be like get all this outfit we’re pretty good the leggings is yes look at this how does princess cute ma cherie change that’s a pretty two-piece I like the necklace my first option with this stick bustier and just a few muncher that’s interesting all the contracts between your Herod not that she only does shoe but no we just change like 20 outfits I don’t know we’re so late for our next appointment so guys we just realized that’s their first time shooting the 8mm is in Korea yeah we were lucky enough to be part of the influencer who gets the first chance to shoot – anyways guys we’ll see you guys during the photo shoot during the Seoul Fashion Week or until then some guys we’re heading to DDP to do operational hmm Italy Oh Peter girl I’m so scared sister I’m so scared [Music] you know [Music] don’t my fish was a fashion bomb is so stylish marry another cheese day [Music] we’re changing the location to China which because this place Jeremy Kang okay material underscore veteran [Music] third look at Nestle we’re trying to find it too [Music] Thank You Adam yeah no problem thank you everything’s on video that was really we do like everything yeah so now we’re gonna head back to DDP and kind of like shoot around there so this is our outfit head to toe and H&M except for the shoe the seed coat the trench coat well it’s not trench coat and then this beautiful blouse I like a puff sleep and has a little time in long trouser with little slit on the side makes a long leg we’re days right here much as hurtful fur jacket that’s amazing sore then this about blouse it’s like this a thing right now yeah I think so okay guys so we’re gonna walk around the GDP and show you guys around what people are wearing just up general environment here there’s so many fashionable people many people okay enough lumber that we don’t have a show to attend today though yeah we actually had one this morning but then you didn’t have time so sorry well we’re gonna go to their showroom is actually the fashion show that we miss today’s kalaiy pressure we did a DTV for yeah [Music] oh my god we’re eating so many cute today I’m so happy right now [Music] so that Iowa that we just walk is where usually a lot of on photographers take streets now they’re like that we’re just going to go right now it’s where people line up to go to the show and a lot of celebrities go through that place [Music] [Music] keep here whatever so they compared the last year we mess with kitties this year so maybe so maybe cook that for next year during the fall winter fashion we hope we can see more cuties than today this I just didn’t buy myself yeah just say yeah to say yeah okay yes I don’t know what she said okay yes so now we’re gonna head back to hm meat because she’s gonna give us a right to talk about hope you guys enjoyed this so fashion week so we hope you guys enjoyed this Seoul Fashion Week with H&M and we’ll let you know when the magazine comes out yep [Music]

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  1. a BIG THANK YOU to h&m for this amazing opportunity! ☺️💖 Also, thank you so much Qtees who said hi during the sfw!! 🙈💖🦄✨ Singapore Day 2 vlog is coming up next ❤️✨

  2. AJWIWJWKW CLEMENTINE'S (8:44) FASHION WEEK'S VIDEO BROUGHT ME HERE LMAO (you should definitely check her channel lmao : Clementine M) 😂💪🏻 btw you guys are so pretty !! 😭😍

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