Strategy to Create a Successful Giveaway on Social Media

Hosting contests and giveaways are a great way to announce a new product, create excitement around your brand, give back to your customers and increase your following. But even with the very best incentives, a contest or giveaway can totally flop if some key ingredients aren’t included in the campaign. In this video I’m going to share with you four key ingredients that you must have in any contest or giveaway campaign that you run. Plus I have a free PDF worksheet available below this video. It’s filled with ideas for contests and giveaways that are sure to excite and delight your customers. Before doing any work on your contest or giveaway, the very first step is to determine the purpose. Are you hosting the contest to grow your mailing list, reach new customers, grow your following on social media, promote a new product, give back to your customers or maybe get feedback from them? The purpose is going to determine every other aspect of your campaign so it’s really important to figure that out first. If you can select just one primary purpose, your campaign will be more successful. So once you’ve decided the purpose, you can move on to step 2. Select the method of entry. Now this step may seem really obvious to you, but it’s often where business owners get tripped up and what causes their campaign to not yield the results that they hoped for. The key to this is selecting the method of entry based on the purpose of the campaign. So let’s take a look at a couple examples. Let’s say the purpose of your campaign is to grow your Instagram following. You could do this simply by promoting the campaign to your mailing list and your followers on other social media networks. The method of entry would be to follow your Instagram account. Simple enough. But maybe now you’re realizing increasing your Instagram following isn’t the primary purpose of your campaign. You really want to reach new customers. This changes everything. Instagram can still be the vehicle for the campaign, but the method of entry is going to be completely different. The method of entry would now be following your Instagram account and tagging a friend in the comments. Now you have your existing followers referring your business to their friends and you’re reaching new potential customers. Lastly, keep your method of entry as simple and straightforward as possible. Having multiple or complex steps will confuse people and you will have fewer entries. Also the level of effort required to enter is directly related to how many people will enter the contest. Hitting a follow button is going to gain you a lot more entries than if the method of entry is subscribing to a mailing list. Or if you’re requiring customers to send in photos of themselves using your products that takes a lot of effort and you’re going to have fewer entries by comparison. Now it might be worth the trade-off if your goal for the campaign is to gain photos of your customers using your products. Step 3 is to set the rules. Every social media network, country and state has their own laws for contests and giveaways so make sure you do your research so that you can include those laws in the fine print of your campaign. Specify things like requirements of entrants age and location, length of the contest, when and how the winner will be selected and notified and how the winner is to redeem the prize. With your purpose selected your method of entry determined and your rules set, you’re now ready to create the images and copy to promote your campaign. Yes, just like launching a new product, promotion is key for a successful campaign. So step four is to promote the campaign. The obvious places to share your campaign are to post it on all of your social media accounts, email your mailing list and post it on your website. But if you have a small following you may not get the results that you are hoping for by those three steps alone. Contests and giveaways are a great opportunity to team up with other businesses. You’ll essentially be swapping followers so it’s imperative that the business you team up with has a similar target customer as you. You can often get free advertising by contacting websites, blogs and influencers and asking them to share the giveaway or contest with their followers. They’ll be more likely to share this type of campaign rather than advertising a product for you for free. Once again make sure the influencer’s followers are the same as your target customer. And third and very smart option is to invest some of your advertising budget to promote the campaign on social media. There you go– four steps to hosting a hugely successful contest or giveaway. Now I would love to hear from you. Share with me in the comments when you have hosted a campaign that was successful or maybe one that completely flopped. And be sure to download my list of ideas for contests and giveaways that will delight and excite your customers. It’s available below this video. And if you liked this video please hit the like button and share it with your friends. For more tips and resources for growing your product-based business, join my mailing list and subscribe to my channel.

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  1. You explained this so well Jordana! I love your videos! Hoping to do some giveaways later this year so these will come in handy for sure!

  2. Giveaways and contests are a marketerโ€™s hack to boosting growth. Plus, they create buzz around your business and engage your existing following.

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    Thank you for the useful information on Facebook Contests. How do I follow up with non-winners and create a voucher for a discounted product? Is there a program that I can use to create a coupon code?

  5. What if the giveaway I am hosting is to celebrate a milestone and to give back to my current followers rather than gaining new ones. Would I still need to put as much into advertising the giveaway?

  6. Perfect video. Great content, clearly explained with really nice text prompts and everything in the frame was nicely placed down to the smallest detail. This is the standard all videos should aim for.

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    I want to download the pdf that contain ideas but it's not opening .
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  9. I run a gift giveaways on Facebook, glad I found this because I started doing it in 2013 and still have only a small group of people that participate which is frustrating to me!

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  11. Thanks so much! I want to try this. I'm assuming these same principles would apply to trying to grow our YouTube channel? We have over 100 followers on IG but only 10 subs for our channel, I am curious as to how you decide on the winner?

  12. Excellent video and very informative. However, my only worry is what if people follow you just to win the giveaway (rather than following you for your content) but as soon as they realise they haven't won, they will unfollow. How does one prevent this?

  13. This was so helpful I was looking to do a giveaway for my dogs instagram page, and I learned so much from watching this. Thank you!

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