Street Photography Tip: Using Reflections | Sony Alpha Universe

This is one of my favorite shots that I’ve
taken in a while. As many of you know, I love reflection stories
and I’m always attracted to reflections because I feel like they are a world within a world. So that’s something that keeps me inspired
in photography. So I was walking by and immediately noticed
this woman sitting by herself, she was on her phone. Nothing was really happening. So I immediately took out my camera. I was using the 55mm F1.8 lens which is one
of my favorite lenses. When I do reflections, I switch to manual
focus because I feel it’s easier to focus everything in the photo. I felt like I needed something else in the
frame. So I waited a little, and then I saw this
man walking by and immediately pressed the shutter. And thanks to the camera being so fast, I
usually shoot in continuous mode, I was able to capture the man walking by and it lined
up so perfectly. The caption that I used for the shot in my
Instagram account was ‘She still remembers him.’ I tend to use captions to put everything together
and to give the viewer, like, a sense of what I see. But it does not necessarily mean that they’re
going to see the same thing. You can interpret this photo in a million
ways, but that’s part of the beauty of photography.

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