Hey guys! This episode of Make it Real is
sponsored by Mighty Quest for Epic Loot they came to us and said: Hey can you
make some epic loot from our game real? They suggested the Royal skull of
crushed Carl, a terrifying hammer weapon made from the skull of one of the
fiercest Dungeon keepers you face in the game. Taking a skull of your defeated enemy
and making a weapon out of it? That’s pretty epic. Oh and by the way this is
Lord Mcbucket, he’s your wacky guide to the world of
Opulencia who helps guide you on your mighty quests. I’m gonna get started
the most important parts of the project while JT starts on our hammer.
JT by the way is our newest intern all the way from South Africa and he’s gonna
be taking lead on building the skull hammer. So to do the CAD we’ve gotta want
a reference so here we are we’re going to scan a little skull friend here
and we’re gonna turn around our 3d scanner and put that model into
SolidWorks so that we have it as a visual reference. Now while JT is working on designing the
skull hammer I’m gonna work on the most important part of the build
my Lord McBucket costume EVAN: Look at you! JAMES: Look at these seams! EVAN: How’s the bucket for comfort?
JAMES: Needs some eyeholes. RILEY: Okay let’s go! Still missing something… Right so now we’re going to use our CNC plasma from elite metal tools to cut out all the
bits that aren’t being turn on the lathe. That’s not very deep. Oh first fish of the day! Isn’t a five six seven eight! IAN: It’s gonna take forever…
FOR EVER! Cycle start. Look at that that’s beautiful. Isn’t that
nice little little warm it’s kind of burning. Okay we’re done turning our two pieces
and they look pretty great, so next step is to weld so that they’re one piece. Right so now we’ve got our pieces and
it’s all ready to assemble, the cool thing with this design is that the back
of the hammer and the point are all one continuous solid tank piece so if you
get something with it it’s not just going to crumple. For someone who’s not a welder it’s not half bad. So we finished the
grinding now we have these beautiful looking bevels all over very shiny on
our hammered head and we’re ready to move to the next stage which would be
putting a handle on it we can move on to the skull part you’re gonna put our
friend here, mount it on here, put some LEDs in the eyes and we’ll be golden
probably gonna have to grind out the teeth a little bit to make it fit. JAMES:Alright I’ve got my Lord McBucket costume done… JT, this doesn’t look finished! You had one job… JT: Well you know it’s almost there, it’s a work in progress. JAMES: Have you even tested it yet? JT: What? Tested it? It’s not even finished! JT: Alright, what’s next? There we go. All right I was a fan of that! Think we Ramed the point home what you’re bored of
this yet? Did you try turning it off and on again? This rounds on me!
Wow let’s have another round. A kaleidoscope. I don’t know about you
guys but I’m having a ball. JAMES: And then shards a sharp glass and orbeez pelted
everyone around. IAN: I love the sound of thousands of orbeez. JT: Alright, ready to bring the pain? Beautiful! So what is Mighty Quest for
Epic Loot anyway? It’s a super fun brand new mobile game from Ubisoft with
cartoony colorful graphics it takes me back to the good old days of gaming when
I was just growing up you’re a brave adventurer that has to fight
his way to victory while collecting epic loot to help you on your quest. With
special skills and talents you can take on even the biggest hordes of monsters
from goblins, skeletons to even banshees plus with the in-game crafting and
upgrade system there are limitless possibilities of ways to play the game
and using the Royal skull of crushed Carl Hammer damn it feels good too be
epic one hit KOs, but seriously though they gifted us the hammer which will
soon be available in the game. But trust me it’s worth it. Download Mighty Quest
today by clicking the link in the description box below plus every
download helps ensure our channel can keep making these awesome projects for
you! JT: Oh well, the hammer isn’t going to finish itself. Back to welding. That should sit nicely there! Oh look at that! So the studs are in the bottom they look
great but I need a faster way of doing it and I’ve got these rivets here that look
pretty good too and they’ll be a lot quicker so I’ll be able to put this
copper collar on around here and another one and rivet right through. We’re gonna use epoxy
to bond the wrapping of the handle. JAMES: Alright, tap it! JT: Okay so that was a pretty messy job of
it but I’ll just clean it up and then we’ll be all ready to go show Lord
McBucket our beautiful little hammer! Well it sure looks pretty but let’s see
if it’s as easy to wield as it looks in the game. Okay well that’s pretty impractical
but let’s go smash some more stuff. JAMES: Alright JT is finished building the
skull hammer from Mighty Quest for Epic Loot and to test it
we’re going to be destroying this oven but before we do that let’s see how much
it weighs, cause you know we tend to make things a bit heavy here at the Hacksmith channel. 34 pounds? So just over 14 kilos, it’s actually pretty light! So the stove is on it’s
working as you can see. So how many hits do you think it will take before we bust
the skull off the axe. Let us know in the comments below before you watch this! There you have it, for anyone that wanted to see what a glass top oven looked like inside. Round two! Alright does anyone else want a turn? JT Get in here! JAMES: Oooohhh! That was the skull! The skull shattered! JT: Look at the expanding foam… ooh no that’s horrible! JAMES: That lasted way longer than I thought it would.
JT: That was great. JT: Oh Oh mister Lord McBucket good to see you. JAMES: What happened to Crushing Carls skull hammer? JT: Well it’s a little bit broken… I’m getting a new one! I’m taking an adventure to the dungeons of the Amazon
and then we’ll build it for you good as new! JAMES: If you guys want to play Mighty Quest for Epic Loot click on the link in the
description below and come find me Lord McBucket to help guide you on your quest!

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