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– Buy them a car? – [Raven] We should get them a car? I don’t know, I feel like
that’s a little too… predictable. Let’s try to find something unique. (upbeat music) Special thanks to Olay
for sponsoring this video. Hey guy, what’s up? It’s Raven, welcome back
to another Mom Vlog. I clearly just got out of the shower. I am trying to get ready for
my day before Ziya wakes up. You guys know from my
morning routine video, if you watched it, I’m trying to wake up
earlier and be better with that kind of thing. But today, I just kind of
wanted to take you guys along for a day in the life. So I am getting ready to, number one, I have an
appointment this morning, and then after that, I am
going to be going shopping for some special things. I’ll tell you a little bit
more about why I’m shopping, what we’re getting ready
for a little bit later, but first, I wanted to share a new skin
care product with you guys that I have been using. So like I said, I just
got out of the shower, and I always cleanse and
wash my face in the shower, it’s just faster and easier. But my next step that I am about to do is this Olay Wrinkle Correction Serum. This is one of their new serums
that they just came out with and I’ve actually been
testing this serum out for about, a little over two weeks now. So this is basically
their anti-aging serum. It’s called the Wrinkle Correction Serum. It was vitamin B3 and peptides in it. And I’ll talk a little bit
more about how this works and what all is in it, but first, let’s discuss: what even is a serum? Because I feel like a lot
people don’t really even know what it is, or where it fits
into a skin care routine. So basically a serum
is not quite a liquid, not quite a solid, kind
of somewhere in between. It’s basically got
concentrated ingredients, powerful ingredients, that
are meant to penetrate deep into your skin. So you’re supposed to
use it after cleansing and before moisturizing You always wanna put your serums on before your moisturizers,
so that your moisturizer can kind of seal it in and lock it in. And of course, there are different serums for different purposes. It can help with dryness,
dullness, droopiness. So this one is a concentrated
anti-aging serum. So it’s like the fountain
of youth in a bottle. It has niacinamide in it, which is to help rebuild
and rejuvenate your skin. And the peptides are to replenish collagen to help give you that more
youthful, lifted, overall look. This is paraben free, it
has no synthetic dyes, no mineral oils, anything like that. So really good ingredients. And yeah, it’s an anti-aging serum. I’ve just been adding
this into my routine. Like I said, I’ve been trying it out for like the past two weeks. As with any skin care product, of course you wanna give it at least a full month, I would say, to really,
really start seeing results. I’ve already started seeing results in the past two weeks. It’s just something that I’m doing kind of more for preventive reasons. I know you guys are
probably thinking like, “Wrinkles serum? You don’t
have wrinkles, you’re only 26.” But everyone has always told me, that when you reach the age
of 30 things start changing and you start wishing that you did things differently in your 20s. So I’m 26 and I’m all about
preventive skincare right now. If you start taking
care of your skin young, you’ll have nicer skin for longer. So using things like this Olay serum will hopefully help me maintain
my youthful complexion. Another thing that I wanted
to tell you guys about Olay is that I really like their
new initiative to help kind of combat that problem
that we’re facing right now with social media and the
media of women feeling like they have to compete
with the super airbrushed, super retouched advertisements, and even photos from influencers so Olay has actually made a promise to not do any retouching on
any of their advertisements and that includes the things
that are posted by influencers that they’re working with. So if you guys want to be
a part of this movement and help to inspire the next generation, you guys can share your
un-retouched photos and join in on the #FACEANYTHING. The way I’ve been doing
it is cleansing my skin, then doing the Olay
Wrinkle Correction serum, and then doing a moisturizer, and then following up with a sunscreen because sunscreen is super important. I’ve recently realized
that I need to be better about putting on sunscreen all the time. Not just when I’m thinking,
“Oh, it’s a super sunny day.” But just everyday. So that’s been kind of my
skin care routine recently and I feel like it’s been
giving me pretty good results. Definitely just working on evening out my skin tone right now, not so much dealing
with acne and breakouts. Not nearly as much as I used to, but definitely just overall complexion, evenness, lifting, wrinkle
prevention. All that stuff. So if you guys are interested
in adding a new serum into your skin care
routine, I can definitely recommend the new Olay serums. And, yeah. So I’m going to get dressed. Get Ziya ready and then
we’re going to head out, and I’m going to tell you
what we’re doing today. I am in downtown, Austin,
with Grammy and Ziya. Of course. The ride or die team. I don’t want to tell you
exactly what we’re doing because I want to keep it a surprise for the next episode of Raven
and Ziya’s big adventure. If you guys have not
seen the first episode, our first adventure that we went on, I posted two videos about that. So if you have not seen those two videos and seen the start of this
new series that I’m doing, definitely go check it out. Me, and Ziya and Grammy are
taking some adventures… And some other people too. But I don’t want to tell you who else or what else is going on. Mainly me and Ziya are taking adventures all throughout this year. I have cool things planned. And we are, today, preparing
for our next adventure. We want to get some gifts
because we are going to be meeting up with some
other YouTube families and we don’t want to come empty handed. So we thought it would
be fun to come downtown to Toy Joy and try to find
some unique Austin gifts. Because these people are not from Texas. They’re not from Austin so we thought since we’re coming to see
them that we would bring a little bit of our hometown to them. Please do not pay attention
to Ziya’s hair style. One of her buns fell out. She’s just rocking the
asymmetrical look today. (slow R&B instrumental music) Do you see some cool stuff in there? – This baby doesn’t have a diaper. (Raven chuckles) – [Raven] Now, you know we’re
shopping for gifts, right? So we’re not getting toys for ourselves, we’re getting toys for
someone else, right? (Ziya makes an affirmative sigh) Are you okay with that? – Yes. – So, we do have little boys
and little girls to shop for. That’s a hint for you guys. And multiple different
ages of children, as well. So, we’re going to need
a variety of things. We’re trying to give
– [Ziya] Mommy, let’s buy some local flair.
– [Ziya] the kids a car. Hm? – Buy them a car? – [Raven] We should get them a car? I don’t know. I feel like
that’s a little too… Predictable. Let’s try to find something unique. A stretchy wrestler? That’s silly. Let’s look at the Texas stuff over here. “10 Little Monsters Visit Texas.” That’s a cute book. Austin, Texas coloring book. “Weird Texas Facts” I guess. Texas socks. Puzzle… Oh, the bats. (R&B instrumental music) (toy makes squeaking sound) – [Raven] Oh gosh! (R&B instrumental music) – [Raven] A little girl
would love a purse. Like, little thing like this. But these are like…low-key designer. I don’t know if they’re
quite at that age yet. We’ll keep looking, but I think something like that would be good. – Check it out. I got
a free sticker for you! – [Raven] Oh, say thank you! Can you say thank you? – Thank you. – [Raven] (laughing) Okay. (R&B instrumental music) – Now I know we’re supposed to
be shopping for other people, but there happens to be an
Urban Outfitters right here. And I don’t often get
to come to this store because it’s far away from where I live. So… (Raven chuckles) Maybe find an outfit to wear
for our adventure, actually. (upbeat funk instrumental music) – What the heck? This mint green fur, crocodile,
pimp coat on super sale. It was marked down from $289, down to $99, now down to $49. Hey, Rihanna could wear
that and make it cool. It’s all about how you wear it. (upbeat funk instrumental music) My life: constantly scraping
the cheese off of everything. I could’ve asked for it without cheese, but I didn’t know they
were going to put cheese. (low-fi hip hop instrumental music) – [Raven] “We ain’t got no god dang wifi!” Anyway, we’re going to
this Austin Gift Company. It’s the place my mom found. We’ve just been, like I said, searching for more unique, local gifts. Hopefully they have
some interesting stuff. They got some cute stuff for adults, too. Artwork, handmade stuff.
It looks like crystals. (gasp) Oh my god, that scared me. I looked up and I didn’t see this thing. (Raven makes mooing sound) That’s Austin for you. Go Long Horns. We could give them a,
“Keep Austin Weird” shirt. That’s classic. Bandana bibs; that’s cute. The, “Hi how are you.” Famous Austin artwork. Oh, look at the little boots. We could give them a
Texas plate to eat off of. Shopping for gifts is hard
because I never just want to get somebody a little random thing just to say you got them something. Of course you want them
to actually wear it, or use it, or eat it, or… you know. Actually enjoy it and not just be adding junk into their life. A lot of little gifts can be
like, “Okay, yeah thank you… But what am I supposed to do with this?” It’s just clutter. (low-fi hip hop instrumental music) Local stuff; we’re real big on
tie dye over here. And rocks. (laughs) Hand made crochet baby stuff. Oh, look at the little crochet Vans. (low-fi hip hop instrumental music) Okay so we have been back from
shopping for a few hours now. It was nap time. Right now I am putting
away – doing the dishes. I didn’t end up showing you
guys what exactly we bought. We did buy some stuff. We
did buy some good gifts, but I didn’t want to show
you guys what we bought because I’m just going to save that for the actual big adventure episode. So definitely stay tunes
for the next installment of our big adventure to
see where we’re going, what we’re doing, who
we’re hanging out with, and what we ended up
buying them for the gift. Hope you guys are enjoying
that series, by the way. I really wanted to do
something different with it. They can – look stand right here. Can you see? – No. – They can see you, you
just can’t see them. So, yeah, let me know in
the comments of this video if you guys are enjoying that series, if you’re excited about it, what you like about it, what
you don’t like about it. I’m doing something new with this, so I’m always interested
to hear your feedback. I’m trying to get these
dishes out of the way because now what I am about to do is… With some guidance from my mother, I am not taking full credit for this because I wanted to ask her what would be a good thing to make. Backstory is: I am cooking
dinner for one of my neighbors because unfortunately, one of my neighbors got into a pretty serious accident. Not a motorcycle but more of
a moto-scooter type thing. But, pretty serious accident
and the whole neighborhood decided to chip in and help
them out and make food for them. Tonight is my night to make them dinner and so I asked my mom what
would be a good recipe to make so I’m about to cook that so
I can bring it over to them. Just trying to help out and
be a good neighbor, you know. Oh! Absolutely not. Do your cats do this? No. And that’s why I got this right here; because you know better. And
that’s why I keep this on deck. Because recently, just
in the past few days, Boujee thinks that he runs the house and he can get on any surface
he want to; and no he cannot. Hey! I think not sir. He’s getting big, big, and bad. The spray bottle has been helping because he clearly responds
immediately to that. Then he wants to act like.
“Oh, don’t spray me.” It’s just water. You’ll be fine. And you shouldn’t be
getting up there anyway. Excuse me, are you listening to me? Excuse me. Are you listening to me? Don’t get on the kitchen counter. Thank you. Okay, so quick little
Raven’s Ratchet Kitchen for this meal that I’m making. My mama’s behind the camera, she’s going to be coaching me through it. I have not made this exact recipe before, but I’ve eaten it before because
my mom has made this a lot. So, I wanted her to walk
me and y’all through how to make this quick little
sweet and spicy salmon recipe. I also just got them the
ready made garlic bread. Simple, that’s already done. And we’re also cheating
by having the ready made butter and garlic
flavored Uncle Ben’s rice. So this is just super quick,
you just heat this up. It’s a home cooked meal.
It’s the thought that counts. It doesn’t have to be
completely from scratch, so. First thing’s first Chef
Tony, I’m thinking cutting the asparagus… (electronic game plays
loudly in the background) Ziya. I told you to turn the
t.v down and you went and turned the loud iPad on. Cut the ends off of the asparagus. It’s going to be a sweet and spicy salmon with grilled asparagus
and butter garlic rice. Like this? – [Grammy] Well, you
know if you pick one up and try to bend it that’ll
tell you where to cut it. That’s how you know. No don’t cut them all up there. – That’s what I’m saying. – [Grammy] Do every one – bend every one. (Grammy and Raven laugh) – No! I’m not going to do –
– [Grammy] Okay. – [Grammy] It’ll be fine if you just cut it right there. It will be fine. Then dry them with paper towel. Put your grill pan on
fire. Turn it on high. – Are we going olive oil in the pan? – [Grammy] Yeah, you can do olive oil and a little butter too
to give it a little brown. – Somebody yelled at me in the comments because they were like,
“You should not be using that fake butter.” This is not fake butter. It might be the healthiest – it’s butter. With canola oil. Which
is bad because I should not be eating real butter actually. But it’s better than imitation butter. – [Grammy] Get that nice and sizzling. – [Raven] I’ve never used this pan. What can I do in the meantime? – [Grammy] Make the sauce for the salmon. Very easy, very simple. – See? See? (both laugh) She be talking like… So then – oop I mean, so then. Smucker Sweet Orange Marmalade, Sriracha, and soy sauce and lemon. Every kitchen should have a … This thingy. (Grammy makes affirmative noise) To squeeze lemon and catch the seeds. (R&B instrumental music) This is going to be the
glaze for the salmon. Meanwhile… – [Grammy] Put your
asparagus in a single layer. (R&B instrumental music) (sizzling) Get your olive oil and drizzle
it on the aluminum pan. There you go. Lay your salmon. – For clarification, we
only just rinsed this fish to get the little loose scales
off so it won’t be crunchy. (R&B instrumental music) This is my most used spice. Proprietary cajun. Literally
using the rest of it. Sweet and spicy orange marmalade glaze. I’m not going to cook it. I’m just going to give it
to them so they can cook it fresh warm and eat it, you know, hot. I’m just going to microwave the rice. Not that it matters, it’s
still good but you know it’s kind of ratchet being like, “Here, I brought you dinner!” – [Grammy] Plus, we’re going to juj up the rice a little bit. – Have a nice presentation. – [Grammy] Now, put the asparagus in here. Season it with a little bit
of salt and pepper I guess. – You guess? – [Grammy] Because you got
no more cajun seasoning. – Dry asparagus. Asparagus looking good. Salmon looking glazed. Boujee keeps trying to
come in here and interrupt our cooking because he smells this fish. And we don’t want him obviously
jumping on the counter while we’re cooking so my
mom tried to lock him up in the laundry room but
apparently he knows how to open the door because it’s
not closing properly. Anyway, let’s hurry up
before Boujee tries to steal these people’s food. My mom says that since I have this, I can add a little zest to the asparagus. I recommend zesting before you
cut the lemon in half, but, little garnish. – [Grammy] Notice how
she’s turning the lemon so she doesn’t get too
much of the white part. – That’s called the pit. – [Grammy] That is your
personal chef training. (microwave beeping) – This is done, this is
done, the rice is done. My gourmet rice that I slaved
over the stove for, for hours. You wanna look like you want
to know what you’re doing with cooking, always sprinkle a little something green on top. Instantly transforms any dish. – [Grammy] Oh! Do you see
what I’m talking about? I just locked him in the room. (R&B instrumental music) – [Grammy] It’s a nice little meal. – Salmon, asparagus, and rice. Ta-da! Garlic bread to go with it. – [Ziya] Mom! – There’s that and then foil on this. And then we’ll just put a sticky note with the baking instructions
so you pop that in the oven and they got themselves a fresh
cooked dinner for tonight. So, I’m just going to drop
this off to my neighbors and then it’s going to be
time for us to figure out what we’re going to eat for dinner. I should’ve just made double. Oops.

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