Simplest HALLOWEEN Photoshoot Idea

So where are we going? We are going to Komoka, ON What are we going to do in Komoka? GET NAKED! Air Horn Sound Effects all right so we’re gonna do the drop test we have to see how long it takes for it to drop versus Fails We like this because it’s very sheer’y and see-through and it’s gonna be very ghost-like and haunting so oh yeah mission accomplished She’s super skilled in this department that was good good job good job you just needed some practice look at the ferris wheel it’s mostly just a wheel it’s just a wheel it’s missing seats it’s a really weird sight looks like a bicycle wheel with just the spokes can you imagine a bicycle that large? and then you have people in the seats on the wheels The Ferris Wheel kinda looks like a bicycle but I think they just haven’t put the seats on so I think I just spoke too soon pun intended! we’re live right now through the car and this is my Jeff Goldblum inspired outfit right here awe, it’s so cute! Just become really in tune with the earth In tune with the earth, that’s what we’re gonna do isn’t that what witches do? we’re gonna be witchy going for a witch vibes it’s my every day vibe so…. so we have reached the woods and we got our little white sheet here and the point of the shoot we’re gonna try to get a little apparition ghost-like feel with this thing obviously we’ll have a model in there model in there and won’t be just a sheet The contrast of the white the contrast of the white and the and the darkness behind it will hopefully make for a creepy picture so playing with the white sheet to make sort of a ghost sort of thing but try not to be too much KKK it’s a thin line now the cool thing about the white sheet is aside from giving it a cool flow it it actually acted like a weird diffuser which gave her a nice dark silhouette when it was in front of her like in this picture and then the other nice thing is you could do a lot more sort of risque shoots let’s say but have that covering and it’s pretty much clothed so you’ll be able to get away with posting that online alright so explain what happened so far today i almost died fell down a cliff got some cool witchy shots with my fancy new outfit we paid six dollars sorry we couldn’t show you behind the scenes there was a lot of nudity lotta butts lotta butts we’re just finishing up we used this thing that we bought at the thrift store i don’t even know what it is it’s a curtain someone doesn’t own drapes what’s the difference between a curtain and a drape? i think it’s like… ones goes on the outside of it oh really? so, like a duvet? kind of? but for your windows? this is totally me making this stuff up by the way but I feel like the drapes are…the heavier ones yea something like that go to a theatre show I feel like those would be the drapes because their heavier and they go like on the corners they’re like ‘drapey’ …yeah they drape! how can they uh? follow you? i’m on Instagram as Obsidian.suicide or Twitter as Obsidian underscore SG i don’t use twitter though keep up to date to see those pictures you’ll see some of them not all of them there was a lot of jumping so I asked her to jump and this is what it looks like, it’s a cliff except it’s a lot worse down there should probably go over there I’m gonna go walk over there you can get dressed if you need to all right so while she’s putting real clothes on i’m gonna show you where she was and where she was jumping, excuse the shakiness over here though so I asked her to stay right here… right here and there was this huge drop-off point finished up the shoot playing with this thing except I wasn’t wearing it my special guest today was oh hey! this girl badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger MUSHROOM MUSHROOM! What are you doing? what the hell was that? somebody’s not down the vintage memes you know you’re getting old when….. badger mushroom is no longer relevant

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