Sony Home Theater Projector VPL-VW295ES: Full 4K HDR Video Projector for TV, Movies and Gaming

Sony Home Theater Projector Review. The Sony is a true 4K projector that offers
affordable high performance HDR. It is the easy way to get a best viewing experience
out the latest Ultra HD movies, as well as video games and streaming 4K HDR shows. The sony is an IMAX Enhanced projector that
builds on the excellent performance of its groundbreaking predecessor. The Sony—which was the first 4K projector. I received a sony for placement in my upstairs
home theater less than two weeks ago. Long enough to get a feel for its capabilities
and perform a calibration after putting 100 hours on the bulb. Features and Specifications The sony is the entry-level 4K offering in
Sony’s lineup and the most affordable current model offering that resolution. Its upgraded features make it worth considering. This projector supports 3D, so if you are
into 3D movies here’s one way to enjoy them. Frankly 3D looks a looks a lot better on a
big screen! Standard active LCD shutter glasses work with this projector. Like all of Sony’s 4K projectors, the uses
Sony’s Silicon Crystal Reflective Display technology, a variant of LCoS liquid crystal
on silicon. Silicon Crystal Reflective Display combines
LCD panels one for each primary color with a reflective substrate that modulates light
in order to render an image on screen. Each Silicon Crystal Reflective Display imager
measures 0.74? and can be adjusted for proper convergence. The sony is an Enhanced certified projector
that is able to make the most of the pristine 4K HDR imagery offered by the program. Specs for the claim approximately 1500 lumens
of light output using a 225-watt high-pressure mercury lamp, which is the same as the sony. This offers a 6000-hour lifespan in Low mode,
albeit at reduced overall brightness as the bulb ages. To maintain near-peak performance, you may
wish to factor in using the bulb on “High” and features a more aggressive replacement
schedule. A meticulous color Calibration is highly recommended
with a projector like the sony. Granted, it’s Sony and the fact is you do
get good color right out of the box. With its built-in calibration controls, it
is capable of reference-quality color post-calibration. With accurate meters like the Colorimetry
Research kit I use, and CalMan software plus a few adjustments. You can achieve a degree of color accuracy
that your eyes will instinctively recognize as true. Beyond color, this projector offers numerous
image-processing options such as noise, motion processing and banding reduction. The use of these features is optional and
content dependent, but I do recommend engaging MotionFlow True Cinema. It presents movies with a cadence that’s
properly cinematic and judder-free. Hollywood blockbusters full of effects such
as Marvel movies Ant-Man and the Wasp. Deadpool 2 look profoundly colorful and detailed,
with action that’s easy to follow. Because this is a true 4K projector, you can
see the extra benefit of the higher bitrates used for 4K UHD Blu-ray. Action scenes explode with detail and the
projector lets you “be in the movie” which is certainly a big part of “director’s
intent.” Whether you watch true 4K content or rely
on Sony’s Reality Engine to upscale HD Blu-ray and help make less than perfect streams look
their best. The sony has you covered. The highly effective image processing algorithms
keep unwanted banding. Other artifacts like digital noise to a minimum
on streaming content. All without impacting detail or imbuing the
imagery with an artificial look. In other words, Sony knows how to “fix”
video without making it look fake. This is key because there’s still a lot
more HD content out there than UHD 4K. With the Sony, you get a projector that is
absolutely a top choice for any installation where lens memory is not a requirement. 1500 lumens is enough for the chosen screen
size and material. Sony is on a roll, with a lineup of projectors
that just keeps getting better. With whisper-quiet quiet operation and support
for just about any 4K HDR content you toss its way, the Sony makes for an easy Top Choice
selection. Kindly see the description for this Amazon
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