Smoke Bomb Photoshoot | How Hard is it?

warning flammable emits smoke okay makes
sense for outdoor use only also make sense fold in hand point away
from face body or clothing alright wonder how hard you have to pull this
string to make it go Today we’re doing some smoke bomb photography Daniel! Roll that Intro what’s up ladies and gents welcome back
for those of you who are new I’m Daniel hit that subscribe button just whoa get
that out of the way quick and today we are doing some smoke grenade photography
smoke bomb photography flares whatever you may call it we’re actually going
into the forest to shoot because you’re not supposed to let off the flares like
in populated areas especially if they’re black or white smoke because you know
people could think that’s fire so we’re just getting out of the way you know
just be a little bit safe about it you should probably check with your like
local laws if you’re even allowed to set them off because I know a lot of places
you’re not allowed to set them off so do your homework before you set it off and
let’s see what happened we’ll start shooting and I’ll give you guys the
rundown on how to do it what you should and shouldn’t know if it’s safe try not
to kill the model stuff like that I think it might be a little bit tough
because you have like a limited time to use it I think each one it’s like a
minute of smoke so you kind of have to like prep and then shoot accordingly so
let’s do it so initially I wanted to do this shoot with you know obviously a
good-looking woman and sometimes things don’t go according to plan so I picked
the next best thing I could find it’s me again yeah it’s Erik again
so let’s you know let’s do that’s good enough all right so I think that went okay Erik
what do you think? that was pretty good yeah
cold. little cold. the wind was a little bit of a pain it blew a little bit of smoke in my
eyes but no worse for wear it’s tough to get photo and video so if you’re gonna
like try to do both you should probably get a good handful of them like at least
ten yeah probably but do it on warmer days though. let’s uh let’s take these into
Photoshop and see what kind of results we got here all right so first things
first we’re gonna chalk this one up to a learning experience I’m not exactly
thrilled with the way the shoot went not entirely my fault or anyone specifically
mostly the weather now I learned that when you’re dealing with smoke grenades
you really need ideal conditions in terms of like whether it was too windy out
and like Erik was walking around with the grenades and the smoke was literally
only in and around his area for like a split second didn’t really work that
well got to be really quick you need a high shutter speed for some of the shots
I did not have that. I have two shots that we took that I liked I kind of I
kind of salvaged into something that I do like the first one is this one right
here it’s Erik holding one of the orange smoke bombs in front of him I added a
little bit of like embers to it just to like just to spice it up a little bit
and I also darkened his face because I mean do you really want to look at Erik
I’m just kidding buddy I love you you’re a handsome young man and don’t let
anybody tell you otherwise I actually like darkened out his face to make it a
little bit more ominous and dark and I figured that was the vibe that I was
going for so seemed to make sense he’s not actually that bad looking of a guy.
ladies he has a girlfriend so cut that out and the next picture of him is this
one with one of the red smoke grenades I just liked this one because he was
relatively still like his face is nice and sharp it’s in focus but he was
moving the smoke bomb around so that you’ve got that like kind of wispy
motion blur from that it’s sort of fading off into the background into like
an orangey and you’ve got the red bomb up front looks cool like composition
wise pretty happy with it I mean All Things
Considered they’re not like spectacular photos but they’re also not the worst
considering the conditions we had to deal with it was also insanely cold so
if you’re gonna do something like this make sure there’s a no wind and be it’s
not like -8 outside because then like your hands freeze up and you just don’t
want to be out there and sort of ruins a vibe but take from it what you will it
was like a learning experience I think it turned out ok why don’t you guys let
me know down below in the comments what you think of the photos I am 100% gonna
try this again because it’s an awesome concept I think the shots that I did
before I’ll just flash them on the screen here quick I think these ones
turned out a little bit better you can see all of them on Instagram again
you just gotta it’s trial and error and I guess this time was an error so I just
got to keep trying if you guys like this stuff if you guys want to see more of
these cool shoots let me know in the comments like this video subscribe and I
will catch you guys in the next one love ya

8 Replies to “Smoke Bomb Photoshoot | How Hard is it?”

  1. Love it! That footage of the flare is so dramatic! You should add it to your epic intro sequence from the last video. And then every video they is a bit more footage until it makes an epic short film! So then you release a short film after a few videos.

  2. it wasnt bad at all. im going to do my first official smoke bomb shoot today. I hope my pics turn out like yours.

  3. Hi can you send me the link of the specific smoke bomb you bought please? im trying to get that particular one .. Thanks in advance

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