Sony RX100 VI review: overpriced?

– I was going to shoot
this RX100 Mark VI review in downtown Brooklyn and it
was going to be beautiful a work of art, a masterpiece but mother nature had a
little bit of a different plan so it looks like it’s time for plan B. (jazzy music)
♪ You Suck ♪ – How’s that? So this is the Sony RX100 Mark VI When I’m shooting stills
I’m almost exclusively shooting on a 35 millimeter film camera but when I’m not I’m actually using one of these they’re super portable,
they’re really light lighter than DSLR and
most certainly lighter than my 35 millimeter
and the transfer speeds are incredible, I can
quickly put it on my phone and then up to Instagram and its video capabilities
are also amazing which obviously I can’t
do with my 35 millimeter. Now, Sony comes out
with a new one of these just about every year,
which is why we’re already at the mark VI when the
mark I came out in 2012. Now that’s great because
we’ve come a long way but it also means that now that we’re at the later generations,
how much is changing. So let’s figure out why
you probably won’t pay 1200 dollars for the mark VI. So just like its predecessor, the mark VI has a 20.1
megapixel one inch CMOS sensor with 4K video at 24 30 p and at the lower 1080 p resolution you have that HFR mode,
or high frame rate mode, that is capable of 960 frames per second. The ISO spans from 125 to 12800 so I find that it performs
better in the lower ISO range that’s like a 125 to 800 once you get to 1600
and especially at 3200 you’re going to see a
lot of noise and grain you just have to keep in mind that this is a point and
shoot camera after all and with that comes a small flash and small batteries that
can’t really handle hot days or long recording times. Be prepared to own a few batteries especially if you’re recording video. And also like last years model there’s the pop up OLED EVF. God bless the pop up EVF I love it so much, yes, yes! It’s one of the main
reasons I bought this camera and it’s so crisp and so clean there’s something really intimate about being able to look
through a view finder and take a photo. I mean no one else is behind you looking at what you’re getting, it’s just you and your camera and it makes you feel really professional. Now the big difference this year though, is that it’s a single action EVF. So it pops up and instead
of having to pull it out like you did on previous generations it just does that automatically then when you want to close it it’s one single push down. The photo burst modes and auto focus also got a refresh on this model the auto focus is fast and I mean really fast and its facial recognition is on point too even when the face is
super far in the frame or you’re really wide. Burst mode can also now capture 230 shots at 24 frames per second, which is almost a 100 shots more than the RX100 mark V 150 shots for making gifs or
capturing the perfect moment this is really great. For the vertically challenged among us and the foodies, you’re
really going to love the extended range on this screen in previous models you
had that 180 degree screen which it still does, this
is great for vlogging this is great for taking selfies but new this year, is
the 90 degrees tilt down. It typically only when to 45 but now you have that full 90 I really didn’t think this
was going to be super useful but when taking shots of food or at concerts, it actually came in handy. So you pair that with the
touch screen capabilities that are also new this year it’s kind of banging. You can finally touch the screen to focus and to take shots but I can’t navigate the menu or hit okay so in a world where touch
screens are so intuitive they’re on everything we use we didn’t we go one step further and make it completely usable via touch, we’re so close but speaking of close, hello’s eye is 24 to 200 millimeter lens. For tourists or festival
goers or bird watchers or a parent in a high school event this is really a great feature and it’s clean, it’s crisp and it actually flattens out the image and gives you depth of field much like the Canon 7200 millimeter would it made me feel like a great photographer even when I was just on the fly doing something really quick the problem is, we gave
up F 1.8 aperture lens and those built in NDs, which I use all the time I loved being able to get down to 1.8 especially at night and the ND was so easy
and quick to slap on it was much easier than
adjusting the shutter and when doing video the ND is like absolutely valuable so this might be the difference
between buying this model and a previous cheaper model that ND and F1.8 is a little bit more valuable to me. Overall the RX100 continues
to be a great camera with better video options and way more models than Canon’s G7 or Lumix LX line and with all these models have
come incredible improvements I mean this is a super
powerful point and shoot, it has great HDR features and with added S-Log 3 support, this model can even step
up as a V cam on shoots with an A7S, very comfortable. The real problem though is the total and complete lack of a mic input and the price. I mean for 1200 dollars there really should be a mic input especially for how many
vloggers use this camera. Just put it in! So if you had the money, go for it you’ll absolutely not be
disappointed by this camera, but if you’re looking
for bang for your buck you might want to look
at the RX100 Mark IV or V I had the IV and I bought
it on craigslist last year and it stills works really well and with that extra money, you could buy an external audio recorder. So thanks for watching if you like this video and you like watching
my hair slowly deflate be sure you like and subscribe also shout out to this camera that is currently doused in water, alright we’ll see you next time.

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  1. As a professional talking about the video capabilities of this camera you barely talked about the slow motion,the,primary selling point of the camera! Also you SHOULD HAVE RECORDED IN THE RAIN! RAIN WOTH SLOW MOTION FOOTAGE. Poorly thought out video.

  2. I had the Mark I and loved it – BUT, and a big BUT that hasn't been updated since its birth is its complete lack of weatherproofing. I had to laugh watching this video as the drops of rain fell on it. Mine was lightly splashed by a drink and completely fizzled.

  3. I bought this camera and was so happy until I compared the pictures with my rx100ii. I don’t know what it is, either the flash or the new lens but the mark ii’s pictures are so much richer…by a whole lot. The vi has many nice new extras, but in the end the quality of the portrait is most important. And that’s why this camera is going back. I played with it for 2 weeks and no settings gave you the colors, richness, and the awesome bouncing flash like the mark ii version.
    Oh and the mark ii has the multi-hotshoe, so you can hook up external mics to it!

    Maybe somebody else can compare the older versions with the mark vi and write about the experience.

  4. Very honest review. The last bit about buying the older model, is a very prahmatic advise that many reviewers wont give….
    Review more cameras and keep up the good work.

  5. Beautifully photographed and explained video. Seems that the RX100 vi as a day time camera with decent lighting would be a blast to walk around with. If planning night shoots I'd either have my used RX100 ii or Sony A7.

  6. I really enjoyed your review!!! Your personality is wonderful!! Great job!! And thank you. Oh, if a person is a vlogger, you recommend the V instead of the VI then because of the ND. Not sure what that means. Lol!!

  7. hiii!!! what camera are you using to record this video? very nice thank you for sharing your wisdom with us

  8. remember this is a p & s. while 1200 seem excessive as compare to a dslr BODY, remember you buy a lens. and most likely more than one lens! considering what it can do in such a small form factor, it is well worth it.

  9. Great overview! Really like the way you present! If you have any "How to use a Camera" videos, I would probably be able to watch them. 😉

  10. The mark VI isn't supposed to replace the mark V. They cater to different users. That's why previous version are still being produced.

  11. The wheel will be the first thing that will stop working correct. I have a Sony CyberShot DSC-HX20V. An old camera yes, but still works sort of. Except for the  menu wheel, that seems to have a life of its own. This will probably happen to this camera too after a while.

  12. "Just bare in mind this is a point and shoot camera"

    Ugh I hate it when people describe this camera as point and shoot!!! How exactly is this any more point and shoot than any mirrorless camera or DSLR? You can put the Sony A7R3 in Auto mode and it'll be just as point and shoot as this. Stop it! Call it an ultra-compact camera, or a fixed lens camera, but not point and shoot.

  13. Great review. Covers everything I needed to know plus I really enjoyed the presenter’s enthusiasm and humour.

  14. Can it take good pics of the moon? And does it take good video of the moon? If so can you show video and pics of moon and whats best setting to take pics and vids of moon?

  15. Incredible job, Ms Farsace Thank you; this was very, very helpful. You should give a class on technical reviewing—seriously.

  16. I’m kinda new to cameras but without the external microphone thing you can still record and hear yourself right

  17. Guys I REALLY want to take night photography but I'm on a budget and have no idea about cameras, I'm going to be doing a photography course but can someone reccomend me a reasonably priced (sub 500) camera which will take beautiful night stills?

  18. Would love to know what camera and lenses are responsible for these parts of the video 0:58–1:16

  19. Really great review. Straight up covers major pros and cons. Interesting camera for sure, but please: WHAT was this review shot on? It looks SUPERB!!!!

  20. Sony is so amazing in cameras, graphics, music and external designs like wow. The reviewer in the video is cool btw

  21. 1200 omg at that size,i thought like it was sold at around 200$.why not buy the sony a6400,a6500 or even the full frame canon eos rp at that price

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