Small Space Series 1: Natural and OCF Photography in 10 Minutes

hi guys my name is Christina Wehbe from and today I want to show you how to shoot in small spaces using
natural light and very small flashes we have Janelle our model here today
she’s getting ready with Hana hi today we’re going to show you how to
photograph fantastic photos in very small space so what we did here is this is our
wardrobe area and this is the hair makeup stylist area that usually we get
Hana this is Hana as little space so we don’t play with that that’s hers and
then here we have more wardrobe we have like tons of stuff for our clients today
we are shooting in a very very small space this is literally our wardrobe
room you can see this is the main line that we’re using this is the back door
at the studio and we have confined this area we put V flats and panels that we
have made at the studio we made it two meter or one-and-a-half meter wide by
two and a half meter long it’s really small space first we’re gonna shoot with
natural light and then second we’re shooting with two flashes of camera
flashes and three were shooting with three flashes that our main light is
coming from this window behind me and I don’t want her to face the light I don’t
want the nose straight to the light I want a little bit more of texture a
little bit of shadow turn your body a little bit more there with your feet
beautiful love love love a little bit more you guys see that that that’s
rotation yeah that’s rotation that makes her
waist even look smaller put your hand now down here beautiful the other hand
right behind your hip okay beautiful bend the elbow just a little bit so we
see the space when you see this space rotate it a little bit to the camera
yeah when you guys see the space it shows their body of with its natural
curves instead of like just like standing square when you have a little
space makes a big difference yeah so nose to me here you get a bit closed beautiful nose to me here more okay eyes down I would I get the close-up this photograph that I’m going to take I
want you to see how the shadow is falling on her neck and on her bustline
which is for women you want a little bit shadow so it doesn’t look straight but
you always want the nose to the lights now eyes to me sweetheart
beautiful do you remember that first photoshoot we
had with the first pose you did with when you own your your space and you had
that leather pants let’s do that same pose yeah more like hands here beautiful
relax your finger break the wrist beautiful so now your bust is doing this
right we want your bust like take your pelvic and but like but back so hurry
this is a very power pose Oh baby baby beautiful so nice and shoulder like so
shoulders oh did you see that looks it just gave uh huh chin up a bit
Gina bring your chin forward drop your bottom leg Oh it really helps to have a professional
hair makeup stylist on your set because sometimes I’m too busy thinking about
the light how is it falling on their nose that pose of the model I’m not
thinking about weird hair or something wrong in the wardrobe so it does have
benefits to have somebody who knows what they’re doing on your set okay stay
there oh there’s something for it with you put your hands down for this one
actually if what I’m like right there because I want thrown shoulders because
I saw something sorry maybe I was doing the head about armpit hmm so I’m I step
forward if it’s the forest the forest does I think this hair and the whole
outfit it’s just perfect for this shot too which is the one eyed shot yeah so
that’s this actually because I can see you guys see this light on her nose
that’s a no-no it’s coming from this window in here therefore we have to
block this light because we asked her to step forward a bit so now we have to
block this light you look very evil but it’s gonna be a glamour
it’s a glamour emo glam gleam oh you face me beautiful chin up bring your
chin forward beautiful nose here that’s your chin down stay with me now
tilt your head here beautiful now your eyes are very sleepy I want the one
powerful eyes power power mama okay but at the same time I wanna see love
beautiful now look down close your eyes and look down okay love you guys look at this level
we’re done with the natural light set we’re coming back with the flashes so
guys I want to show you what I do with this background and how I how I can use
it for multiple users so first of all this is two panels it’s four by eight
feet panels that I put together you can use it as a reflector this is silver
lining it comes with it’s like 20 bucks from Home Depot and I use Jaffer tape to
connect it together and you can use it I I painted this side as I show you
earlier I painted this side and I stuck the fabric on it
I also so for their next step for our next set I’m going to use this side
which is gray background that I also painted on here yeah isn’t this easy two
backgrounds in one and you can use it as a reflector I mean this is amazing for
40 bucks you get your background okay guys this is our second set for the day
using flashes we first I’m going to show you how it is shooting with one flash
and then we’re going to add the second flash for a clamshell kind of lighting
and third we’re going to put the background flash on so you can see how
it is when you add three flashes hold it in your body like this
you love that switch your hands okay beautiful take your hand alert to the
side and the other hand to the side here so it’s beautiful a little bit back bend
your elbow a little bit beautiful and back bend it back beautiful take it to
the back a little more beautiful rotate your body there anymore and face to me
okay here we go one more beautiful look at you the lighting that I’m using here is
clamshell light they call it clamshell because it’s a clamshell and she’s the
pearl in the middle the top light is at half power and the bottom light is at
quarter power yeah beautiful now give me a Melania Trump eyes which is like
little gaze yeah the length of the background is actually
half of the fill light so this is let’s say this is 1 1 this is 1/2 the light on
the background is quarter beautiful there you go
Oh big difference beautiful give me give me that I’m gonna get a bit closer because I
really love this glam on you head here face here knows no a body they’re more
beautiful just knows here stay there

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  1. Great use of tools of the trade. Like the way how you have to improvise and make best use of what you've got… and the results are always stunning.

  2. Wow your work is beautiful! I appreciate the lighting tips- and the posing tips as well! Very helpful seeing the tips being implemented in live action.

  3. Love the set up of the shoot and the clam shell lights added a beautiful touch at the end! I look forward to watching more of your content! 🙂

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