Sony RX100VII is what the Mark VI should have been! What are the differences?

(fountain flowing) Oh bloody hell! Burn my arse! Anyway,
I’m going to say let’s… Probably let’s start with the bad things
about the RX100VII, which is maybe, it could be, the lens. Because some people don’t really like the lens from the Mark VI. They have the same
24-200mm f/2.8-4.5 lens, but I mean if you don’t like
the lens from the Mark VI, you won’t… It’s the same on the
Mark VII and you have to either keep your Mark
V or just get over it. Now because RX100 is
already like most people already know what it is, what it can do,
what it can’t do, so I’m not going to spend
time on image quality, low light, that kind of things. Let’s focus on things that
actually new on the Mark VII. Let’s go. Now what’s absolutely
amazing on this camera, on this new Mark VII is
the new real-time tracking. It’s the same system, same algorithm as the a6400 and the a9. Last time I have test the a6400 in Japan on Japan bullet train, I like it a lot and on that trip, I actually use that camera
for my travel photos. I use the tracking, I use AF-C all the time. Even on steady subjects. Because it’s so good it’s no need to change from AF-S to AF-C back and front all the time anymore. Lemme show you why. All right, look at that setup. (chuckling) Too bad when I connect HDMI on it I don’t have the screen here. I have to use the screen on… On the Atomos. So I am going to… Shoot photos, like this, a huge thing. As you can see I’m
already using AF-C already and I’m shooting something still. I have pressed. It just… Lock on to it. Of course if you’re a tourist you want to take a photo of the tram. With other camera you have to focus on the ground first and wait on that tram to go to that spot. Now you don’t have to anymore. You just have press on the subject and then just snap away with 20 frames per second no
back out burst (groaning). On the old Marks VI, it’s good on picking up what to focus, but it don’t always track well. (groovy music) The new Mark VII though, well no need to explain, it’s just sticks. This is just amazing on a compact camera. I can use it on almost every situation. Especially it’s just the same as using a old single shot focus. You just half press on the subject, and re-frame. But this time it works on
both still or moving subjects. Now the Mark VI is not bad. It has 315 points of
phrase detection AF points. But this one, of course they have to add some more. This one goes 357 points. Phrase detection. Over 400 points of contrast detection. And they upgrade the world first, world fastest .03 second
AF speed on the Mark VI. Now it has .02. It probably doesn’t
really matter too much. It probably doesn’t mean too much. What’s amazing is the real-time tracking. Okay let’s try to get that pigeon. No not for roasting. Now it has a whatever
call, single-burst mode. I’m lock on on that pigeon. I’m waiting for it to… take off. So this single burst is that
when you press a button, it takes seven shots in up
to 90 frames per second. Yes, kid you not, one single press of the shutter instantly gives you seven shots. Just 10 milliseconds between each shots. But it could be quite hard
to time your shutter press. If you miss it, you will get something like this… But if you get the right moment, such a high speed burst help with getting the perfect shot. Interesting,
useful for somethings, not useful for everyday, but yeah, useful for somethings. What’s more on the old Mark VI, when you customise your function menu, it’s all text based, whatever Upper 2, Upper 5, Lower 1… In the new Mark VII, not only it show the function menu as how it will looks like, also you can have
different items for still or video mode. This is so much better and I don’t know why it takes
Sony so long to do this, but it’s finally here. Now RX100 series have been great for video since Marks IV… Since the Mark IV. It can do 4K, it has S-log, and this Marks VI has been
great for video as well. it bring in HLG, but now…
this is even better because look at that. Errr… My a7SII is not focusing. I bet this can do a better job. Yeah.
So… RX100 even do a better job on focusing because it got phase detection isn’t it? Anyway, back on the RX100VII. Look. I’m using it… Oh, okay. I’m using it with a Røde mic
attached just at the side. I have put it at the side. I just clip it by itself because it is so small. Well you can mount it a little bit better with a proper mount or I would just use velcro. Just stick it on the side. But this is not my camera, I mean… Obviously I borrowed it, so I can’t put velcro on it. You know I always wonder
why there isn’t a small camera that is good at
video with mic input. Suddenly within this two months, Canon and Sony released a compact with mic jack and great for video. And even Canon do 4K, so its like wow. Suddenly, that’s all of a sudden. I mean, good news though, of course… Now obviously this with a flip screen with mic input it’s
really great for vlogging. But one thing is so much better on this is the steadyshot, in-body steadyshot, now it has the active
option to choose from. Before, the old Mark VI, only have standard
steadyshot when you shoot 4K. It means optical only
and it was pretty shaky. But now you can use active steady shot when shooting 4k on the RX100VII. It’s not super steady but
it’s so much more useful. Active steadyshot basically means optical and digital stabilisation . So it crop in a little bit. And another great news
is there’s virtually no 4k recording time limit. The old one,
you can only shoot for 5 minutes of 4k, now if you switch the auto power off temperature to high, it will just keep on shooting until its absolutely too hot. Well, how hot is too hot? Well I don’t have a brand new battery but I managed to shoot 4k
for 47 minutes straight. The camera shut off because
the battery went flat. There were no over heat warning. You want to shoot Instagram
story with this camera, you can because now it
shoots vertical video and it will detect by itself. It actually don’t have
a function to turn this feature on and off. So you have to be careful
if you want to shoot normal landscape video, you might end up portrait. Well you have to be careful of this though because you can’t turn this feature off. I have a couple of clips
accidentally shot in vertical that I don’t know. And here when I do video editing I have to rotate them back into landscape. So RX100VI from yester year, it was great. It’s just this is great
but this is great but, there’s quite a lot of “but”s. Especially shooting 4k but it has a 5 minutes limit but the steadyshot is not very good. This year the Marks VII seems like they have correct most of the problem. They have been 4k, virtually there is no limit,
record limits and the steadyshot have been improved. It’s not super steady yet but it is so much more
useful when shooting 4k. And the mic input. I mean its basically it
just fits what I want from a small, compact, second camera, and I almost forgot
the real-time tracking. Its just great. I mean shooting with it just feels like… It feels like a full frame camera. So this Mark VII is
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