Spy Car with 4k Laser Projector!

Hey everyone we’ve got a really cool
project for you this week as you know I love movies like a lot, and it would be
really awesome to go to the drive-in theater to watch a blockbuster film in
my 1979 MGB spy car the problem is most drive-ins around here have actually
closed which is a real shame because I really wanted to go on an old-school
date and as you guys know I’m working on a spy car right now… I’m talking rocket
launchers under the headlights a grappling hook launcher in the grill and
for romantic nights out a built-in projector so you have a movie theater
wherever you want yeah that’s right I’m gonna be making my own personal drive-in
movie theater in fact LG liked our idea so much they decided to partner with us
on this project to help us make it super epic. They sent us their new CineBeam 4k
laser projector it’s one of the brightest and smallest consumer
projectors on the market it’s transformative design allows it to be
used almost anywhere okay so I’ve got my classic car and this
awesome projector all I have to do is put them together and I’ll have the
ultimate portable drive-in movie theater the only hard part of this project will
be finding a date… Well that’s a future Hacksmith problem let’s get started! So this car was made in 1979 that actually
makes it 11 years older than I am and personally I think this is the perfect
vehicle for a drive-in movie theater now all we have to do is figure out a way to
power the projector off of the car and mount it. Just gonna plug it in and we
can see where we can mount this… that’s not too bad, now where else can we put it maybe something like this Now this is a rather small car but
luckily the projector is pretty compact so I think we could fit it around here
somewhere but we might have to design some kind of mechanism Now the funny thing
is before I quit my job to do YouTube full-time I actually worked for a
company that designed and made digital movie projectors the only difference is
they’re about a hundred thousand dollars and absolutely massive it’s actually
really impressive to see that LG has been able to shrink this technology down
into a consumer product that’s actually a very affordable price. Mounting this
permanently in the car is actually gonna be a bit of a challenge so let’s go to
the computer and start looking at some 3D models All right so to make the
mechanism to actually raise the projector out of the MG so we can point
it at the movie theater screen we’re actually gonna design it in CAD, now the
software we use is called Solidworks and the reason we use the software is
because both Ian and I have a lot of experience with it I’m talking over ten
years I’m actually a certified SolidWorks professional the other
software we’re gonna be using is called grabCAD now grabCAD is actually a
website that allows you to share your 3d models with everyone else in the world
for free and actually we have a lot of our projects on there if you guys want
to check out our profile there’s a link in the description below but the other
feature it has is a private cloud for you to share your projects with other
people in your business or your team so we actually had Bogdan measure up the
projector and create a rough model of the projector which will allow us to
design the mechanism around it so let’s just add in some of the parts so we’re
gonna be using a linear actuator to actually move the projector they’re easy
to use, they’re electrically powered, they take about 12 volts, make a bracket, add
in some other parts and there we go one projector mechanism
and as you can see goes from close position all the way up into open all
right let’s build it Alright gonna cut out side pieces, pull that out, set it down, then just have to trace out pattern And then we just cut it out! oh really really really really no I’m No, I’m just kidding we’re actually gonna be
using our maverick CNC plasma cutter they’ve got from elite metal tools I’ve
already loaded the dxf in so I just need to press go and it’ll cut it out If you guys are curious about how the
circuit actually works check out the circuit diagram at maker.IO all right now that bogdan’s finished up
with electronics we are ready to permanently install this into the
car! oh man this is heavy why do we make all of our projects so
heavy this projector was so light before we added all this steel to it. Now we just have to screw it down Plus, the projector ships with two wood screws
for installing into your spy car All right now that we’ve got the projector
mounted in the car we need to power it somehow the funny thing is consumer
electronics actually run off of DC power what you find in a battery but because
they’re designed to be plugged into the wall which uses AC the power supply
inside of consumer electronics actually converts AC to DC to power the
electronics now a car battery which is 12 volts DC would actually run most
electronics but we don’t want to take apart the projector to bypass its
internal power converter so what we’re going to do is actually get a power
inverter now this will take 12 volts DC and convert it to 120 volts AC which
will feed into the projector which will then convert it back to DC, woohoo!
electricity now the protector itself is actually
extremely power efficient because it uses lasers we used a power meter to see
how much power it actually draws from the wall and it’s only a hundred and
fifty two watts that’s like two lightbulbs old-style projectors that use
xenon lamps are more like 1500 watts or ten times the energy consumption as this
projector which is really cool so we actually kind of oversized the inverter
just a little bit this is actually a 2000 watt power inverter and the reason
we did that was we’re planning more gadgets for the car and we want to make
sure we have enough power to power everything That’s less than a light bulb, and it’s 3000 lumens! How do they do it? but the ultimate test it’s overkill
power supply it’s for the car to power the projector we make our portable
drive-in movie theater and the only concern I have is this does not actually put out a
pure sine wave as you would get from the wall, it puts out a modified sine wave,
whatever that means so hopefully that’s not an issue… hooray! Isn’t that a beautiful image Now what’s a spy car without a license
plate flipper now unfortunately license plate flippers are illegal
so what we’re actually going to do is going to put a decorative license plate
flipper on there while maintaining the real license plate right here the control box
complete with remote control all right so we’ve got all electronics
in the trunk now and as you can see we actually put a second car battery in the
trunk as well and that’s to power all of our auxiliary spy gadgets but I think
we’re missing one thing Ian yeah that’s right a Hacksmith
Industries branded fire extinguisher! Alright now we can test it Alright so inside the cigarette
ashtray we can turn on the inverter like so now it should lower Thanks now we just plug in the projector
like so until I open it right there and if you put switch the other way up it
goes Adjust the mirror hey gotta turn lights
off, lights! not too bad all right that works pretty
good now it’s time to go on my date Man, why did I pick such a far location
to do the drive-in it’s really boring Wait a sec… closed
good thing I brought my own Well, nothing beats an old drive-in movie
theater especially when you bring it wherever you want to go now time to
watch my favorite youtuber Alright that works pretty darn good this
projector is 2500 lumens which is super bright for a home theater projector it’s
recommended maximum screen size is 150 inches but even projecting a video on
the entire side of a gray building it was still completely watchable now for
our final test we’re gonna set up our own proper size 150 inch screen in the
park and have our own little drive-in movie theater for the entire
neighborhood let’s get set up all righty show’s over Alright that was awesome huge thank you
to LG for sponsoring this project and if you guys want to learn more about the
CineBeam 4k laser projector check out my links below it truly is an
awesome projector as for our spy car make sure you subscribed with notifications
turned on, we will be adding jet engines tire spikes, missiles, smoke screens,
lasers and more very soon

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