Seven generations of photography: Tim Wolcott | Phase One

My name is Tim Wolcott and I’m a fine art
landscape photographer. Photography is in my blood. My family has a long history in
the medium that dates back 175 years. I recently tried out the Phase One IQ260
digital back over a week in Utah. It is an area I know well. Although the landscape there can be
challenging, it can be worth its effort as it can produce some great results. I never
go out and shoot just for the sake of it. I go out to create museum pieces so I don’t
take any shortcuts. I always take my ten prime lenses and three zoom lenses because every
landscape needs a different focal length to make it come alive. This means I have to carry
a very heavy camera bag which is made more difficult as it was hot on the very first
morning of the shoot. I set up and mounted my camera system on my gigantic 12 ft tripod
to get the elevation I needed. Once I composed the shot I got down from the ladder and checked
the focus and adjusted the exposure settings on my iPad. The IQ260 has WiFi capabilities
which means you can directly connect to the device like my iPad Mini. I can double tap
on the screen to instantly zoom in at 100%. On this shot I can check the focus on the
tree in the lower left corner of the frame. I’m always concerned with getting the focus
correct and it was great to see the minute details of the pinetree in the foreground and think: Yeah, every pine needle is razor sharp. Once I got the depth of field right and
everything was ready to go, I waited for the clouds to drift through the sky and the
shadows to appear in the right position. For me this is the fun part. Only problem is that I typically
wait 3-4 hours for the scene to come alive and then I get a very short window
to shoot it. But being there when the magic happens with the right gear is amazing. Shooting
digitally with the IQ260 gives me the confidence that once I have pressed the shutter I know
that I have got the shot. It is a very reliable system but the huge advancement is that while
it’s like shooting an 8×10, now we have got 13 stops of light instead of the 7 we had
with film. The results I got from the IQ260 during this week in Utah were incredible.
There were a lot of things you could shoot with this digital back that you just can’t shoot
with any other camera system in the world. When I look at the quality of these files
I am just blown away. The color accuracy is the most scary but the huge dynamic range
and the long exposure mode means that you can get shots that you used
to walk by and pass up. There is almost nothing I can’t shoot anymore.

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  1. Watch Award-winning #landscapephotographer Tim Wolcott's great work from his last trip to the beautiful nature of Utah with the #IQ260 digital back:

    +PhaseOne #mediumformatphotography 

  2. Wolcott takes nice pics.  But are these cameras worth it? I mean besides the direct support by Phase One in Capture One Pro 7, are they really that much bettter? If so, why aren't they more popular?

  3. Very good information but why is it that everyone wants to put music in the background.  Very distracting.  Half the time couldn't hear what you were talking about.

  4. Very nice locations Tims and beautiful captures as well. This medium shows most of the images too overly saturated even on a calibrated monitor. Nice photos.

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