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hey guys bump here in this video I’m
going to show you how to make your own DIY sewer camera so we’re gonna make our own sewer inspection camera for inspecting my main sewer line I’ve had
an issue with having to get my drain my main sewer line snaked out. I suspect I’ve got roots so I know about where the problem is I’m gonna get a camera in there to
confirm my suspicions and also I’m gonna end up cleaning my my lines myself and I want to inspect it afterwards as well to see how good of a job I’ve done
on the cleaning so I called a few companies to get a quote on what they
would charge to send the seweer camera up my line and most are around $400 I looked at
renting one there are about two hundred dollars to rent to renting a sewerr camera as well so I decided to my make my own sewer camera I’m gonna make a you know do it yourself sewer inspection camera for you know a tenth of the cost really of what
it would cost to have that performed by professional and you know a fraction of
what it would cost to to rent a device and do that myself
so to make my sewer camera I started with a semi-rigid wireless endoscope or
borescope I was able to find on Amazon I’ll put a link to that wireless
endoscope in the description below but the wireless endoscope connects
wirelessly via Wi-Fi to your your cell phone so you can use it for Android or
iOS the camera is is completely waterproof so that’s what makes it good
for the sewer camera application the camera also has a phone app that you can download via you know Google Play for Android or the app store for an iOS the
app allows you to adjust the settings of cameras you can adjust the resolution of
the still photos also it’s going to give you a viewer for your camera so you know
while you’re running the camera down your sewer line you’re gonna see
everything that the camera is seeing right there in your phone so your your
cell phone is the display for the camera which is really neat because again it’s
completely wireless so you know as you’re running the snake down your phone it is completely disconnected from it so you can you can see all the footage that
you’re seeing from your sewer camera on directly on your cellphone So I chose
to make my sewer camera by connecting the the endoscope camera to a an auger
or a drain auger so it’s just a quarter inch drain auger similar to what you’d
use to clear out a drain inside of your home instead of connecting it to a drain
snake you could also use a garden hose or like an electricians a fish tape I
chose to connect my camera to the drain snake using an electrical tape
you could use heat shrink tubing or even zip ties but I was afraid zip ties would
get caught up and make it harder to feed the snake into the sewer line and heat
shrink tubing is it look expensive it can it’s a little more effort to do that
but those are also other options the camera itself for the sewer camera that
I made is a 33 foot long I connected that to a 25-foot drain snake so you’re
really only going to get about 25 foot distance out of this but there are other
cameras available that go up to about 50 foot again I’ll put a link to those in
the description as well if you need to make a longer one
it is possible I’ve got several clean outs at my home I’ve actually got three
different clean outs so with this you know 33 foot snake I can reach quite a
bit of my my sewer line and be able to inspect it pretty easily with with a 33
foot of course any other 33 foot is cheaper as well so it’s gonna save you a
little bit of money but I using a 33 foot versus you know going up to say a
50 foot they’re a little bit more expensive so I rented a drain snake or a
mechanical auger to remove the tree roots from my sewer line and after doing
that I put the the sewer camera or the the sewer inspection camera back into my
line to get a good look at how that root ball mass looked after running the snake
through I was able to confirm but I got the majority of that out you can still
see where the the the larger bit of roots are coming through at the top of
the pipe or where the joint is there so I’m going to continue to to treat that
with with chemicals to keep those roots at bay to keep them from
from completely blocking my sewer line again there’s really three main ways to
kill roots once you’ve cleared a blockage those are gonna be copper
sulfate rock salt and a foaming root agent like rootx I’ll put a link to
those in the description below so rootx is gonna foam up when it comes in
contact with water and coat the entire cross section of your pipe you know all
the way up to the top so if you notice in the video after I cleaned the roots
you could see where the roots were the roots were coming into the pipe around
the top edge of the pipe so the rootx is actually going to foam up and I
completely coat the inside of your pipe or some of the other products aren’t
really going to reach the top of your pipe so they really aren’t gonna be
effective until the roots make their way down to the water of water line of your
sewer pipe so this video helps you be sure to subscribe to my channel and go
ahead and give it a thumbs up down below if you can you know my goal is to help
others and document some of the different struggles I go through in life
and see if I can help others in solving problems

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