Sony a6600 Mirrorless Digital Camera | First Look

Hello everyone my name is Jeff Rojas and
I’m here today on behalf of B&H to announce the new Sony a a6600 which
is Sony’s new addition to the Alpha aps-c family let’s talk about what sony
has done to elevate this camera from previous models first auto focusing
speed the Sony a6600 is slated to have an auto focusing speed of 0.02 seconds which is the world’s fastest auto focusing speed to date that
means that if you’re trying to capture a subject that’s moving very fast the a6600 is gonna be capable of capturing both clearly and securely and speaking
of tracking Sony has implemented real-time eye autofocus to this camera
as well as real-time tracking to the Alpha 6600 so while those functions were
developed by full frame for the full frame models I’m personally glad to see
that their cascading down to the aps-c sensor models as well in addition to
that the camera will feature 425 points of phase detection which means that
you’ll have autofocus points practically everywhere over the entire sensor which
means that you can chuck the track your subject from corner to corner the a6600 can capture any fast-moving subject with up to 11 frames
a second with accurate autofocus and auto exposure tracking that you will
never miss a moment of action now moving on to battery life the Alpha 6600 is the
first camera that will be outfitted with a Z battery among Sony’s aps-c camera
line which means a higher battery capacity compared to its predecessors
how much better 232% compared to the Alpha 6500 which means approximately
720 shots using the Z battery for those of you that are shooting video Sony has
outfitted the a6600 with 4k HDR s log 3 and s gammut t 3 cine it will support
real-time eye autofocus and real-time tracking for shooting videos as well
which is incredible they are also supporting S log 3 and gamma 3 in
interval tracking for those of you that are trying to create time-lapse movies
as well now in terms of color science this camera for photos going to be 14
bits of color it’s going to have the same color science as the
a7 line as well as the a9 line and for those of you interested in
stability this cameras going to have five axis stabilization as well again
it’s gonna be incredible camera for those of you they’re shooting both photo
and video just to have something that is gonna be able to be stabilized with you
guys as well for those of you that have been monitoring this camera for a while
you’re gonna be pleased to find that it has a microphone jack and an headphone
jack in camera which is gonna give you a complete solution for your shooting and
monitor needs in camera for those of you that have been following the a 6600 line
throughout its evolution you’ll also notice improvements to the structural
changes like the grip and also touch focus and touch shutter and the
180-degree tiltable LCD monitor for those of you that are interested in
megapixels the Alpha 6600 is 24.2 megapixels in camera which
means that it’s more than suitable for those of you they’re just starting off
to hobbyist and enthusiasts all the way to professionals it’s gonna be a great
camera for each and every one of you if you guys are interested in seeing what
this remarkable camera can do for you be sure to check out our future videos
that’ll be in the channel thank you guys for watching and I hope you have an
incredible day

25 Replies to “Sony a6600 Mirrorless Digital Camera | First Look”

  1. This camera is a massive disappointment. Same 4 year old sensor. No joystick, no front dial, same body, same ibis, same video specs, no dual card slot, same screen and same evf…and they call it a flagship. This is coming from A6500 owner. Definitely not worth upgrading.

  2. I don't use my Sony 6000 much anymore, despite the fact that it has fastest shutter response of any camera I've ever owned except the Leica M4 and my bread and butter pro camera for 15 years, the Mamiya 6. That said, the Sony 6000 is the most unstable camera I ever owned: I don't use Sony flashes, and my 6000 stopped synching with any flash (none had high voltage trigger circuits). I still love it, now and then – yesterday I took some location photos, and again! – the little Sony Snowflake Jog Dial changed EI and other functions in the midst of some A-priority shots. And again, I slipped it back into its case and returned to my oh so hassle-free – but slower – Nikon D5100 which nails the color & exposure every time and its screen is larger. I love the Sony 6000 but cannot live with it. The legacy and oddball lenses you can mount on the Sony is a spectacular feature, but that Sony 6000 Snowflake Jog Dial being so fragile limits the camera's use.

  3. lmfao, sucks if you just bought the a6400. These things are coming out like pancakes. Until i see a real reason to upgrade i am sticking with my 6300, because the moment i purchase this one the a6700 will be announced. Honestly this is ridiculous. What we needed was a very polished version of the 6500 because it had just about every baseline in a crop sensor camera. So no, i am keeping my money for now.

  4. I wish they would have made it with an body identical to the A7 series. I can't stand that viewfinder on the side.

  5. Well good for sony but not for SONY USERS, might be GOOD FOR FIRST SONY CAMERA BUYERS.
    I own 6300, 6500 and 7III. Now m planning to switch to Panasonic S-Series.
    Just waiting for 7sIII.
    What we need is 4K 60p 10 BIT 4:2:2 internal.
    I haven't bought G-master lens yet because if 7SIII didn't deliver as expected I have to switch and lens doesn't adapt. M using some sigma and some tamron with sony G-lenses.
    16-55 F2.8 looks good and needed but will wait for a7sIII. if don't meet the expectation will leave sony.

  6. Epic fail camera for vidoographers. This is an a6500 camera with just better AF and new battery. Where is 10 bit 4K 50/60 fps ?

  7. The offer for should like this:
    beginners – a6100 (+ electronic stabilization);
    intermediate – a6400 with ibis and z battery (4k30);
    advanced users – a6600 with a new sensor, with a larger body, z battery , much more improved IBIS, 4k60 (8bit).
    For the A7S III they could reserve a built-in ND filter, rotated screen, 4k60 (10bit, higher bitrate), better slowmotion and some other improvements in software like waveforms on the screen

  8. There would be no problem with Sony's new releases as long as they were priced right:
    A6100 <= $650 (vs M50, X-T100, GX85)
    A6400 == $900 (vs M6ii, X-T30, GX9)
    A6600 <= $1200 (vs 90D, X-H1, G9)

  9. Its a shame you are not showing any (not slowed down) video footage comparison between the 6600 now and the 6500, for we all know how horrific the 5-axis stabilization in the 6500 really is. If You are still in possession of this 6600, You would very likely generate more viewers doing this comparison clip, …You know…mounting both bodies on a crossbar, and walking down the road for example…kind of thing…

  10. Blah blah blah…all the cameras at this price point yield equal results when in the hands of a competent shooter who knows how to light and frame.

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