Street Photography Gear & Accessories Fujifilm X100F / X70

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  1. Thanks, Kevin! Informative as always. One question: is the digital zoom I think you called it inside the 100f any different in terms of IQ etc to using the TCL adapter?

  2. Great video as always Kevin, recently traded my XT1 for an X100F to go alongside my original black edition and T, beginning to wonder, can you really have to many X100’s, all used I hasten to add, don’t want you thinking I’m some kind of flash git. They’re really such a great all rounder with capability to make you think and learn so much.

  3. Nice video Kevin. Have often thought about buying an X100 but ended up with an XE-3 and 23mm f2 prime. Not as compact maybe.

    Nice to see your pics from Weston seafront. Just down the road from me and a location of endless possibilities for street photography.

  4. that is some great gear tips! i love street photography
    thanks for sharing this great content with us!
    really enjoyed watching this 😀

  5. Dear Kevin, I have a set up similar to yours in regards to the X100F, WCL/TCL and previously the X70. I ended up selling the X70 awhile back hoping Fujifilm would have a replacement, unfortunately that didn't turn out as planned. I did however end up picking up the new Fujifilm XF10 which has the bayer censor and small size form factor, leaf shutter as the X70. I've been shooting around with it and have managed to get use to it's ergonomics and find it quite fun to use, I do wish though that it had a hot shoe but for the price I really can't complain. I was wondering if you had a chance to use one and your thought if you have? Cheers !

  6. Cheers for this and making me spend money Kevin! – Just bought the green version of the Wotancraft bag after watching your vlog! Steve

  7. 01:41 "not just about the gear you use" – had to laugh out loud given the previous comparison was to a friend is using a Leica M9 😉
    Great video as always, good to think about what to take to be light and nimble on the move

  8. Your videos are great and images even better – you inspired me to try street photography last weekend and of course there’s a long road ahead both technically and psychologically to get anywhere close to the quality of your shots. One piece of constructive criticism for your videos – the use of your filler word “umm” is quite distracting and dilutes the messages I imagine you’re trying to send. Otherwise great job and keep it up!!

  9. Hi Kevin, another excellent video. I was wondering if you might do a video where you feature some of your viewers photos or even a short video. Regards from China.

  10. Billingham Hadley Small  Black/Braun
    X100F in the middle
    At the sides 2 big Speedlights or 1 Speedlight and the TCL extension Lens
    But when I am shooting in the city (travel by scooter) I have a small single protection cover for the X100F so I can put it under my buddy seat.
    X100F is stealthy for street photography, but gives you the same results at his bigger brothers.
    And…. I love the leaf shutter, no hassle with sync speed, just black out the ambient by shutter speed and shoot. (often manual focus but that is a small price to pay)
    Love that puppy.
    Cons: when I dial in the shutter speed it happens that I pull the iso dial a bit and get higher iso reading while I don't need it.

  11. Great stuff Kevin i can't believe you take so much stuff though, when i go out i just take the x 100 f in my pocket and a couple of batteries and even that feels heavy after a while, at most i take the Billingham smallest wee pouch and stick my camera in that but find the bag is a pain .I don't do any editing until i get home of course but love just getting out there and shooting in Belfast mostly.

  12. Another great video Kevin! Heading back home to the UK next week for the first time after 9 years in NZ, and my X100F will be coming with me. Love the shot you showed in the Tate Modern, beautiful! Will be in Bristol and possibly Bath so may bump into you!

  13. Hi Kevin,
    Thanks for sharing this video and your insights… I've been following your blog and YouTube for a little while, having found it when searching for info on the Fuji Xpro system.

    I particularly found the info about how you set up your Xpro2 cameras useful. I've a pair of Xpro1's and with the latest firmware they are great cameras for street and walkabout photography… Takes me back the old FM days and TriX. I love shooting B&W and discovering the rear focus (thanks to your blog), so loved on my Canon cameras, has hugely improved the Fuji experience and means I can shoot much faster as I'm not waiting for the camera to AF before the shutter is released.
    Using the b&w viewfinder I also like.. I initially only shot with the OVF but since going to b&w I've found the EVF to be pretty neat. I even dug out my old Minolta meter to shoot manually.. Very analogue experience.

    Anyway I look forward to your next clip…

    Cheers Gareth
    PS Jealous you got to see the rugby the other day, as a dual national Welsh & French I've followed Wales since I was a kid… Used to cover all the Five/Six Nations games in Paris when I was shooting professionally… really miss that.. Da Iawn!!

  14. I'm getting the X100F. Since your last video and reading your webside I kept thinking about it. Out and about I'm too lazy to change lenses.. And maybe I'll get the XF10, too. 18 mm is not my prefered focal length, but it's a camera I could easily fit into my jacket pocket and the images look quite good. I wish Fujifilm relases a successor of the X70.

  15. Great video, thoroughly enjoyed it. I use the X70 and the XM1, that has aF2.8/8mm Fish-Eye on that I've just begun to play with.

  16. I think we have a bit in common, Mr. Mullins. My 'every day bag' is a little Domke F-5xb in which I carry around 2 cameras everywhere I go. The one that doesn't change is a black X100f, and the 2nd is always a 35mm camera. Usually my Minolta XG-1 or EOS 300v. 2 spare batteries, and 2 extra rolls of film. I too shoot Raw + Jpg using the Acros + R simulation. I like looking through the EVF in b&w because all I have to worry about is framing. Cheers from Detroit.

  17. X70S or riot. I really wanted an X70 for years, but I kept waiting for the “next one”. I really want fuji to make an update to this.

  18. i feel that these edited pics cannot reveal the true nature of the cameras. The valuable thing here is the skill of the person behind the camera.

  19. Hi kevin. I finally bought the x100f. Can i do a double exposure in this camera? Can you do a video on double exposure in x100f

  20. Kevin – Checked out Simplr straps online and quickly bought one to use on a Fuji F100 – their design and quality seems well above average. Also seriously considering a small Wotancraft bag for the same camera – love the low-key retro look.

    Is there a promo code for Wotancraft on your site?

    UPDATE: Purchased Wotancraft Trooper bag (small) in Ash Green with 4 accessory modules. /Ralph

  21. Good information. Thanks. The X70 colours really pop! How do keep from paying import duties every time you re-enter the UK with stuff you use for your work?

  22. HI, great review. I do have a XT3 with 18-135 and 50-200 and looking for a smaller daily street.
    Or family holiday and have a simple single camera. Found a secondhand x70 or option is 100f. What would you suggest? Like the touch focus shoot and Tilsit get scree and 28mm but the 100f with viewfinder, better sensor and new. Maybe get the wcl to get 28 😉 better option? Thanks for the feedback

  23. I am quite tired… (that brought me here…) I am a Canon shooter and I love street photo. Normally I carry (deep breath…) two Canon EOS 5D Mark IV, a 16-35 2.8, a 24-70 2.8, an 85 1.2 and a 70-200 2.8, a flash, and a lens changer along with a sling. Needless to say… my back hurts.

    So I have been looking into a Fuji setup (with probably XT-3 cameras and same kinda lens setup, as I love 2.8 aperture). That would trim about 2 kg…

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