– [Ruby Jay] Thank
you, thank you. I, your host, Ruby
Jay, am honored to be your Homecoming Queen. Your Spider-Man
Homecoming Queen. (laughter) Spider-Man Homecoming
was the first Spider-Man movie produced by Marvel
Studios and they intentionally made this version of
Spider-Man different from any version we’ve ever seen
before in the comics or on the big screen. Let’s swing into more
on what they got right with Spider-Man Homecoming. (pop music) – [Singer] Nerd by day,
super hero by night. We’re talking Spider-Man,
this is what they got right. – [Ruby Jay] Although Spider-Man
made his first official Marvel Studios appearance
in Captain America Civil War alongside Ironman, Tony
Stark wasn’t always supposed to be Spidey’s
mentor in Homecoming. It was actually super spy
Nick Fury who was gonna show him the ropes
or should I say webs. (laughter) Works every time. You may have noticed
that the Marvel cinematic universe is filled with
adults so Marvel intentionally made the version of Spider-Man
we saw in Homecoming less man and more kid. To highlight Spider-Man’s
youth and inexperience, another change was made
to the masked marvel. In this movie, he was
afraid of heights. Don’t worry Spider-Man, you’re
in the Marvel Universe now. There are like a million
other super heroes who can rescue you. Another thing they
changed about Peter Parker for Homecoming was
his motivation for
keeping his identity a secret, shh. In previous films and
comics, he kept his identity hidden to protect his family
and friends from villains who might want to take
out their revenge on them but in Homecoming Peter Parker
hides his secret identity for the same reason any other
kid would, so he doesn’t get in trouble with this
Aunt May but of course, like any good teen movie, she
finds out right at the end. Busted! I just hope she
doesn’t ground him. After all, who would want
to watch a sequel called Spider-Man Grounded Forever. To create a low key,
friendly neighborhood vibe unique to the MCU, the
writers of Homecoming had Peter web sling through
backyards, golf courses, and school field trips
instead of the iconic Manhattan skyscrapers in
previous movies making this version of Spider-Man
a little more down to earth. Literally. Marvel also made a bold
choice to change the very nature of Peter’s
bully, Flash Thompson. In prior depictions dating
all the way back to the comic that introduced Spider-Man
in 1962, Flash was a meathead jock but the Marvel writers
made him Peter’s Science rival instead. That’s because while the
old Spider-Man was set in an average public
high school, this version of Peter Parker goes
to the Midtown School of Science and Technology,
a school for kid geniuses that probably doesn’t emphasis
their football programs so much, no offense nerds. It’s often said what really
makes a good super hero movie is a great bad guy and
the Spider-Man Homecoming writers couldn’t agree more. According to them, the
key plot point that really made the movie click
was making Spider-Man’s arch nemesis, the Vulture,
also be the father of Peter’s crush, Liz Allen but in
an earlier draft, Vulture was supposed to be
Peter’s teacher at school. Something tells me it would
take more than an apple to get an A from that guy. By keeping the focus on
things like school, family, and first crushes, the
folks at Marvel made Spider-Man Homecoming
one of the most relatable super hero movies of all time!

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