Shooting at speed – Motorsport photographer Alejandro Ceresuela

I’m Alejandro Ceresuela.
I’m a motorsports photographer and now I’m working and travelling
with the MotoGP World Championship. For me, when I think of MotoGP, the first idea that
comes to my mind is speed, speed, risk, adrenaline, and they are the first things that
I want to show with the pictures. I have to be fast in everything. I think it’s faster than
the bikes, the Sony α9. Every picture I try to do, I can do it. My first time with the α9, my
first feeling was that it’s amazing. I can focus using the whole screen. The speed was incredible. I mean, bikes are fast — if the camera doesn’t focus
fast, I don’t use that camera. This is about moments. There are moments that
are over in a millisecond, for example, with a rider who is
riding with his elbow on the ground. In other sports, you have more time
or the actions are repeated more, but here, there’s one lap or
two laps where riders give 150%. 20 frames per second helps
you to get these moments, to get closer to these moments. What I do is show
a story with pictures. I think that every story
has to be told with a lens. Sometimes I want to show a
big grandstand or inside the pit box. If I want to show all
the mechanics working, the 12–24mm works perfectly for me. For me, the best thing about the system
is that I’m covered from 12–800mm. There is no situation that
I cannot shoot with the α9. When I do panning shots, I
try to play with the background. The image stabilisation helps a lot. You can shoot without
a monopod at 1/20th second. The focus speed is
incredible — there’s no blackout. It’s easy to follow the rider. It’s easy to track everything. It’s not nice to work when it’s raining
but for the picture results, I love it. Water adds some emotion because you cannot believe that
they are riding this way. I am not worried about shooting
in the rain with the Sony α9 because it’s a well-built camera. I rely 100% on the camera. With the α9, you can get pictures
that you cannot with other cameras. There are moments when I think
that I’ve taken the perfect shot and when you get the
picture and you are on the track, that moment is amazing.

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