Smartphone photography kinda sucks… Here’s why

(footsteps) – Good morning from Lake Louise. We left at a cool five
AM, thinking we were gonna get here before everybody else. We were wrong. Anyways, I’ll show you guys the view. Alright, alright you guys ready? Boom. Apparently this is Peter’s
favorite spot in the whole world. In his opinion, this is
the best spot in the world. Let’s check it out. Hike down this ridge, hands full. Found myself a wild Peter
in his natural habitat. – Fancy seeing you here again. – [Cameraman] Best spot in the world? – Yeah, this is. – [Cameraman] This your home. – This is the best spot on Earth. Like it actually is. – Alright, I think it’s B-roll time. (electronic music) [Cameraman] Peter, come aboard – I’m coming – [Cameraman] Come aboard my ship. – I’m coming. You’re
pretty good on that canoe. – [Cameraman] I
commandeered a ship for you. – I’m coming. You
commandeered their vessel. – [Cameraman] I’m still waiting. – Okay – Still waiting. – How do I do this? – [Cameraman] Just jump on. – What do you mean just
jump on? What if it tips? – [Cameraman] Okay, just don’t tip me! (laughing) (grunting) – What side of this bar do you sit on? (laughing) Other side? Oh god! – [Cameraman] Okay canoe
rule number one: stay low. Stay low with those lanky legs. (laughing) – I need my camera back. – [Cameraman] Actually, you
might as well sit that way. – Oh, I got it. – Peter’s first time on a canoe, clearly. (electronic music) Alright, gotta get
Peter back to the shore. Otherwise, he’d be stuck out here forever. – [Peter] True story! – By the way, this is also a
new vlogging style, right here. Canoeing, vlogging. You
might think that it’s on some sort of mount, but you’d be wrong. It’s just my legs. Alright, see you on the shore. – How do you actually
get out of this thing? – Is there a Youtube video
we could watch real quick? Is there a tutorial? – [Cameraman] How to get out of canoe. – Okay, I fully feel
capable of this. Here we go! – Alright thanks buddy.
Don’t worry I got this. Where is the spot that I get out? – [Peter] Whoa. I believe in you! – Nice.
– Done! – [Peter] And the canoe floats away. – Yeah! Push it off to sea. Thanks, guys. I appreciate it. That was very nice of them. Very nice people. Canadians. Actually one of them was an Aussie. Whoa. Almost tripped. (electronic music) So that just happened. Apparently the Aussies are just as crazy as the Finnish people. Thanks so much guys. See you on the interwebs. Thank you. They were really nice, nice people. (electronic music) Alright, that’s Moraine Lake. Thanks, Peter, for showing me. Let’s see what else we
can find here in Banff. Thanks, Peter. – You’re welcome (electronic music) – That’s a nice place
for our little pit stop, a little rest stop. We’re just doing some driving,
and taking a little break. But there’s something
that I need to address. Yesterday we were kinda sitting
at this little tourist spot, and we were waiting out the rain. And one by one the tourists would come and this is what they would do. (campy music) They literally just got out of their cars. They were looking at their cell phones. They’d take a photo, and
they’d still be looking at their cell phone and
just go back to the car. We literally watched at least 50, maybe.. Maybe even more tourists
do that exact same thing. And that’s what I want to address. And not really the paying attention thing and enjoying the landscape
and all that stuff. That’s obvious. But I honestly don’t think you should be using your iPhone or Android or whatever for photography. I’m just going to say it. I think smartphone photography and videography, just kind of sucks. And on top of that, why you should just buy a real camera if
you wanna go on a trip and actually take photos and video instead of just using
your little smartphone. Heres why: first off, depth of field. Because the phones have
such a small sensor, you’re not really getting
any depth of field unless you’re using one of their gimmicky portrait photo things and it kind of just fake blurs everything Doesn’t look that good. You’re never going to get
that really nice shallow depth of field look that
you can get with real DSLR’s, or mirrorless cameras. You’re never going to get that. And that’s one of the best things, one of my favorite things, with
photography and videography is getting that nice,
shallow depth of field that just isolates your
subject from the background or whatever you’re taking a
photo of, or video clip of. So yeah, no shallow depth of field. That’s probably the biggest reason why I think iPhone photography, or
smartphone photography sucks! Number two, fixed focal length. You can’t put on a different lens and get a wider shot,
or a more zoomed in shot You’re just stuck to that,
and again, that sucks. I wanna get different kinds of shots. I wanna get a really wide shot and then use a little
bit more of a medium lens for portraits and get that
nice shallow depth of field. With a smartphone, you’re
just stuck with that one lens. Number three, you have very little control over the settings, unless
you’re using some other app you can kind of control some of them. But it’s just a nightmare,
every time I’ve used some sort of app to change the settings and all that stuff, it
just doesn’t work very well and if you’re not using one of those apps, then you have absolutely no
control over your settings. Number four, you’re
not getting raw photos. Again, unless you’re using some sort of other program you
don’t have raw photos. And raw photos are just so
much better than JPEG photos. There’s just so much
more room to edit them and so yeah you’re
missing out on that, too. And then lastly, you’re
footage is almost always going to be shaky, when
you’re taking video clips with your smartphone,
because it’s so small and light, you’re almost always gonna get a little bit of shaky footage. Yeah, now they have
some good stabilization kind of built-in: that
electronic stabilization. But it’s still not the same. It’s gonna be shaky and whatever. You’re just not gonna
get that good of footage when you’re going to these epic places. And then you go home and you never wanna watch it again because
it’s just shaky and gross, and your photos suck. But also, if you do have an actual camera learn the settings! Again, on this trip, I realized how little people actually know
about camera settings. There was a few people who
asked us to take photos. And when you look at
their camera settings, you’re just like, what
the heck is going on? They’d have F-22 and then ISO super high. And it’s just, what are you doing? Learn how to use that camera. Don’t just get a fancy
camera and put it on auto. Actually learn how to use the settings. And then you’re gonna
get a lot more out of it. Otherwise, it just it
kind of looks the same as your smartphone shots. If you’re not actually using
the settings to your advantage. So yeah, next time you’re
traveling to an epic place, just invest in an actual camera, instead of just using your smartphone. Also, for the record, you do not need to spend an arm and a leg. Just like get a DSLR or a
mirrorless camera, used. Maybe a 50 mil one point eight. Get some of that nice bokeh and that shallow depth of field
and you’re good to go. It’s gonna be way better than just using your smartphone. I promise. What you doing, Peter? – I’m just happy to be here. – [Cameraman] Nice. What
do you have next for me on this little road trip? – Okay, we can head up to Two Jack, or Minnewanka, cause
we did that in morning but there’s some nice scenic stuff. Maybe a helicopter, I don’t know. Just cause we can’t fly drones here I was just thinking, how
could we get in the air? That’s maybe like a 20
percent on the list. [Cameraman] 20 percent? So maybe I shouldn’t have even said it but, I think just driving more through this scenic wonderland and stopping wherever we please. Like we just did. I just
ate a donut in the forest. – Well that sounds good to me. Let’s go. – Don’t you have a pastry
to eat in the forest? – Should I eat it in the forest? – Yeah – Is that where you eat pastries? – 100 percent you should
eat it in the forest. – Okay. (electronic music) – And that my friends is
how you end an epic trip in Banff, Alberta and to kinda just tie this all in together. You would never ever be able to get really any of these shots with a smartphone. You couldn’t get this shot, or that shot or this photo. Or that photo. None of these you could
get with a smartphone. So, get yourself a camera and yeah, you’re gonna enjoy your trips way more. Plus, you’re gonna get way
better photos and video. I guess it’s time to just enjoy this now. And I’m gonna enjoy it. A lot. One last thing. I really,
really wish I could drone here. It’s like I’ve been filming with one arm tied behind my back, for no reason at all. I don’t understand it. Please, Alberta, change your rules. I wanna fly some drones. Actually, I guess it’s Canada. Okay, now I’m gonna go enjoy. (chewing noises) (paper rustling)

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